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					             Language points of Unit 2
1. consist of 1)由…组成 2)(内容)主要是, 主要在于
The House of Commons consists of 658 members.(is made up of)
Our dinner consisted of three courses only.
Education does not consist simply in learning a lot of facts.
Happiness consists in appreciating what you have.
The advantage consists in its simplicity.
2. divide 1)分, 2)把…分开, 3)除, 以…来除
Divide this cake between/among you.
Divide this line into 20 equal parts.
Divide it in half.
A brook divides the field.
  The fence divides their land from ours.
  When you divide 8 by 2, you get 4.
  How much is 20 divided by 5?
  Nine divided by three is three
3.puzzle v.t & v.i, n
  The question puzzled me. I am puzzled with the question.
  I puzzled over the question for quite a while.
  The murder case was a puzzle to the detective.
   be in a puzzle (about) 不知如何是好
  I am in a puzzle as to what to do next.
4.debate v.i & v.t ; n
  We debated until the bar closed.
  I debated with Mary ( upon/about the question).
  We debated the meaning of his strange behavior.
  The committee debated whether the highway
                   should be built or not.
  The members of Parliament hold debate.
  A fierce debate was going on when he entered.
5.clarify v.t & v.i 澄清,阐明; 清楚,明了
Could you clarify the question?
An example helps to clarify what I mean.
His explanation clarified the mystery.
His mind suddenly clarified.
6.break away 1)突然逃掉或离开 2)脱离,和…决裂 3)改掉, 破除
 The man broke away from the guards.
 The criminal broke away from the two policemen.
 He broke away from all his old friends.
 He decided to break away from the Party.
 I should break away from such habits.
 Modern music has broken away from 18th-century rules.
break down(失败;损坏) break in              break into    break off
break out     break sb’s heart    break the ice
break through    break up break with
7.relate relation relationship        relative relatively(相对地)   legally illegal illegally     legality legalize
9.convenience     convenient conveniently
10.attract   attraction attractive     attractively
  This scenery attracts many tourists.
  Then she was attracted by his character.
  Flowers attract bees.
  A magnet attracts iron.
  Do you feel attracted to her?
11.collection   collect collective(集体的)     collectively
 Why do you collect stamps?
 What about leaving it here and collecting it on the way back?
 Collect the books and put them in a pile on my desk.
 12.construct construction constructive
      under construction 在修建中
  The new railway is still under construction.
13.influence n & v.t
  A teacher has great influence over his pupils.
  Will you use your influence to get me a job?
 The moon influences the tides.
 Don’t be influenced by what she says.
*14.leave out 1) 漏掉(没写), 遗漏               2)删掉
 The printer has left out two lines from this paragraph.
 In copying this paper, be careful not to leave out any words.
 I hope you won’t leave out this excellent material.
 I haven’t altered or left out a thing.
15.take the place of      take place      take one’s place
 Take your places, please. We are about to start.
 When did this conversation take place?
 Who’s taking my place?
 Electric trains have now taken the place of steam trains.
16.break down 1) (车辆、机器)坏了 2) (计划)失败
    3) (身体)跨了 4) (谈话、通讯)中断 5) 分解, 分化
 We are sorry to arrive late, but our car broke down.
 All our plans broke down. The peace talks have broken down.
 His health broke down.
 He broke down in the middle of his speech.
 After many years, rocks break down into dirt.
17.arrange    arrangement      rearrange
 I will arrange everything.
 Martin arranged to meet him next day.
 It was arranged that they should leave the following spring.
 I arranged the books on the shelves.
 He arranged his papers before starting to write.
 The table was arranged very tidily.
18.available adj. 1)可以找到/得到             2)可以利用/使用
   There was no ambulance available.
   Is there a doctor available?
   Plenty of rooms were available.
   The telephone is now available.
19.delight v.t & n
   The circus delighted the children.
   We were all delighted to receive your letter.
   My father was delighted with my second article.
   I was delighted at the good news.
   I was delighted that you were successful.
take (a) delight in 从…中取乐 to one’s delight 使某人高兴的是
20.royal     royally       royalist   royalty
22.uniform adj. 1)一致的, 整齐划一的 2)不变的, 始终如一的
              n.      制服      in uniform 穿着制服
 The windows in the house are all uniform.
 The earth turns round at a uniform rate.
 The new uniforms will arrive tomorrow.
 He looks handsome in uniform.
23.commune         communism          communist
24.thrill thrilling    thriller
   The spy story was thrilling.
   I always take a thriller to read on the train.
25.unfair unreal       unreasonable unkind unknown unfold

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