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The Absolute List
Arguments? Drama? No, thank you! A proactive approach to working with you team will leave all of the
unnecessary drama at the door and have your team working in sync in no time at all!
Fair Fighting
In the unfortunate event that a little drama does creep into your team dynamics, what can you do? Learn
some creative tips on how to compromise that will have your team back up and running faster than you
can say “win-win!”
Great Group Work
Ah, committee work! Either loved or not so loved, it is all a part of being on a team! Through this session,
you will learn some practical approaches to making your committee effective and productive!
Holding It Together
Being a member of a team means that you will encounter all different kinds of people…and personalities!
How can you keep everyone in check and be fair about it? This session will teach you some tips and tricks
on holding your team standards high while keeping your team moving forward!
Mind Your Meetings
Does it ever just seem like you spend all of your time in meetings just to leave with more work and less
time to do it in? Learn the secrets behind effective meeting management, managing your own time and
injecting a little organization into your life!
What Makes a Team
Curious about what makes a team great? Come learn the stages of how a team develops and how you can
take your team from good to GREAT!

101 Not So Common Courtesies
In a world where common sense is not so common, come find out some of the long lost leader behaviors
and how you can bring them back to your awesome leadership self!
First Impressions Are Lasting Impression
This session focuses on the entire career application process, from cover letters and thank you note to
dress and etiquette during the interview and potential interview Q and A.
Grand Slam Communication
It’s anyone’s game in this high energy session that will teach you how to effectively create and present an
effective message!
Motivating Madness
Want to achieve big? Then learn how to dream big! This session will help you take your goals and turn
them into ACTION!
Space and Opportunity
Do you have what it takes to be great? And do you want to be great? Come and find out how BPA can get
you there!
Sweet Success
Learn short and sweet tips and tricks you can add right now to move your chapter to the next level. You
will literally walk away saying, “That was sweet!”

Becoming Professionally Academic
The Merit Scholars of Business Professionals of America are among the most elite members in the
organization. This workshop focuses on two of the seven torches; knowledge and leadership. Knowledge
will be attained through active participation in the presentation of information necessary to pass the
Merit Scholar exam. Secondly, leadership will be learned through team building activities where real life
applications will be made. As a result of your involvement in the workshop "Becoming Professionally
Academic", you will walk away well equipped to achieve the highest level of knowledge and scholarship as
a Merit Scholar of Business Professionals of America.
Building A Strong Chapter
Membership isn’t just about attending chapter meetings. Discover all the opportunities BPA offers you
and take your membership to the next level in this exciting session!
Make An Impression
It is not only what you know and who you know but also WHO KNOWS YOU! Come find out how you can
learn to successfully learn to network your best asset…YOU!
The Magic of Running for Office
In this workshop, you'll learn about officer duties and tips on how to pursue the magical role of a state or
national officer.
Torch Awards
Business Professionals of America's Torch Awards Program frames and guides a BPA member to
leadership and service to their chapter and community. Students complete activities in the seven Torch
categories--Leadership; Service; Cooperation; Knowledge; Friendship; Love, Hope, Faith; and Patriotism.
Find out how you can participate!

Grand Slam Communication
It’s anyone’s game in this high energy session that will teach you how to effectively create and present an
effective message!
It’s All In The Cards
Did you know that you are least likely to land on the square Mediterranean Avenue in the game
Monopoly? What else do you not know about this game! As a classic game, members have the
opportunities to grab leadership skills that come out of the cracks in the game Monopoly. Learn what kind
of leader you are, how to play your cards right, how to influence others as a leader, as well as how to find
and utilize unique opportunities! This engaging and amusing workshop will keep you on your toes and
entertained through fun games and activities.
Operation Impression: Making First Impressions Matter
During this engaging workshop, you will be immersed in the latest riveting discoveries about first
impressions. As we apply this exciting information through hands- on activities, you will be challenged to
see every day scenarios through a new lens. These experiences will be extremely beneficial for building
capacity with stakeholders in your own program. Everyone is invited to partake in this exciting
Runs With Scissors
No matter how detailed the plan or skilled the leader, challenges and obstacles are bound to arise. With
thought and effective action though, these issues don’t have to throw your project off track. Discover how
to transform obstacles into opportunities!
Taste Like Chicken
You know it’s good if it taste like chicken. Come learn how one company branded themselves as a
constant reminder that we should ‘eat more chicken’ – and how you can create your own brand too!
Being the Servant Leader
From ME to THEM is the name of the game when being a servant leader. Learn how to lead with the team
in mind… and you will be amazed about what you will learn about YOURSELF!
Impact Your Community, Inspire Your Chapter
Looking for ways to impact your community? Running out of ideas for fundraising for your chapter? This
session will help you formulate plans for service projects, new fundraising ideas, and interact with other
members on how to make an impact!
Perfect Partnerships
What do onions, cakes and building strong partnerships with local business have in common? They all
have layers! With all of the funds and resources rolling into your chapter, your year will be a piece of cake!
Serving up Leadership
As a leader it is always your time to serve. Learn how to lead by putting your team first and yourself

