; Data Display Final Project
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Data Display Final Project


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                 Statistics & Data Displays Final Project

 *Use our Class Project Wiki to access all resources and materials*

During this project, you will …

PART 1: Gather data on a topic of your choice (within our AOI: Health and Social
         Education) using online sources. Organize data in a table using a
         template on Google Docs.

PART 2: Display data in the Class “Project” Wiki using 3 different data

PART 3: Analyze and draw conclusions about your data.

                                      PART 1

Step 1.       Browse online sources.
             Look at online sources provided on wiki. Begin thinking about what
              you might be interested in and if there is enough data provided.

Step 2.       Create a “Project Plan.”
             Using the “Project Plan” handout…
                    Choose a topic within our Area of Interaction: Health and
                      Social Education
                    Choose sub-topics or questions that will help narrow your
                      focus for data collection (maximum of 2 data sets)
                    Choose 3 different types of data displays that you will
                      construct during Part 2:
                               Bar Graph (Frequency or Relative Frequency)
                               Double Bar Graph
                               Histogram (Frequency or Relative Frequency)
                               Circle Graph
                               Line Graph

                *Keep in mind that you must collect at least 15 numerical data
                values in one of your data sets.
Step 3. Gather data & organize in Google Docs template.
         Collect and organize your data using template in Google Docs.
         You MUST “share” your document with the other partner’s account
           and Ms. DeFeo (alexandra_defeo@greenwich.k12.ct.us).

                                     PART 2

Step 1. Create your data displays (and any necessary tables).
         Use PERFECT checklists and other class notes as a reference to create
           each data display by hand.
         Any necessary tables (for circle graph, frequency histogram and
           relative frequency bar graph or histogram) may be created
           electronically using templates on Google Docs (see Mrs. McCabe for

Step 3. Use your team page on class “Project” wiki to display an
        organized and colorful display of your data.
          The page must include, but is not limited to:
                 Topic and/or Question(s)
                 Table(s) displaying data set(s)
                 3 PERFECT Data Displays (with any necessary tables)
                 At least 1 related image

                                     PART 3

*You will analyze and draw conclusions about your data in a series of questions
will be provided.

*You will reflect on your experience with this project using Google Docs
(remember to share with Ms. DeFeo).

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