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									Did the Forum Meet                                       How did you learn about how to create budgets
Expectations?          If Not, Why?                      and forecasts at the University?

                                                         Through my supervisor who was previously
Yes                                                      responsible for our budgets

Yes                                                      Self taught

Yes                                                      Personal lesson/talks with Barbara Morycz

Yes                                                      Predecessor and peers in other units

                                                         I was here when Oracle was introduced - went
                                                         through all the training. I used to use BMARS - I
Yes                                                      LOVED BMARS - really simple tool.

Yes                                                      Previous/Current Business Manager
Yes                                                      From the Budget Office Staff

Yes                                                       College Business Manager meeting
                       I'm not now deeply engaged
                       with Oracle Financials but will be
                       soon. So, I'm not engaged in       Been doing it for many years but not using
I wasn't really sure   these discussions on a regular     Oracle - just my own process that I delivered to
what to expect         basis                              the budget manager

Yes                                                      Through trial and error

Yes                                                      College

                       Seemed to be more
No                     informational than actionable     My manager
                                                         Previous training sessions, often when systems
Yes                                                      and tools such as ADI, Oracle, BDI

                         A budget lifecycle discussion   From my old business manager and trial and
Yes                      would be helpful too            error

Yes                                                      On the job training

                                                         Nothing formal; used spreadsheets used by
Yes                                                      previous employee

                         I thought it would be more
                         specific on the budget process;
                         However the general overviews
                         on the systems were helpful as
                         introductions to systems I have Only general explanations by the people in my
                         not used (ADI, BDI, HR          school who do the budgeting and forecasting. I
No                       Warehouse)                      have very little experience in this process

Yes                                                      From my supervisor and trial and error

Yes                                                      Other MCS business managers showed me ADI

I had no idea what to
expect but I did learn
about processes I was                                    An email informing me data for a section of the
not aware of                                             budget book was due

                                                         I was a business manager and Susan Kinchelow
Yes                                                      and other business managers trained me
                                            Not sure - many years ago; assume classes and
Yes                                         training

                                            Worked directly with Central Budget Office
Yes                                         because no one in division had experience

Yes                                         Self taught

          Learned a lot of new things and
          new ideas; Group discussions
          were helpful; Assigned seating
Yes       was a good idea                   From my financial dean; asking questions

Yes                                         Working with Karen Faber during transition

Sort of                                     ADI Class

Yes                                         Learned by the Asst. Dean at the time

                                            I really never had 'formal' training or told exactly
                                            what budget office needs and wants; My
                                            business mgr just asks what will you spend on
Yes                                         and I just create a spreadsheet

Yes                                         Email

Yes                                         Boss - trial by fire

Yes                                         Trained by my manager
      Overview from the dept and worksheets that
      are used for the data to get incorporated into
Yes   Oracle

      GL - previous business manager and further
Yes   research; research on my own over time


Yes   CFA Asst Dean of Finance


Yes   Via the Dean's office

      From seeing and hearing what my supervisor
      does/learning how to run reports from Oracle,
Yes   ADI, and data warehouse

      Oracle training; other Business Managers; self-
Yes   taught

Yes   Supervisor, other business manager
      When Oracle began; I have taken classes over
Yes   the years to help my training

Yes   Other people in the department

Yes   Training by my supervisor

Yes   Initially by Walt Schearer
Yes   Email

      The person who used to budget for my dept
      before I took over the position; other peers at
Yes   CIT

Yes   A peer

Yes   My boss taught me

      From other people in my department and the
Yes   person who did my job before me

Yes   From my supervisor

      From co-worker and business managers within
Yes   the college

Yes   Budget shared by colleagues

Yes   UA staff and budget office staff

Yes   Self taught

Yes   College level finance training in ADI

Yes   Group training

Yes   Never learned from anyone
Yes   From peers and small workshop

      Hands on experience; part of my job
Yes   responsibility

Yes   I don't do budgets
Did you learn anything today that you may
decide to incorporate into your budget and   If yes, what did you learn and how will you
forecasting processes?                       incorporate it?

Yes                                          Vlookups, More formulas, a few ADI tricks

Yes                                          Never have used BDI '?' HR data warehouse

Yes                                          ADI reports and content sets

Yes                                          Using ADI in new ways

Yes                                          Excel Filter and Budget Rules

Yes                                          Budget Rules; Sorting of characteristics

Yes                                          Vlookups, ADI Rules
Yes                                          Vlookup, budget rule, advance system

Yes                                          Budget rules, vlookup

Yes                                          I would like to learn to use the budgeting '?'

