WMS Capstone Parent Letter by tmccabe524


									Dear Parents,

Beginning next week, 8th grade students at Western Middle School will begin work
on the district wide Capstone Project. This interdisciplinary project focuses around
the question, “How can I promote progress in my community?” Students will select
a topic of interest, research it and attempt to create an “action plan” which involves
a potential solution to the problem they have chosen. Components of this project
will take place in Social Studies and English (Reading and Writing). Upon
completion, students will upload their projects onto the Naviance program where it
will become a part of their student success plan and can be accessed by their high
school guidance counselors.

The break down of the project is as follows:

      Topic selection and research will take place in Social Studies (2 ½ weeks)
      The oral presentation and visual will be completed in Reading (2 weeks)
      A 3-5 page paper outlining the problem, its causes, effects and possible
       solutions will be written in Writing class (2 weeks)

Students will receive a class specific grade for each portion of the project in addition
to an overall project grade that will be applied to their Social Studies average.

Please take some time to discuss topic selection with your child and sign below to
indicate that you have been made aware of this project. The following link can be
used to access prior Capstone topics from Central and Eastern Middle School and
will be sent to both you and your child via email:


Thank you very much for your support.

Grade 8 Social Studies Teachers
Western Middle School

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