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New Berlin Newsletter May _June Newsletter


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									                                                                                                    May - June
                Super School News                                                              New Berlin Elementary
                                                                                                  3613 New Berlin Rd.
                                                                                                 Jacksonville, Fl. 32226

                                                                                          Soar to These Events
   A Flash from Principal Reese
 Families,              May - June
 It is hard to believe that we are in the last full month of the                              May Upcoming Events
                                                                                   1       Early Release
 school year. This year continues to go by at a super speed. I
                                                                                   3       Volunteer Appreciation Brunch 9:00
 am so proud of our students and their amazing
                                                                                   6       Progress Reports Distributed
 accomplishments. As we close out the school year, our
                                                                                   6-10    Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week
 students need to remain focused on academics, and follow our                      6-10    Literacy Week
 H.E.R.O. guidelines (Help Everyone Respect Others) and make                       6       5th Grade Oceanway Middle
 good behavior choices.                                                            7       Boosterthon Fun Run Pep Rally
                                                                                   7       SAC Board Mtg. 5:45PM
 In April, our 3-5 graders took the FCAT state assessments. The                            PTA Board Mtg. 7:00PM
 students worked very hard and did an amazing job. Thank you                       10      Character Dress-up Parade
 for having your child at school on time during testing week. In                   16      BOOSTERTHON FUN RUN
 addition, thank you to our kindergarten through second grade                      14      PTA Talent Show 3-5 Grade
                                                                                   22      Early Release
 students who did an amazing job helping to keep our building
                                                                                   22      Field Day 2 & 3 Grades
 quiet during testing. FCAT scores are usually published for 3rd
                                                                                   23      Field Day 4 & 5 Grades
 grade around the end of May followed by 4-5 grades in early                       24      Field Day K & 1 Grades
 June.                                                                             24      Last Day to Meet Reading Goal
Wanda Reese
Principal                                                                          27      No School Memorial Day
 There are many activities planned for May and June. Please                        30      Reading Celebration 3-5 Grade
 post this newsletter on your calendar to follow the upcoming                      31      Reading Celebration K-2
 events. We hope that you’ll be able to join us. Volunteers are                              June Upcoming Events
 needed to help with the Reading Celebration and other school-                     3       Awards - Kindergarten 8:45
 wide events. If you can help, please contact the front office at                  3       Awards -Second Grade 1:15
 714-4601.                                                                         4       Awards – First Grade 8:45
                                                                                   4       5th Grade Advancement Ceremony 6:30 PM
 Once again, thank you for your continued support!                                 5       Awards – Third Grade 8:45
                                                                                   5       Awards – Fourth Grade 1:15
                                                                                   6       9:00 5th Grade Vs Faculty Kickball Game
 Wanda Reese
                                                                                   6       2:00 PM Yearbook Signing Party
 Principal                                                                         7       Last Day Of School 12:00 Dismissal
                                                                                           Report Cards Distributed

                           Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week
              May 6-10 is Teacher Appreciation Week. Please take advantage of this great opportunity to have
              your child show his or her gratitude to their teacher. NBE has super teachers who go above and
              beyond daily. Just open the door to any classroom and you will see a hero!

