Fact Sheet 4 Floating Floors by teeth7200


									                                                                                                                    August 2002

Fact Sheet 4
Floating Floors
This increasingly popular type of floor can be laid onto any       Note: 50mm panels are supplied standard. Other
existing base and is an alternative to a screeded floor. The       thicknesses are available on request. 30mm panels are used
floating floor reduces the weight of the building structure,       only where minimum increase in floor height is allowed.
provides better insulation against sound and gives a soft          70mm panels are available where extra insulation depth is
floor effect when compared to a screeded floor.                    required.

The pre-grooved polystyrene panels are cut as necessary            Heat Output
and laid butt-jointed onto the base to cover the entire floor      The maximum heat output available will be approximately
area. Heat emission plates are pressed into pre-formed             70W/m2 with a floor temperature of 26°C and a design air
grooves in the polystyrene panels, spaced at 300mm                 temperature of 20°C. This output should be checked against
centres. The pipe is then walked into the plates. After            the heat losses of the building given by the Architect and/or
pressure testing the system, the floor deck is floated on top.     consulting engineer. This is particularly important in
                                                                   refurbishments and rooms with large glazed areas and/or
Floating Floor Panels                                              high ceilings.
Dimensions                  1200mm x 1200mm
Thickness                   30mm, 50mm, 70mm
Compressive Strength        70 KN/m2 at
                            1% nominal strain
Thermal Conductivity        0.033 W/m°C

                                                                       Tongue and grooved
                                                                      chipboard floor floated
                                               Heat emission

                                                pipe 20 x 2mm

                                                                          Floating floor


                                                                        Floor covering (typically chipboard)
                                                                 minimum thickness, 18mm maximum thickness 34mm
                                                                         Supplied by                                     Installed by
                                                              Wirsbo                   Others            UFH Installer                  Others

          WIRSBO-pePEX pipe                                      !                                             o                          o

          Pipe bend supports                                     !                                             o                          o

          Heat emission plates                                   !                                             o                          o

          Manifold components                                    !                                             o                          o

          Insulation pre-formed grooved
          EHD/N polystyrene:                                     !                                             o                          o
          (thickness 30, 50 or 70mm)

          Controls                                               o                         o                                              !

          Polythene membrane                                                              !                                               !

          Floor deck/finish                                                               !                                               !

          Flow and return to manifold                                                     !                                               !

          Boiler                                                                          !                                               !

          Timer/programmer                                                                !                                               !

       Key: o denotes optional items which can be offered by Wirsbo or by UFH installer on request.

       Installation Guide

       The following important points are offered as a guide when                     4. The system should be pressure tested prior to and
       using Wirsbo underfloor heating in floating floors:                               during the laying of the floor deck.

       1. The base should be flat and clear of sharp objects. A                       5. The usual type of floor deck is tongue and grooved,
          polythene membrane to act as a moisture barrier may be                         either flooring grade chipboard or pre-finished
          laid if required.                                                              stripwood (minimum thickness of 18mm, maximum
                                                                                         thickness 34mm).
       2. The pre-formed EHD/N polystyrene panels should be laid
          to give the required pipe layout. Where “cut-outs” have                     6. The floor deck is floated over the system, i.e. it is not
          to be made to accommodate pipes this can be done                               fixed. Ensure that all floor joints are glued along the
          using a “hot wire” tool or alternatively a sharp knife.                        tongue and groove. It is necessary to leave a small
                                                                                         expansion gap between the floor deck and the walls
       3. Lay out all the heat emission plates in the required                           according to floor manufacturer instructions.
          configuration prior to pressing them into the grooves in
          the polystyrene panels. This ensures that the appropriate                   7. Carpet fitters should take care when fitting grips and
          quantity of plates are evenly set out across the entire                        bars, especially in doorways. Equal care should be taken
          area. Plates are scored so that they may be easily                             when fixing any furniture to the floor.
          separated into sections if required.

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