How Do You Define Your Personal Success

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					How Do You Define Your Personal Success

                                               How Do You Define Your Personal Success

   Most people want to succeed, but whose version of "success" is the bestchoice? How do you measure your
   success? How do you know when you've really accomplished something that counts?

   Success on other people's terms may only mean frustration for you, and doing the so-called "right thing" just because
   you've been told it's the right thing won't help, either. If we measure our success by goals that others think worthwhile
   instead of by our own personal standards, we will wind up in trouble.

   Personal growth and fulfillment must start with the centered self, and depend on clear personal values and self-
   knowledge if they are to be sustained. Measuring our success by other people's values prevents us from recognizing
   many of our own significant accomplishments.

   You know, you are not on earth to measure up to someone else's expectations,but you are here to develop your
   potential - in the direction and degree that you choose. It is your responsibility, though, to equip yourself to make wise
   choices, choices that will help you develop and feel good about yourself. Now, it is fine to ask others for advice or
   information, but the
   final decision must be yours.

   So, when you count your successes, make sure you count by your own
   standards, not someone else's!

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