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					                      2012-13 Adams County 4-H
                        Junior Camelid Record
                                         For Use by Members 8-10 Years Old
Please check all the projects you are in this year and fill out name, etc. Then print and sign this form at the start of your project.

                     Years in Project                                           Name
                                                                                4-H Club


                                                                                Birth Date

                                                                                Age as of December 31

                                                                                    PROJECT AGREEMENT
                                                   I will be responsible for feed, care, and management of my animals. I will keep good records and
                                                     finish my record book to complete my project. I will be responsible for management decisions
                                                               concerning the health, welfare, profitability, and product quality of my project.

                                                    Member Signature                                                                Date

                                                  As a parent or supporter, I realize that animal projects require a considerable amount of expense
                                                  and labor. I will support this youth in his/her efforts and allow him/her to learn as much as possible
                                                   from the experience. The youth is expected to be responsible for labor, care, and management
                                                      decisions affecting the project. I will help where needed by giving guidance and instruction.
Record must be printed in landscape format
    Record may be on the computer or
               handwritten                          Parent Signature                                                                Date

 It is important to write goals each year. Goals help you learn more about your project and your life. It is also important to
   think of how you will accomplish your goals. Answer the questions below about each of your project(s). Remember to
                      record the project at the top of each column. See Record Book guide for help.

                                                    Project:           Project:            Project:           Project:

How many animals will you have?

What breed(s) of animal(s) do you plan to have?

When you choose your animal(s), what do you
look for?

What will you feed your animal(s)?

Will you be in a showmanship contest at fair?

What do you want to accomplish in 4-H this year?

To Do: What is one thing you can do to help you
accomplish your goal?

If you are unsure what to do, who can you go to
for help about your project(s)?

                                               ANIMAL INVENTORY
At the start of your project, record all the animals you own in START Animal Inventory. Record a value for each animal. If you
 sell an animal or one dies, record "sold or died" in the third column for that animal. Remember to also record any animals
  you sell in Income (pg 9). Any animals you buy should be recorded in Animal Purchase (pg 5) and NOT in START
Animal Inventory. At the end of your project, record all the animals you still have in END Animal Inventory. Record a value for
                                         each animal. More lines may be added as needed.
For first year members, the project START is the first day you enroll in 4-H. For returning members, the project START
                         is the first day of the 4-H year, October 1. The project END is Sept 30.

What animals do I own at the START of my project?                            What animals do I own at the END of my project?
                        Animal Value at      Was this Animal Sold?                                    Animal Value at Project
       Animal                                                                        Animal
                         Project Start        Did this Animal Die?                                             End

Ex. Dairy Ewe, Jamie         $300.00                     --                   Ex. Dairy Ewe, Jamie            $350.00

   Ex. Heifer #356          $1,500.00                  Sold

TOTAL START VALUE                                                                TOTAL END VALUE

                                    EQUIPMENT INVENTORY
Record equipment, tools, trailers, facilities, and any other items used for your project this year. Record things
        that you own and things that you borrow. Record all animals in Animal Inventory (pg 3).
                    Start this list at the beginning of the year and add to it as needed.

                     Item                                                             Item
 Ex. Ten Livestock Panels                                        Ex. Show Goat Collar
 Ex. Blue Show Shirt                                             Ex. 14 ft Bummer Stock Trailer

                                   ANIMAL PURCHASE RECORD
Record the animals you buy during the year. If an animal is owned at the beginning of the 4-H year, it should be
 listed in START Animal Inventory (pg 3) and NOT in Animal Purchase. Record "none" if you did not buy any
                        animals for your project(s). More lines may be added as needed.

      Date                     Animal                              Seller                       Total Cost
     Ex: 2/15                Steer #245                          Mr. Smith                      $3,000.00
     Ex: 3/14              Rabbit #BC478                        Mrs. Smith                        $50.00

                                                            TOTAL ANIMAL PURCHASE:

                                       FEED EXPENSE RECORD
Record all feed you buy this year. Feed may be grain, hay, or supplements. Record pasture if you pay to rent it. More
                                          lines may be added as needed.

