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Title                 Vegetation analysis of Failaka Island (Kuwait)
Author-s              Ghanim A. Abbadia and Mohamad A. El-Sheikhb
Contact lnfo          alansari_4@hotmail.com
Department            Potany & Microbiology Department
Major                 Plant Ecology
Year of Publication   2002
Publisher             Journal of Arid Environments Volume 50, Issue 1, 153-165

Type of Publication   Paper
Full Text (Yes,No)    No
Key words             arid island biodiversity;Panicum turgidum; saline vegetation
Abstract              Kuwait is a small desert country with hot arid climate. It has a
                      number of islands in the Arabian Gulf of which only Failaka is
                      inhabited. The present study analyses the vegetation of Failaka
                      Island and proposes its designation as a wildlife reserve. One
                      hundred plant species are recorded of which 44 are perennials and
                      56 are annuals. The vegetation type is essentially halophytic in the
                      center with widespread grasses along the sandy shore of the Island.
                      Five vegetation groups were identified after the application of
                      TWINSPAN and DCA programs. They are named after the
                      characterizing species as follows:Aeluropus lagopoides-Suaeda
                      vermiculata , Stipa capensis-Aeluropus lagopoides-Anabasis
                      setifera, Zygophyllum qatarense-Seidlitzia rosmarinus, Panicum
                      turgidum and Halocnemum strobilaceum. These vegetation groups
                      are compared with the plant communities of Kuwait and
                      neighbouring countries of the Gulf region. The soil factors best
                      correlated with the distribution of this vegetation are salinity, sand,
                      sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium.

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