Yes                                          Vlookups from shadow system into ADI

Yes                                          DecisionCast reports, Excel tricks

Yes                                          Little tips and tricks but nothing substantial
                                                 More details on Enter Budget Amounts (leaving
                                                 fields blank when calling up strings), Being
                                                 reminded about tools such as BDI, Simple
Yes                                              Budget Upload

Yes                                              Using ADI more

Yes                                              Advance

                                                 Minimal updates can be made in Oracle app;
Yes                                              ADI budget rules

                                                 The budget rules in ADI sound like good time
I'm not involved in the budget and forecasting   savers. If I'm ever involved in the process, I'd
process                                          incorporate those

Yes                                              GL Apps ->ADI, Vlookup

Yes                                              Vlookups, Uploading multi-workbook uploads

                                                 Reporting related to open pledges and pipeline
                                                 pledges is being distributed to campus; Campus
                                                 is developing gift budget independent of
                                                 reporting and advancement; Attempt to use
Yes                                              combined process
                                                 Copy and paste/Vlookup entry into ADI; quick
                                                 changes into ADI; some Excel 'tricks' like the
                                                 TRIM functionality, couple of tricks in
Yes                                              DecisionCast
Yes   Formulas in ADI

Yes   Vlookup


      New skills in Excel, Oracle Budget Forms, ADI
      Tricks - all can/will be used for Financial
Yes   Reviews/Budgeting
      BDI; possibly integrate into detail level reviews;
      cross referencing with Finance counterparts in
Yes   other depts

Yes   Downloading multiple ADI budget (tabs)

Yes   BDI possibly; Excel spreadsheet setup to upload

      Use data warehouse house to aide in budgeting;
Yes   Excel shortcuts; Advance System

Yes   New Excel Information

Yes   Gotta try BDI

      GM Budgeting functions; May look into Advance
Yes   and using reporting features in SPEX
      Two worksheets process; working
Yes   paper/vlookup to upload from

Yes   ADI tips, Excel tips

Yes   ADI refresh budget tip; reports

      Budget Rules; Re-ordering data in data
Yes   warehouse reports



      Vlookup could be useful in assisting with
Yes   creating reports for budgeting

      I learned that I could have multiple years'
Yes   budgets in one workbook; it will be very helpful

Yes   Vlookup and budget tool
      ADI Refresh, downloading from ADI workbooks;
Yes   Vlookup

      ADI tips that most people either didn't know
Yes   about or didn't know how to use


Yes   BDI - currently I do not use this
      Review Financial Content Sets; Separates each
Yes   org

      Almost all the features I learned today (ex.
Yes   Notes, etc.) I'd incorporate in my process
      BDI!!! On the surface it looks like something
Yes   that will help me roll up GMs

Yes   Might explore more in ADI for ways to save time


Yes   Some Excel Tips
      Vlookups , need to find out about the 'Advance'
      training for Donations, using formulas in a rate
Yes   table

      ADI - need training/hasn't been offered for a
Yes   long time

      Vlookups to ADI instead of data entry; look into
Yes   BDI

Yes   I'd be interested in Excel Vlookups to ADI

      Working spreadsheet - need Oracle string for
Yes   Vlookups

Yes   Vlookup

Yes   Upload Grants Budgets into the apps
      A lot of new more efficient work processes (ie.
      Entering budget directly into apps, multiple
Yes   workbook for ADI)

      May try to upload Award Budgets directly in
      Oracle; Make use of 'DC Support" folder in
Yes   Financial Data Warehouse
Which of the sessions did you find to be most   What did you find most useful about the day as
valuable?                                       a whole?
Oracle ADI
Financial Data Warehouse                        Discussions amongst our table regarding best
Excel                                           practices
HR Data Warehouse
Oracle ADI
Grants & Simple Budget Upload
Oracle GL Reporting                             Learning new techniques and interacting with
Oracle ADI                                      folks outside of my division/dept
Oracle GL Reporting
Oracle ADI
Financial Data Warehouse

Oracle GL Reporting
Oracle ADI
Excel                                           Table discussions
                                                Large Group interactions and mixed
Excel                                           representation at tables
Oracle GL Reporting
Oracle ADI
Financial Data Warehouse
Excel                                           Excel/ADI info
Advance                                         the exchange with peers

