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					August, 2009
Guitar Hero on the Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii is being trailed for Term 3 at MPHPS
Perfoming Arts Kim has been using Guitar Hero in Performing arts to engage and excite grade 3 students. Using 2 guitars and the drum kit, 3 students at a time have been having a go at the game as part of a DEECD trial. Our reflections and thoughts are being added to a wiki at Grade 6 Chris has had her students using Guitar Hero in pairs. Their task from their involvement in the game was produce a persuasive poster advertising their bands upcoming performance Grade 4 Melissa used Wii sports last week as a tool to engage students in writing. After using the game, her students wrote procedural texts based upon their experience with the Wii. Grade 2 Lisa has begun using the Wii as a way of integrating game technology into her inquiry unit of sounds. Playing Guitar Hero, the students have had a ball playing music. Preps The Preps have also enjoyed the Nintendo Wii as part of their Discovery Lear ning Program. Four students at a time have been immersed in challenges and games that h a v e p ro m o t e d p ro b l e m solving and strategy.

Teacher Publication
An update for all teachers on what’s happening at MPHPS in the ICT Department.


➡ Saving ➡ Students should be saving to ʻtheir nameʼ on H:/ ONLY!!!! ➡ Stushare - The student share drive is designed and configured as a share folder for teachers to add images / sound files / documents for students to access. It is not configured for students to save to. ➡ Cyber Safety
➡ Grade

5 and 6 teachers are to complete the online activity at ➡ Grade 3 and 4 teachers need to reinforce the cyber safety message using SuperClubs Plus ➡ Website Contributions
➡ Please

have website contributions in on time and use the template.


Maths Invaders and iTalk!!
Maths Invaders Think Space invaders, but the invading ships that drop from the sky are multiplication equations which need to be solved. As you solve a dropping equation that ‘invader’ explodes. Target Audience As this app uses multiplication equations up to 12 x 12, this app is for middle / upper primary use. Students develop their mental computation skills in a fun and challenging way. iTalk This app is a simple tool that allows you to record mp3 sound files to the iPod. Connect the microphone adapter, hit the record button and that’s it! You could have your students record themselves reading for self assessment or record interviews or oral presentations.

Set of 6 can be booked on Sharepoint!
The Grade 5’s have been experimenting with a new web resource called B a s i c a l l y site is being used only as a students type in a script free tool and teachers will involving 1 or 2 characters. need to create a grade This script in converted to a c c o u n t w h i c h t h e y speech by the website and monitor closely. the finished product is an A u s t r a l i a n H i s t o r y online animation. Students Wonderings can select camera angles, 5 M G h a v e c r e a t e d add sound effects and format f a n t a s t i c a n i m a t i o n s characters and settings. This approx. 1 min in length. Xtranormal. The task presented to them was to produce a conversation between 2 characters which presented their wonderings on the upcoming inquiry topic Australians All. The results can be viewed at http://

Online Animation Tool

Teacher Delicious Links - SAT BLOG -

Great Web Resources A great online drawing site that teaches Symmetry. Interactives, challenges and explanations. A great resource.


This site is a great resource for teachers.
Review Games This site has a series of flash based tools that allow students to create games demonstrating their knowledge. These include Jeopardy, Speed Match, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? and a Board Game. Making these games involves the students entering questions and answers / possibilities into an online form. From there the website constructs the game for you - no need to know Flash! This would be a great activity to conclude inquiry topics where students demonstrate their knowledge by constructing games and complete games made by peers to assess their understanding. Fun! Flash Lottery- Looking for a fun way to teach probability? Or a quick and easy tool to generate random numbers? Try the Flash Lottery Tool! This Flash file will generate 6 winning numbers ranging from 1 to as high as you choose. Hangman- Looking for a fun Smartboard game? Flash Hangman works just like the Hangman you are used to, only it is in Flash and plays in the browser. Have fun! Classroom Management Tools Quick Tools for seating arrangements, randomly generating names from your grade or creating groups.

Book the Macbooks, iPods, cameras and
From the teacher page of Sharepoint there are shortcuts down the left hand side of the page to take you to booking calendars for ICT equipment. 1.Select equipment you require from the list on the left 2.Click ‘new’ on the calendar booking page 3.Enter the details such as when you need the items and for how long. Enter your name or grade so that others can identify who has made each booking. 4.Collect from the ICT lab. 5.Remember that when borrowing digital cameras we require notice to make sure batteries are charged - Email SUE 24 hrs before!! [3]

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