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									Business Computer Applications I

WVEIS Code 1411

This area of study is designed to provide the learner with the opportunity to understand and apply integrated software to business applications. The students will achieve basic proficiency in word processing, spreadsheet, desktop publishing, computerized presentations, Internet and/or database applications.

Standard 1: System Careers and Ethical Issues (1411.S.1)
Identify information system careers and ethical issues. Careers and Ethical Issues of Information Systems Careers Objectives Students will: 1411.1.1 Research educational requirements and skill experience for careers in information systems. 1411.1.2 Research how changing technology affects working environments and life styles. 1411.1.3 Demonstrate ethical procedures in the management of information systems.

Standard 2: Computer Hardware/Software Identification (1411.S.2)
Identify computer hardware and software. Computer Hardware/Software Identification Objectives Students will: 1411.2.1 Describe hardware components of a computer system. 1411.2.2 Demonstrate proper handling and care of software and hardware. 1411.2.3 Differentiate between system software and application software. 1411.2.4 Identify the difference between hardware and software. 1411.2.5 Develop an understanding of the concept of integrated software. 1411.2.6 Specify the difference between stand-alone computers and networked systems.

Standard 3: Utilizing Integrated Software Applications (1411.S.3)
Develop skills needed to apply integrated software applications to business procedures. Applying Integrated Software Applications to Business Procedures Objectives Students will: 1411.3.1 Demonstrate proper keyboarding techniques. 1411.3.2 Develop proper usage of word processing, database, and/or spreadsheet software terminology. 1411.3.3 Apply integrated software to perform input, processing, output and revision of various business documents. 1411.3.4 Employ the word processing function of an integrated package to complete a document requiring the use of commands to create, format, edit, save and print. 1411.3.5 Utilize the spreadsheet function of an integrated package to perform mathematical and logical operations and/or use the database function of an integrated package for file and database management (sort, combine and merge, etc.). 1411.3.6 Demonstrate proper use of multimedia software. 1411.3.7 Investigate Internet usage and electronic mail. 1411.3.8 Prioritize and complete assigned tasks using integrated software. 1411.3.9 Proofread and revise assigned projects to produce correct final output. 1411.3.10 Develop office scheduling and organizing skills (calendars, appointments and addresses).

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