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高二英语(选修七)unit 2 using language _3_ .ppt by yurtgc548


									Unit 2 Extensive reading

   A Biography of
    Isaac Asimov
Read about Isaac Asimov and complete
the timeline of the events in his life.
Date Event
1920 Born in Russia.
1922 Sister born
1923 ___________________________.
     Moved with family to New York
     Parents bought a candy store.
1929 Started working in a candy store
     Mother had her third child.
____ Started to take himself seriously as a writer.
1939 ________________________________
      Began having stories published in science
      fiction magazines
Date       Event
1941      Gained Master’s degree in chemistry.
1942      Finished working in the candy store.
          Got married
1942-1945 Worked as junior chemist, Philadelphia
          Navy Yard
____      Got PhD in chemistry.
____       Became a biochemistry teacher, Boston
          University School of Medicine.
1950      Published his first novel.
         Published “I, Robot” Developed three laws
          _____________ .
          for robots.
Date       Event
1951-1953 Published “The Foundation Trilogy” and
           won an award for it.
_____     Published first science book
1958      Became a full-time writer.
1973      Divorced his first wife.
          Married for a second time
_____     Had a blood transfusion. Became infected
          with HIV.
1992      ________________________.
          Died in New York
Detailed reading :
1 What’s the main idea of the text ?

Introduction to a famous American
 science fiction writer Isaac
 Asimov’s life and works.
2 How many years did Isaac Asimov
work in store?
  A5      B 9      C 11    D
                           D 13
3. Who was Isaac Asimov?
A. An American scientist and writer who
    got his PhD in physics in 1948.
B. An Russian scientist and writer who
    married twice.
C. An Russian - American scientist and
    writer who became a full time writer in
D. An American - Russian scientist and
    writer who had 2 children.
4. In which book did he develop a set of
    three laws?
  A. The Foundation Trilogy
  B. I, Robot
  C. In his first novel
  D. In his first science book.
5. What was Asimov best known for?
A. His mystery stories.
B. His science fiction stories.
B His science and history books.
D. His books about the Bible and
   about Shakespeare.
6. All the followings are true except_____.
 A. Asimov’s talent for writing wasn’t
 Aobvious when he was young.
 B. He began having his stories
  published in science fiction magazine in
 C. He published his first novel in 1950.
 D. He published his first science book in
7. Why could Isaac Asimov become
  a writer ?
A A friend of his made him a writer
B His parents wanted him to be a
C He had the talent for writing
D He had so many experiences in his
 life .
8. What might happen in a world where
    there were robots if Asimov’s three laws
    didn’t exist?
A. Maybe robots will harm or injure human
B. Maybe robots will disobey human beings.
C. In order to protect their own existence,
    robots may injure human beings.
D. All of the above.
9 Which of the following statements is TRUE
  according to the text ? C
A Issac Asimov didn’t publish books until he
  became a fulltime writer .
B Issac Asimov’s ideas about robots
  completely influenced scientists researching
  into artificial intelligence
C Robots should protect human beings in
  “I,robot .”
D Issac Asimov wrote some famous plays
  about Shakespeare .
Old photo


I, Robot         《最新科学指南》
1. biography n.传记
bio cards传记档案卡; bio information传记资料
the biography of Byron

the biography of the town
 bio-表示“生命, 生物”之义
 biochemistry n.生物化学
2 an American scientist and writer 一位
The singer and dancer _______( be )
                       is / was
 coming for a visit .
                          are/ were
The singer and the dancer __________
 (be) .
Coming for a visit .
                  is / was
A knife and fork _______ ( be ) on the
  desk .
3. Asimov had both an extraordinary
  imagination that gave him the ability
  to ….and an amazing mind with which he
  searched for ….
  “介词+which/ whom”的结构引导定语从句

The Nile , ________electricity is produced ,no
  longer destroys villages and crops .
A which B from which C form it D from that
----- How do you like the cake ?
------ It’s quite different from _____I had last
   month .
A that B which C the one D the one what
4. From 1942 to 1948 he worked as a junior
   chemist …
junior adj. younger , lower in rank 较年轻的/职位
He is the junior employee in the firm .
He is two years junior to me.
senior: older; higher in rank较年长的;职位稍高的
• 5 he started to take himself seriously as a writer.
• take sb/ sth seriously: regard sb/ sth as
  important and worth treating with respect
 He takes things too seriously.

 You can’t take her promises seriously;
 she never keeps her word.
  If you can’t treat your study seriously,
  you will fail in the coming examination.
   反义词:take … for granted认为…是理所
• 6 Soon after his divorce in 1973, …
•   divorce n.: legal ending of a marriage离婚, 脱离
•   vt.: put an end to a marriage by law使离婚, 与...脱离
•   ask for a divorce; get divorced; divorce … from
•   His wife asked for a divorce.
•   They got divorced last year.
•   They are divorcing each other.
•   She divorced her husband two years ago.
•   We shouldn’t divorce theory from practice.
9 award ( vt / n )
honour / prize / reward
He won the __________for the best student of year .
It ‘s an ___________to hear you speak so highly of
   me .
He won the Nobel _________for literature .
He got a ________of $ 100 for helping them.

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