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					ABCs of Me! – Mike Handy
Mountain View High School Class of 1989
Greatest   

LDS Mission to London, England 1990-92 Marriage to my wife, Amy, in 1993 Adopting our daughter, Kaylee, in 2002

Favorite utomobile you've owned, 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder Convertible – Owned it for over nine years now and I still love driving it!


Advice for living a happy life,
If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Ideal

Mixed Berry Pain Perdu French Toast from Mimi’s Cafe

Favorite ook, The Fourth Dimension and How to Get There by Rudy Rucker Three things on your ucket list,  Go back to England for an extended visit  Explore the Yucatan  Become a member of Disneyland’s Club 33



Best kept secret from High School that you are ready to spill the beans about.
 As if we didn’t have enough studying to do for our AP US History class, several students and I went to Mr. Roland Williams house late one night and redecorated it with TP. After the deed was done, we were feeling bad that Chris Jessop couldn’t be there with us that night, so we went to the Maceys grocery store in south Orem where Chris was stocking shelves to let him in on our little secret. When we left Maceys, we ended up TP’ing Chris Jessop’s car in the parking lot. Ahhh… Too much time, too much TP, and not enough homework. Chris was the only responsible one that night. ;-p I spilled the beans at the last reunion in 1999, but here it is again… As my own contribution to a class prank, I wrote a fake and harmless computer virus. Thayne Harbaugh helped me secretly unleash it on the word processing lab during the final week of school. The virus made the computer user beat the computer in a game of Tic-Tac-Toe before allowing them to use WordPerfect. We got a lot of chuckles out of watching students begrudgingly submit to playing a game or two in order to work on their papers. The lab administrators were never able to figure out how to remove it. I almost spilled the beans that week when one of the lab TA’s asked me for tips on how to remove the “TicTac-Toe Virus.” Thayne and I quietly removed it on the last day of school and never told anyone until 1999.


Favorite oncert Seal’s “One Night to Remember” Your personal reative Outlet Building movie-quality Star Wars costumes for the local 501st Legion chapter; an organization that supports several charities and children’s groups. Favorite inner, Ruth’s Chris Steak Filet! WOW! Joyful Most




Adopting our daughter, Kaylee, in 2002

Embarasing moment,

In the spring of 1987, I was finishing up a Track workout in the MVHS stadium and decided to do one more 400 meter rep with Greg Jolley and Brandon Kerr. As we rounded the first turn, we came up behind several members of the girls track team walking down the track. As I started to maneuver around the girls, someone shouted “Look out!” just in time to have Jill Chappell accidentally jump right in front of me. I smacked right into her, went flying into the air, and landed hard on the track. Jill was just fine but, needless to say, I was pretty embarrassed. Where did you get ngaged, Provo Temple grounds – May 1993 Travels to oreign lands, England Favorite lavor of ice cream, Blue Bunny Take 5 Favorite ame, Apples to Apples





Goal you have achieved or are working towards,
   Ran a half-marathon this year Running a marathon in 2010 Compete in a triathlon in 2011

Favorite et-away (what you do or location) Disneyland About your ome, 6 bedroom Ivory home near Thanksgiving Point in Lehi



      Running Singing Replica movie costumes Digital Photography/Video Mayan/Central American Archaeology LDS Church History

Honeymoon (just the broadest of overviews, please)
Park City, Utah Secret ndulgence, Oreo shakes Areas of nterests, See Hobbies



Jazz Fan?
Definitely! You gotta love it, baby! What brings you the most oy in life, My girls! Amy and Kaylee! Favorite ello flavor, Strawberry Average Hours per week spent in the Four




Favorite araoke song (rock band counts) “Little Wonders” by Rob Thomas Your


Girl - Kaylee - Age 6-1/2

Life changing event,
Seeing my daughter for the very first time

Loyal fan of,
BYU Football! I’m Fully Invested! Tradition, Spirit, Honor! Beat Oklahoma!

Mountain View emory,  All the Cross Country and Track victories! Especially taking first place in the Region II Track meet in the 4x400 Meter Relay with Chris Jessop, John Savage, and Royal Chamberlain  Late night study session at Mr. Stone’s house the night before the Calculus AP test powered by several bags of Cheetos  Ice blocking down the MVHS stadium hill in the middle of the night  In early 1988, someone in a 2nd floor chemistry class poured pure sodium down a sink drain. The resulting explosion sent water gushing down into the classroom below nearly missing Mr. Mueller who was conducting a test review for pre-Calculus.  Catching an early morning matinee of “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” with Thayne Harbaugh and then *LITERALLY* running out of the theater in order to make it to the Marriott Center in time for MVHS graduation. Three words describing your One True Love


Marriage or spouse,

Milestone accomplishments,
Ran the Provo Half-marathon in 2009 Favorite ovie, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy What’s


New in your life,
  Performed with Weird Al Yankovic on stage in September 2007 Played a U of A Basketball Booster in High School Musical 2


Next, (next 20 years)
Adopt more kids!

Most appreciated pportunities you have had, Speaking at Seminary Graduation in 1989


“Live your best life” – Can you do that while hanging around the house in your “Slumpa Dinkas?” ;-p

Places you have lived,
Seattle, Washington and in Utah… Orem, Provo, Lindon, Lehi

Proudest moment,
Being sealed to our daughter in the Mount Timpanogos Temple in May 2003

Pets or Pet Peeves,
No pets, no peeves Favorite uote, “All we have to do is decide what to do with the time that is given to us.” - Gandalf the Grey - J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring The world would be better if everyone Complaining ;-p


Quit what,

Quiet time activity or place,
Reading history books

Retirement Plans,
ASAP! Somewhere in Utah County, I’m sure. ;-) Favorite omantic get-away, Park City, Utah


Scariest moment,
Spinning out of control on I-15 near Tremonton right in front of an oncoming semi-truck during a powerful blizzard back in December 2001. Most Satisfying ervice you have given,  Organizing a special event for a dying child through the Make-a-Wish Foundation and making his final wish come true  Raising several thousand dollars in cash and toys for the U.S. Marine’s Toys for Tots charity  Planning several movie night parties for juvenile cancer patients at Primary Children’s Hospital Most


Treasured possession,
Once again… My girls! Amy and Kaylee!

Favorite ime Waster, Nintendo Wii


Technology that you would miss the most,
Blu-ray discs

Unforgettable time,
Senior year at MVHS!

Unsolved mystery,
JFK Assassination – Wrote a research paper on it for English class in 1987 and it still fascinates me to this day.

Sweetest ictory, Watching BYU beat Utah 33-31 in November 2006 at the last second. Oh BTW… Harline is *STILL* open right now! Favorite acation, Disneyland/Disney World Favorite ideo game, Half-life 2 / The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess



Where would you most like to live (even if for a relatively short period)
London, England Most e

Xcited to see at the reunion,
Kevin Yocum, of course! Who else is coming?! ;-p In all seriousness, it will be great to see everybody again!

Your life has been most impacted by what e tra curricular activity from High School, Definitely Cross Country and Track teams


Y or the U,
BYU! True blue through and through! Go Cougars! Favorite ear of your life to date, Hmmm… That’s a tough one, but remember what they taught us in high school… You can solve *ANYTHING* with a math formula! So, here’s mine… f=favorite year b=year I was born=1971 m=year I was married=1993 y=current year g=high school graduation year=1989 a=year we adopted our daughter=2002 Insert constants and simplify: f=y+1 Each new year brings us new surprises and adventures and we look forward to it! Favorite oo animal, Bald Eagle Favorite sports team ending with “ Utah Ja__ ;-)