Oracle GL Reporting, Excel                      Excel tips relating to ADI budgeting

Oracle ADI
Financial Data Warehouse                        Learning from others
Oracle GL Reporting
HR Data Warehouse
Oracle ADI
Oracle Grants and Simple Budget Upload
Financial Data Warehouse
Excel                                           Meeting with others outside division
HR Data Warehouse
Oracle ADI
Grants & Simple Budget Upload
Excel                                           The group breakdown

Oracle GL Reporting
HR Data Warehouse                               Networking
                                  Meeting peers across the university, confirming
                                  that some of my mistrust of the data warehouse
All valuable                      is shared by others
Oracle GL Reporting
Oracle ADI
Financial Data Warehouse          Nice to talk to others and see how they do
Excel                             things - same or different
Oracle GL Reporting
Advance                           Meeting people across campus who do what we
Excel                             do

Oracle ADI                        Information sharing with others; finding out
Excel                             how other create budgets

                                  Listening to the people at my table since they
                                  are involved in budgeting and forecasting in
Excel                             their areas
Oracle GL Reporting
Oracle ADI
Grants and Simple Budget Upload
Excel                             Sharing other practices, learning tips

                                  I thought it was run in an effective manner
                                  (round table discussions) and then as a whole
                                  group. I sat at Table 9 and there was a lot of
                                  good discussion.
All valuable

Oracle GL Reporting               Table discussions about info used; processes
HR Data Warehouse                 employed, etc.
Oracle GL Reporting
Oracle ADI                        Getting to chat with people outside of my
Financial Data Warehouse          college on approaches they have to budgeting,
Excel                             their use of certain systems
Oracle GL Reporting
Oracle ADI
Financial Data Warehouse                 Alternate ways to do the same thing (reporting,
Excel                                    budget prep and upload)

                                         Discussions around table on how everyone pulls
BDI                                      data together

SPEX                                     System experts presenting

Oracle ADI
Grants and Simple Budget Upload
Financial Data Warehouse                 Excel tips but also learned about things I'd never
Excel                                    even heard of
Oracle GL Reporting                      Interaction with finance folks across depts and
BDI                                      hearing about how each uses the tools we
Financial Data Warehouse                 discussed
Oracle GL Reporting
Oracle ADI                               Meet new people and see what others know
Financial Data Warehouse                 and do
Oracle ADI
Oracle Grants and Simple Budget Upload
Financial Data Warehouse
Excel                                    Networking with other depts

Oracle GL Reporting
Financial Data Warehouse                 Talking with peers; talks/demos then talk with
Excel                                    small group then talk with large group
Oracle GL Reporting
Oracle ADI
Grants and Simple Budget Upload
Financial Data Warehouse
Excel                                    facts about ADI, BDI, Excel
Oracle ADI
BDI                                      Learning from peers

Grants and Simple Budget Upload          Meeting people and hearing about their
Financial Data Warehouse                 processes; hearing about Advance; learned a lot
SPEX                                     of tips to try out in daily work functions
Oracle GL Reporting
HR Data Warehouse
Oracle ADI
Financial Data Warehouse
SPEX                              Better understanding of data warehouse &
Excel                             Oracle ADI; other functionalities

                                  Speaking with others for how they prepare
All valuable                      budgets; what tools they use
Oracle GL Reporting
Oracle ADI
Financial Data Warehouse
Excel                             Getting to talk with others
Oracle ADI
Financial Data Warehouse
Excel                             Ability to explore topics at each table
Oracle GL Reporting
Oracle ADI
Financial Data Warehouse
Oracle GL Reporting               The different ways others forecast and create
Financial Data Warehouse          budgets
Oracle GL Reporting
Oracle ADI
Financial Data Warehouse          Learning the tricks and tips of Excel since I don't
Excel                             personally do too much with ADI

Oracle ADI
Excel                             Group discussion at our table/group
Oracle GL Reporting
Oracle ADI
Grants and Simple Budget Upload
Excel                             Talking to others to find out their processes
Oracle ADI
Financial Data Warehouse          ADI Tricks and Tips

Oracle ADI                        Talking in small groups but the group was not
Financial Data Warehouse          ideally suited for knowledge sharing; most small
Excel                             depts and central units vs. large academic units

Oracle GL Reporting
Financial Data Warehouse          Hearing how others are managing grants
                                  Group discussions to see how other people are
BDI                               doing it
Oracle GL Reporting
Oracle ADI
Financial Data Warehouse
Excel                             Comparing notes with our table

