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					                  SANTA FE CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS
                  838 Academy Drive • Solana Beach, CA 92075 • Phone (858) 755-8900 •

                                                       PLEDGE FORM

Donor Name:
First Name: ___________________________ Last Name: ________________________________
                  (Please print first and last name)

Address:      _____________________________________________________________________


Telephone: Home ___________________________ Cell:_______________________________

Email:        _____________________________________________________________________

In support of Santa Fe Christian Schools’ mission to ‘prepare the Christian leaders of tomorrow’,
                               I (we) pledge $ ______________________ towards:

                                      Annual Fund

                                      Capital Campaign

                                      Teacher Endowment

                                      Other _________________________

I (we) would like to participate as follows:
    Type of Gift
         Immediate Gift: $__________ one time payment paid on or by _____________.

         Pledge Gift:           $__________ to be paid (circle one)         annually,    quarterly, monthly
                                starting on this date ___________ over a period of _________ year (s).
    Payment Method
         Check:                 Please make check payable to Santa Fe Christian Schools and mail to:
                                Santa Fe Christian Schools, Development Office, 838 Academy Drive, Solana Beach CA 92075

         Credit Card:           Please charge my credit card (circle one):           Visa        MasterCard
         Account Number: ____________________________________________________________________
         Exp Date: _________________________Vin #: ____________________________________________
         Donor Signature: _______________________________________________ Date:________________

                                                        Thank You!