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									                             Middle School PHYSICAL EDUCATION
         Physical fitness is not something that can be acquired over a short period of time. It takes time to
develop a good level of physical fitness, which includes cardiovascular strength, muscle strength,
flexibility, and muscle endurance.
         As a Physical Education teacher, I am aware that there are varying levels of physical fitness
amongst our students. A program that is inclined to fit the needs of all students, aimed at improving their
fitness levels is the goal of the physical education program.

  1. Every student MUST have a combination lock for his or her own locker.
  2. Dress Code
         a. Athletic shorts or sweatpants.
         b. T-shirt or sweatshirt (usually not one worn for the school day).
         c. NO jewelry or necklaces.
         d. Athletic shoes and socks. NO SANDALS!
  3. Parent/Doctor Excuse:
         a. To be excused from physical education class a student must have a note from a parent,
             guardian or doctor on the day to be excused. A doctor's note is required for four or more
             days. Excuse notes should be kept to a minimum. Not all excuses will warrant a student's
             complete non-participation.
  4. Students will be allowed 8 minutes after the last bell to be dressed and in their assigned spots.
     Each student will be given at least 10 minutes at the end of class to shower and dress.
  5. Student misconduct at any time will not be tolerated.
  6. NO food or drink is allowed in the gym.
  7. NO IPODS or cell phones are to be used during class.

    1. Students will be given 5 points for a daily grade: 2 points for dressing out, 2 points for
        participation, and 1 point for behavior.
    2. Students will also be graded on skills tests throughout the year, not based on performance, but on
        technique and effort of the activity.
    3. Students may also be graded on written tests based on the history, rules, and safety of the activity.
 1. Inappropriate behavior in locker room = up to -5 points.
 2. Not dressing out = -2 points.
 3. Behavior, attitude, participation and effort = up to -5 points.
 4. Food, pop, candy or gum = -1 point.
 5. Equipment abuse = up to -5 points.

**Points may be deducted at the discretion of the teacher for violation of any class or locker room rules.
**Extra credit may be earned at the discretion of the instructor.

___________________________RETURN BOTTOM PART __________________________________

I understand and agree to abide by these guidelines. I will work to complete the requirements of this class.
I will do my BEST in every activity.

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                      RETURN TO MR. MARTIN BEFORE SEPTEMBER 3rd.

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