The Importance of Involvement
Study groups, social mixers and late night pizza runs. Oh my! College is a great time to expand your friend
network and your experiences. Learn the ins and outs of the three key tips for success: academics, social
involvement and maintaining your health throughout your college career.
Starting Now!
It’s never too early to get started on your future! Whether it be college applications or preparing for a job
interview, learn what you can do NOW to prepare you for your amazing future!
What One Page Can Say
Your resume is the first impression you make and can lead you to your first day on the job. What does this
one piece of paper say about you? Come discover some tips and techniques that will turn your goals and
accomplishments into one page that speaks volumes!

Generally Speaking
Are you “walking the walk” or just “talking the talk?” In this session, you will earn strategies to create an
effective messages and tricks and tips on how your delivery can make those messages stick!
Loud Silence
You can NOT NOT communicate! What? That’s right! Sometimes the things you don’t say can speak
volumes! Learn how body language can be used effectively to make sure you are conveying the right
Meetings that Energize, Enlighten and Excite
Are you looking for ways to empower your members?! In this workshop you will be able to energize,
enlighten and excite your members as we learn how to share a message and create a smile in your
chapter meetings! If you are looking for some fun, this is the perfect opportunity!
Raising the Bar
Tired of carwashes and bake sales? Take your fundraiser to the next level by creating buzz about your
event! Remember, BIG advertising can equal BIG MONEY!

Making the NET…Work
We've all done it. Enter your name into a search engine and what do you see? What do potential
employers see? Learn the tips, tricks, and tools to create an online personal brand that gets even your
Granny's approval!
My On-Line Space
While technology can never replace face-to-face communication, it is important to recognize that the use
of social media sites have many merits! Learn more about these tools and how they can be used to
effectively to go beyond the handshake to get the word out about your organization!
Putting the SOCIAL in Social Media
You’re alive, but are you really living? You have social media, but are you really using it? Social media is a
two-way conversation, so get social, join the conversation and learn how to REALLY use social media to
achieve your organization’s goals!

The Virtual You
In today's hyper-connected world we are easily able to connect with masses of people. "The Virtual You"
explores the power available to you in this technologically advanced world and the responsibilities
associated with such power. Attendees learn how to craft their virtual selves to represent professionalism
and positivism to take advantage of technology to place them ahead of the game.

Flip IT! iPad Tips & Tricks
This course will explore the "Classroom in the Cloud" via iPad. What are flipped classrooms? How does an
iPad fit into the picture? What "apps" work best? How does digital content/resources look in the blended
environment? Bring your open mind and be ready to Flip IT! Participants should bring an iPad to this
Spice Up Your Classroom with Web 2.0 Tools!
Spice up your classroom and dive into the world of Web 2.0 tools! In this course, participants will learn
the ins-and-outs of Web 2.0 tools, including Google Tools for Educators and various other web-tools, such
as Prezi, Voicethread, Posterous, Wordle, and more! Come ready to learn new tips and tricks to make
your life as a teacher easier than ever: share, collaborate, and publish your work!
Virtual Economics 4.0
Attend this session to receive a free resource priced at $100 online! The Virtual Economics 4.0 resource is
an electronic resource that contains a library of publications by the national Council for Economic
Education, with over 1,400 activity-based lessons searchable by grade level, concept, or state (economics)
standards. Jane Stockman, from the MN Council for Economic Education will present. (Pre-registration
for session is required)

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