Oracle GL Reporting               Most of the 'Did you know?' sessions; the small
Oracle ADI                        group discussions; meeting the people from
Financial Data Warehouse          other depts who are involved in budgeting and
Excel                             hearing their recommendations/difficulties
                                  I liked the assigned seating; helped me to learn
BDI                               other valuable ways to do things
Oracle GL Reporting
Oracle ADI
Oracle GL Reporting
Oracle ADI
Grants and Simple Budget Upload
Financial Data Warehouse
Excel                             That this was a good format; small bits of info

Oracle ADI
Oracle ADI
Advance                           The time setting for each session - 20 minutes
Financial Data Warehouse          just enough
Oracle GL Reporting
Oracle ADI
Financial Data Warehouse
Excel                             A range of information about GL specifics
Oracle GL Reporting
HR Data Warehouse
Oracle ADI                        Talking with staff in other depts
Oracle ADI
Excel                             interacting with people from other orgs
Oracle ADI
BDI                               Application of Excel tricks in actual budget
Excel                             systems
Oracle GL Reporting
Financial Data Warehouse          "Did You Know" format
Oracle ADI
Grants and Simple Budget Upload
Financial Data Warehouse
SPEX                              Meeting people at the table
Oracle GL Reporting
Oracle ADI
Grants and Simple Budget Upload
Financial Data Warehouse
Excel                             Group Feedback
HR Data Warehouse
Grants and Simple Budget Upload
Financial Data Warehouse          Small group discussions - it was good to hear
SPEX                              how other people/depts handle problems tasks
Excel                             similar to my own
Oracle GL Reporting
Oracle ADI
                                  Group discussions
What did you find least useful about the day as Do you have any suggestions on what you
a whole?                                        would change about today for future forums?
                                                I would like to hear directly from the budget
                                                office to ensure I am following what I should be,
Advance and SPEX because I don't use them       etc

BDI and the non-finance systems                  Keep this format. It worked very well

Non-financial systems

GM - I just don't need that info                 Contact info for each section on the agenda

                                                 1/2 days vs. whole days

SPEX                                             Less time - maybe 1/2 day with less discussion
everything was great

Not really being engaged enough with Oracle to Maybe more detailed agenda into out ahead of
understand of a lot of what was discussed      time

                                                 I think the setup was on point

Not a lot of better ideas came up                Shorter
length of time away from office (or maybe that    Option to get printed presentation beforehand
was the best part! :-) )                          to take notes on

I never use any GM budgets and probably never A little more 'one on one' type information (aka
will - so that's all over my head             - I had no idea what SPEX was!)
                                              I like the way this forum was set up. I moved
                                              along and we didn't get bogged down in
Nothing                                       questions and answers

Non-Finance Systems section

BDI - didn't understand reason for it's use;
SPEX - seems only good when used for historical

                                                  Good overview, looking forward to more
Advancement                                       specific topic workshops

                                                  No - Personally, I would like to see a few of the
                                                  reports that pertain to financial review. This is
                                                  due to the time constraints of when we receive
                                                  the parameters and when it's due.

                                                  Develop plan for single process budget tool and
Training segments on various modules              discuss for pros/cons

                                                  Some more time spent on some items - G/L
                                                  went too quickly
Grant information (don't use grants)

SPEX only because I don't have Grants in my
division                                        Keep same format
                                                Group is too large; narrow the topics, then
Too much info all at once                       narrow down the audience

Advance, GL Reporting (way over my head!)       Maybe 2 days - 1/2 day each?

If anything Advance and SPEX are not relevant
to my role                                      No

Too long                                        Concentrate on making budgeting simpler

Changes to websites - move information out
there; communication of new ways to use         Break up into 1/2 day sessions to concentrate
current system                                  on certain areas

                                                better handouts - more screenshots - more
BDI & ADI & HR SW - just don’t' use them        comfortable chairs

The 2nd session                                 No

                                                Too long of a day in one place; maybe half day
ADI & BDI, did not really understand            sessions for future; Keep the groups format the
presentation                                    same - nice to meet other people
                                                   Roles, Consolidated Budget vs. Operating vs.
BDI                                                G/CA

                                                   No change - but more similar sessions

a little too long
BDI & SPEX - but others use them; Having self
directed discussions at the table allowed us to
navigate around these                              I liked the format; 3 topics then discussion