    Date                   Item                          Paid To                Amount (lbs)         Total Cost

   Ex: 5/15            Mixed Grain                      XYZ Feed                      50               $40.00

                                                 TOTAL FEED EXPENSE:

                                    HEALTH EXPENSE RECORD
Record all health expenses in the top chart. Remember to include anything you buy or pay for from your Health
                               Record (pg 8). More lines may be added as needed.

     Date                      Health Item                              Paid To                    Total Cost
   Ex: 5/29                   CDT Vaccine                            ABC Vet Clinic                  $100.00

                                                                 TOTAL HEALTH EXPENSE:

                                    OTHER EXPENSE RECORD
Record all non-feed, non-health costs in the bottom chart. Other expenses may be show supplies, tagging fees, gas
                for car or truck, pen or barn rent, boarding, brand inspections, equipment, tack, etc.

     Date                      Other Item                               Paid To                    Total Cost
   Ex: 6/15                 2 Poultry Feeders                      RST Ranch Supply                  $50.00

                                                                  TOTAL OTHER EXPENSE:

                                                   HEALTH RECORD
   Project animals may get sick or hurt. You are responsible for getting help for your animal. It is important to know your
                               veterinarians phone number if your animal gets sick or hurt.
  Name & Phone Number of Veterinarian:

  Record all health care for your animals. Health care can be medicine (shots, dewormer, pills) or management (hoof/nail
     trimming, sheering, etc.). Record your feed if it has medicine in it. Check your feed tag for the word "medicated".
                 Remember to record what you buy for health care in Health Expense Record (pg 7).

                                                   Treated With, How          Lot Number,   Person Who              Date of
                                                    Much, Method of            Expiration   Admistered   Withdrawl Completed
  Date         Animal          Description           Administration               Date       Treatment     Time    Withdrawl
 Ex. 7/1       Pig #122      Bacterial Infection Aquacillin - 4cc, IM, Neck                  Dr. Smith    7 days        7/8
                                                                               Exp: 2013
                              Pig Grower with       Carbadox - 50g/ton,          F#150       Johnny
5/7 - 5/30   Pig #122, 123                                                                                42 days       7/11
                                medication               in feed                  07/13      Whitman

                                             INCOME RECORD
 Record all the income you earned this year. Income may be from selling animals, equipment, or tack. You may earn
  money from show winnings, job wages, etc. If you still own your project animal(s) at the end of the 4-H year,
record that animal in END Animal Inventory (pg 3) and NOT in Income Record. Record "no income" below if you
                                         did not make any money this year.
      Date                         Item                              Income From                    Income

    Ex: 8/15                   Fair Premiums                          County Fair                    $40.00

    Ex. 8/15                    Steer #245                   County Fair Junior Market Sale        $2,000.00

                                                                            TOTAL INCOME:

                                             FINANCIAL SUMMARY
  Record the totals from all the income, expense and inventory pages into the boxes. Follow the questions to see if you
              made or lost money on your projects this year. Directions are given to the right of each box.

Income                                                                            TOTALS                DIRECTIONS
                                                                                                        Total Income
A. How much money did you earn?
                                                                                                           (pg 9)

                                                                                                       Total End Value
B. How much are your animal(s) worth at the END of the year?
                                                                                                            (pg 3)

C. What is your total income?                                                                              A+B

                                                                                                      Total Start Value
D. How much are your animal(s) worth at the START of the year?
                                                                                                            (pg 3)

                                                                                                    Total Animal Purchase
E. How much did you spend on animals?
                                                                                                            (pg 5)

                                                                                                     Total Feed Expense
F. How much did you spend for feed?
                                                                                                            (pg 6)

                                                                                                    Total Health Expense
G. How much did you spend on health?
                                                                                                           (pg 7)

                                                                                                     Total Other Expense
H. How much did you spend on other expenses?
                                                                                                            (pg 7)

I. What is your total expense?                                                                        D+E+F+G+H

J. How much did you make/lose from your project(s)?                                                         C-I

                                       INVOLVEMENT RECORDS
Record your involvement including community service/citizenship projects, leadership activites and roles, demonstrations,
     judging, and exhibitions/shows. Involvement can be both within or outside of 4-H. Add more lines as needed.
   What did you do for your community?                   When?
                                                                                        What did you learn?
    How did you practice citizenship?                How many hours?