                                        2013-2014 New Berlin Yearbooks
                   We expect yearbooks to be delivered the first week In May. If you did not preorder, don’t
                   worry, we have purchased extras. The books will go on sale for $25 dollars as soon as they
                   arrive. Be on the lookout for the announcement that they’re here!
      New Berlin Students are Excited for the FCAT!
                                                                                           May 16 Boosterthon Fun Run
    New Berlin Elementary 3rd through 5th grade students participated this past
    Friday in the school’s annual FCAT Pep Rally. The theme was Nothing Can                Thursday, May 16, is NBE’s annual Boosterthon Fun Run. The theme this
    Stop Us, which goes along with this year's Superhero school theme "Nothing             year, is “Hitting the Highway, On the Road for good Choices." For those
    Can Stop NBE Super Learners!" The students entered the cafeteria to the                parents who are new to NBE, the Fun Run is an enjoyable way to help our
    beats of Oceanway Middle School Band’s drum line and cheerleaders getting                                          school raise money while teaching our kids
    the crowd excited. NBE's Cheer Girl, (a.k.a. Principal Wanda Reese) got the                                        about the importance of fitness, leadership,
    rally started by asking which grade level had the most spirit, and the students                                    and character. All students participate in
    went wild for their grade level! Teachers got in on the action too; each                                           the Fun Run even if they do not get pledges,
    grade level did a unique cheer with some dancing, others rapping and one                                           however; we hope to reach our goal of 80%
    even starting a flash mob! The students loved seeing their teacher’s act silly,                                    involvement. We are excited that our team
    but the message was simple: "Do your best on the test!" Students were                                              leader will be David G. known to our students
    invited to join teachers in dressing in either their superhero school shirt or as                                  as Dynamite Dave. This year the funds will be
    their favorite superhero for the pep rally. Assistant Principals LaWanda                                           used to purchase additional Mimios (smart
    Polydore and Tiffany Emanuel-Wright, along with school mascot "Super                                               boards) so that all of our classes have the
    Champ", also wore their costumes and cheered for the kids!                                                         technology, as well as, curriculum materials
                                                                                                                       such as books, and educational games. The
    The Oceanway Middle School Band, under the direction of Dan Taylor,                                                kick-off pep rally will be Tuesday, May 7. On
    performed pep songs and the Oceanway Middle School Cheerleaders, led by                                            this day students will bring home their pledge
    sponsor Claudia Ina, helped raise everyone's school spirit throughout the pep          information, so be on the lookout for this important information. More
    rally, which ended with everyone singing the school’s superhero theme                  details about our school Fun Run will be forth coming. To know more
    song, Nothing Can Stop Us. Afterwards, the students paraded down the                   about Boostherthon visit their website at www.boostherthon.com.
    hallways where the K-2 students and teachers cheered them on with                      Thanks to PTA for decorating the lobby with the theme!
    pompoms and good luck signs.
                                                                                                                 Fun Run Times May 16
    Thank you to everyone who made the FCAT pep rally a huge success!                                          4 & 5 Grades - 9:00-10:00
                                                                                                               2 & 3 Grades - 10:10-11:10
                                                                                                               K & 1 Grades - 11:20-12:20

                                                                                                      Reading Celebration May 30- 31
                                                                                               PTA will be hosting our annual reading celebration. This
                                                                                               year, students were encouraged to join the “League of
                                                                                               Extraordinary Readers” by meeting their grade level reading
                                                                                               goal. Students who meet their goal will be invited to

                                                                                               Please note: Deadline for students to meet
      Volunteer Appreciation Brunch                                                            the reading goal is Friday, May 24. Please
                          New Berlin Elementary is grateful for our                            make sure that your child is reading and
                          school volunteers. To celebrate and recognize                        recoding their books in their book log.
                          your outstanding commitment to our school,
                          we would like to invite you to attend our
                          Volunteer Brunch that will be held Friday, May                                        May 30 - 3-5 Grades
                          3, at 9:00 in the school Media Center. If you                                         May 31 - K -2 Grades
                          volunteered this school year, an invitation                                            Times to be announced
                          went home with your child. Please RSVP to Mrs.
                          Adkins in the front office ASAP.
                                                                                                           Happy Earth Day
                          If you want to touch the past touch a rock. If
      you want to touch the present touch a rose. If you want to touch                  New Berlin Elementary Kindergarteners celebrated “Earth Day”
      the future touch a life.                                                          in April by making coffee filter Earth pictures and talking about
                                                                                        things we all can do to take care of the Earth. 3rd graders
                                                                                        celebrated Earth Day by attending JEA’s “The Search for a
                                                                                        Better Light” program. This performance about energy
        Literacy Week – May 6-10                                                        conservation featured an alien from the “GoGreen” planet
                                                                                        named Reduce who comes to Earth in search of a better
           Characters Wanted!                                                           light source. His goal is to conserve water and electricity and to
                                                                                        reduce, reuse and recycle all resources that will be instrumental
NBE will be celebrating literacy the week of May                                        in preserving our natural resources.
6-10. Students will be participating in fun
activities around books. Friday, May 10, is our
annual character dress-up parade. Students
may dress as their favorite book character. No Halloween costumes. The
parade will start at 9:00am in the bus loop. Please see the flyer that
was sent home with your child for detailed daily activities. We can’t
wait to see all the creative costumes! Parents are invited to attend the

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