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SoWMEXTiMREX SPG Meeting Summary Date of report_UTC_ 20080528


									SoWMEX/TiMREX SPG Meeting Summary
Date of report(UTC): 2008/05/28 Wednesday 11 am Author of report: Yi-Leng Chen Submitted at(UTC): 2008/05/28 Wednesday 11:30 am SPG Meeting Participants: OCC: David Chen, Paul Chiou, Fang-Ching Chien, Chin-Tzu Fong, Ching-Sen Chen, Frank Lin, Jim Bresch, Hsiu-Wu Chang, Pao-Liang Chang, Tzay-Ming Leou, Shwu-Ching Lin, Chuen-Teyr Teng, Tai-Chung Yen, Luh-Hsiang Chis Pingtung: Chan-Chi Tu, Wen-Ming Chang, Pual Ciesielski, Lei Fong S-Pol: Amanda Anderson, Wen-Chau Lee, Tammy Weckwerth, Radian Hsiu, Shao-Liang Sung, Tai-Chi Chen Skype: Po-Hsiung Lin, Gordon Farquharson, Super-Site: Tina Chen Forecaster: Fred Tsai Status Report: port.Facilities_Status_Summary.200805260141.Facilities_Status_Summary.doc Weather Briefing: The model predictions of southwesterly flow are stronger than observed. However, with strong southwesterly winds (>20-25 knots) impinging on the Central Mountain range resulting in adiabatic descent aloft in the lee, significant drying and warming below 700 mb was observed from Lu-Dao sounding this morning. Southeastern Taiwan recorded surface temperature as high as 34 C. Last night, weak scattered showers embedded in the southwesterly flow moved onshore. The next wave of Mei-Yu/LLJ system moves slower than predicted by the models. The surface front is expected to arrive the northern shore of Taiwan about 8 pm May 30, but convection could occur before the arrival of the surface front. The following Mei-Yu/Jet front system with SW flow reaching 25 knots is expected to arrive northern Taiwan around 8 am June 3. The raining period is expected to last until June 6.

Proposal: Continue IOP#2 with afternoon thundershowers mode for radars today. Possible EOP starts 2100Z May 29 (May 30 at 5 am) until 2100 Z June 5 (needs update in the future), initially for local showers and island effects on southwesterly flow and then for Mei-Yu/LLJ and associated convection. . The tentative plan for dropsonde flights is as follows with future update, May 29 5-7 am (daytime is reserved by Navy). May 30 5-8 am (daytime is reserved by Navy) May 31 5-8 am and 4-7 pm June 1 5-8 am and 4-7 pm June 2 5-7 am and 12-2 pm

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