How were you a leader or helpful to others?
                                                           When?                        What did you learn?
 What leadership events did you attend?

        What did you demonstrate?
                                                           When?                        What did you learn?
        What speeches did you give?

    What judging activity(s) did you do?                   When?                        What did you learn?

       Where did you exhibit/show?
                                                           When?                        What did you learn?
       What discipline did you show?

                                                                 OTHER REQUIRED PAGES
                   It is suggested that you complete the following other requirements in a separate document such as in
                                     Microsoft Word and attach these to the end of your project record.
                                                                             Project Pictures
                A minimum of four pictures with a descriptive caption for each are expected. Include pictures that demonstrate the
                                           progress of your project. Additional photos may be added.

                                                4-H Story: Write a story about your 4-H experiences
             Tell us about your experiences in 4-H in a story. Write about what you did this year in 4-H. Use the questions below to
             help you. You can type or hand-write your story. If you hand-write the story, use a pencil or ink on lined white notebook
              paper. If a typewriter or computer is used to write the story, use plain white paper with no smaller than 12-point font.
                               Leave a wide enough margin so the story can be read, if inserted into a repot cover.

                Limit your story to a maximum of three (3) pages. Remember that good grammar and correct spelling are
            The following outline may help you in composing a story related to your project(s):

            About Me                                                                  4-H Project and Activites

              * How old are you and when did you join 4-H?                             * What projects have you taken? How successful were they?

              * Why did you join 4-H?                                                  * What goals did you set and which ones did you reach?

              * What are your interests and hobbies?                                   * What would you do differently if you were to try it again?

              * What are your future and career plans?                                 * What skills have you learned in the program?
                                                                                       * Were any adults or other 4-H members especially
                                                                                         helpful to you? How?



                                          REQUIRED SUPPLEMENTS
The following projects require a supplement page.

       PROJECT                              SUPPLEMENT NAME

       Breeding Beef                        Breeding Beef Record

       Breeding Goats                       Breeding Goat Record

       Breeding Rabbits                     Individual Buck, Individual Doe and Individual Litter Rabbit Records

       Breeding Sheep                       Breeding Sheep Record

       Breeding Swine                       Breeding Swine Record

       Dairy Cattle                         Dairy Cow Record

       Fiber Goats                          Angora Goats or Cashmere Goats

       Poultry Chicken - Egg Production     Poultry Breeding Record

Download each supplement page you need and make sure to include it in your record book after your story and pictures but
                                      before the Project Completion page.
                      All supplement pages can be found on the following webpage under E-supplments.


 NOTE: If you are in a breeding project, but you did not breed your animals this year, write "did not breed" on your
    breeding records so others who view your record book will know that you choose not to breed this year.

                                                 GOAL REFLECTION
  Goals help you to achieve more when you review them each year. At the END of the year, answer the following questions.

 Did you complete your goal this year?

 Did you do your "To Do"?

 What helped you complete your goals?

                                          PROJECT COMPLETION
I declare that the information in this book is correct and all 4-H requirements, including Meat Quallity Assurance
training, have been completed to the best of my knowledge.
Last Meat Quality Assurance training attended:
                                                     Date                        Location

Member Signature                                                                                    Date

Leader Signature                                                                                    Date

Parent/Guardian Signature                                                                           Date
      NOTE: Include this as the very last page of your record book, after your story, pictures and any supplement pages


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