It was all good

Advance, BDI, SPEX
                                                   I would not change the format. It was helpful
                                                   and interesting to be in small groups and discuss
BDI                                                other dept. practices

                                                   1/2 day sessions
BDI - used to use it; not convinced it will meet
my needs                                           split into 2 half days

                                                   Reports - what reports are run by Budget Office,
                                                   for what reason so we can run the same ones to
Advance - we don't deal with gifts                 answer their questions
SPEX                                            Add some hands on training

                                                Do two half day sessions instead; Please don't
                                                schedule these on a PRS deadline day

Advance                                         Better chairs

The discussion about SPEX and Advance - only
because they don't apply to me

Too long, some presentations were boring and
didn't seem necessary                           maybe 1/2 day

                                                Format was good, but should be 1/2 rather than
                                                a full day

GM & HR/salary and benefit - only responsible   Specific trainings that expand upon basics;
for Operating                                   orientation trainings!

                                                1/2 day instead of full day; focus by college/unit

Non-financial systems                        Break out sessions more specifically
HR Datawarehouse/Advance not very useful for
budgeting                                    Shorter sessions

HR Data Warehouse/Advance                       2 - 1/2 days
No coffee in PM   Coffee in PM
What do you think should happen next with
regard to this subject mater?                Misc. Comments
Hands on Class
Budget office help based on common problems,
FAQ's, etc.

There should be an info packet for new business

                                                  Nice job to all involved

Further workshops on more specific topics

If there are opportunities to get one-on-one
training for anything, please let me know

maybe some info on HREM
Hands on training on excel budgeting
How to run ADI FSG Reports

Smaller group, more targeted goals
More info sharing; Improvement of tools (BDI,
ADI, SPEX, Datawarehouse)

Additional sessions - maybe yearly? Perhaps
some kind of new staff orientation and refresher

More in-depth (although smaller) meetings
Brown bags

Would like to see another Excel brown bag
session in advance of next budget deadlines
(approx 4-6 weeks prior to Fall Review, etc.)

A general training on the budget process;            For a future forum, maybe one that's very basic
Specific training on ADI - hands on at a terminal;   for people new to CMU or this process.
Specific training on Oracle Grants and Simple        Something that shows how changes to an ADI
Budget Upload - hands on at a terminal               workbook and upload affects reports

                                                     Suggestion - create a b-board for budgeting so
                                                     people can post issues, share best practices, etc.
Specific workshops on budgeting                      (User Group)
Break it out in smaller hands on groups with
discussion groups. Table 9 consisted of
department folks, central and administrative
folks. It was good to talk about things that
pertain to academic may not apply to
Budget How's and Why's

Best Practice

I think more training sessions, but shorter,
based on only 1 topic
More hands on training in specific topics

Hands on Budget prep class

I strongly favor smaller, more focused training

In depth trainings for these topics
Continue to develop forums to educate finance
staff particularly at budget and forecast relevant

Provide training on web via video and pdfs

More networking from Admin to Depts; Have
Admin give us pointers on what they or how
they want us to forecast

Mini training sessions; more detailed on specific

Some hands on training

Formation of a mentoring program and in depth
training classes that are not so general but more
tailored to specific departments
Possibly find out at this point what weaknesses
or what we are not familiar with and add more
training or build training on existing knowledge


Oracle Reports, Budget office's needs/wants;
Budget Cycles

Possibly more detailed training and hands on
Workshops (maybe 1/2 day) on specific sections
such as Excel (hands on would be good) as it
applies specifically to budgets

Hands on training for school level

Some workshops or classes

More detailed training sessions on ADI and even
an advanced Excel course to specifically show
the application of Vlookup, etc.

Offer hands on experience

Classes on specific processes - ie. BDI, SPEX, etc.
More hands-on sessions; small group training

Additional sessions - how about a FAQ or Tips
website? Or Bboard?
Additional group sessions with more
detail/hands on type of instruction; people
could bring laptops

Smaller, more in depth classes on ADI, BDI,
SPEX, Excel, etc.

Should offer training (ADI) hands on

Some in depth sessions on advanced Excel skills
and tips/techniques for ADI

Skill set forums

Best practices to help things that can be

More peer networking; BDI/ADI training

Hands on sessions

Forums, Facebook
Follow up meetings, maybe smaller on a college

Offer training sessions on ADI, BDI

Various training sessions and ongoing
knowledge sharing sessions

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