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									Elmwood School - Academic Fact Sheet
   •   Throughout the school, Elmwood’s curriculum exceeds the expectations of the
       provincial curriculum.

   •   Elmwood’s academic program is more rigorously evaluated than any other               Saumya Saxena
       school in Ottawa. Our standards are regularly and thoroughly evaluated by the
       International Baccalaureate Programme, the Ontario Ministry of Education as
       well as the Canadian Educational Standards Institute.

   •   Elmwood’s academic program continues to surpass the expectations of each of
       our regulatory bodies.

Graduate Achievement

   •   100% of Elmwood graduates go on to university.

   •   95% of our 2009 graduates were admitted to their first choice university; 88%
       to the program of their choice.

   •   Each year, 80% of our graduates are o ered university entrance scholarships.
                                                                                         Saumya Saxena was consistently one of the
   •   In 2009, our class of 42 graduates were o ered over $950,000 in scholarship       top students in her class, graduating from
       awards.                                                                           Elmwood with an average of 97%. Saumya
   •   The largest single scholarship awarded in 2009 was $125,000 US, an additional     chose to apply to the University of Western
       $25,000 was awarded because the student completed her IB diploma.                 Ontario’s Bachelor of Health Sciences
                                                                                         (BHSc) combined with Honors Business
   •   Other prestigious scholarships and awards were earned by Elmwood graduates,       Administration (HBA) from the Richard Ivey
       including two National Excellence Awards from the Canada Millennium               School of Business. Saumya also received a
       Scholarship Foundation, the Greville Smith Scholarship from McGill, the           substantial scholarship, the President’s
       Undergraduate Research Scholarship from the University of Ottawa Faculty of       Entrance Scholarship. This national award
       Science, and the St. Lawrence University Sesquicentennial Scholar.                recognizes all-around excellence and ability
                                                                                         for creative and innovative thought and is
                                                                                         o ered to only 11 students across Canada.
Graduate Destinations
                                                                                         Beyond the classroom at Elmwood, Saumya
   •   More than 50% of Elmwood’s graduates go on to study math, science and
                                                                                         was involved in a wide range of activities,
       engineering at university. This is statistically significant considering that
                                                                                         clubs and groups. She was the editor-in-
       although women now account for a significant majority of undergraduate
                                                                                         chief of the yearbook, and also took part in
       students at Canadian universities, female enrollment in engineering, math and
                                                                                         the Model United Nations, Envirothon,
       science faculties has never exceeded 20%. Many of our graduates go on to
                                                                                         Elmwood Theatre, Cappies and wrote for
       study medicine or related fields following their undergraduate studies.
                                                                                         the Tartan Tattler. She was awarded the
           !   Ten of our 2009 graduates are studying Science at university, six are     Elmwood Golden “E” award for school
               studying Health Sciences, three in Engineering and one each in            involvement. Additionally, Saumya was the
               Computer Science and General Arts and Science. Our remaining ten          chief organizer for our 2008 International
               graduates are studying a variety of arts programs.                        Night fundraiser—a multidisciplinary
                                                                                         celebration of culture and diversity.
   •   Elmwood graduates attend world-class universities around the globe.
       Currently, we have graduates studying at University of Oxford, Imperial College
       London, the London School of Economics, University of St Andrew’s, Exeter
       University, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dartmouth College, St.
       Lawrence University and the University of Rochester.
Graduate Destinations Continued...

    •     Our graduates also attend the top universities in Canada including McGill
          University, Queen's University, University of Toronto, University of Western
          Ontario, Bishop's University, Acadia University, Mount Allison University,
                                                                                                Genevieve McSpaden
          University of Ottawa, University of Waterloo, St Francis Xavier University,
          University of Alberta, University of Calgary, and University of British Columbia
          among many others.

IB Diploma Achievement

    •     The IB Diploma is internationally recognized and externally assessed.

    •     Elmwood’s IB Diploma pass rate: 100%; Canadian average: 96%; US average:

    •     Elmwood’s IB Diploma average 32; World average 29.5; US average 27

    •     Elmwood’s Mean Subject Grade: 5.13 (a score of 5 is the equivalent of 80-89%);
          World Mean Subject Grade: 4.66
                                                                                             Genevieve excelled in Elmwood’s
Grading System                                                                               environment. She joined the school in Grade
                                                                                             7 and went on to pursue the full
                                                                                             International Baccalaureate Diploma. She is
    !    In Ontario, the complete mark range is 0 to 100 percent, with a passing mark
                                                                                             currently studying Chemical Engineering at
         set at 50 percent. Honours level marks are 80 percent and above. The
                                                                                             the University of Rochester, a Tier 1
         recommended university minimum range is 65 to 70 percent.                           university and ranked as one of the best
                                                                                             universities in America in the US News 2010
Graduating Class Grade Distribution 2008-2009                                                ‘Best Colleges’ ranking. She received the
                                                                                             Dean’s Scholarship and an IB scholarship. A
                           0          3          6          9          12         15         talented opera singer, Genevieve has also
                                                                                             auditioned for and been accepted to the
  A+ (90-100%)                                                                               Eastman School of Music, a nationally
                                                                                             renowned institution.
        A (85-89%)
                                                                                             While at Elmwood, Genevieve was
        A- (80-84%)
                                                                                             recognized for her excellent academic
        B+ (77-79%)                                                                          achievement, as well as her consistent
                                                                                             demonstration the qualities of character and
         B (74-76%)                                                                          citizenship. Fully involved in school life, she
                                                                                             exemplified Elmwood's traditions and values
         Below 73%
                                                                                             and was voted Admissions Prefect by her
                                                                                             peers. She was also one of fifty international
As you can see more than three quarters of our 2009 graduating class were A students.        students and the only Canadian selected to
No students in our graduating class obtained grades below a B level. This trend holds        participate in the People to People Peace
true year on year.                                                                           Camp in Egypt. While at Elmwood she also
                                                                                             completed her Duke of Edinburgh Bronze,
                                                                                             Silver and Gold Awards.
We are proud of our graduates' achievements and our strong track record of academic

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