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Cuddle ‘n Cover
This product is smart and stylish! The Cuddle n' Cover® Towel Apron and Bath Set is perfect for the first time parents and easily accommodates the busy schedule of the stay at home mom or dad. It is designed for parents to more efficiently be able to bathe their newborn or toddler without the fluster of reaching for a towel and bath time products. It is also ideal for protecting yourself from getting wet during baby bath time. It has two pockets in the front of apron for holding your towel cap and wash gloves (included with set) or for bath time products such as shampoo, soap, qtips, cotton balls, lotion, etc. The apron is designed to stay secure on your body with snaps around the halter and straps you easily tie around your waist! Available in pink, blue or green for $19.99 to $29.99 at

for New Parents
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By Kimberly Davis


Comfort and Security
Moms who are breastfeeding will find this item handy! This breastfeeding pillow cradles your little one securely to allow for maximum comfort for the both of you. Available at for only $12.95.

Mama Rocks!
Mama Rocks! is a CD for the whole family full of timeless songs as well as catchy original tunes with sophisticated sound for adult ears, while keeping the interest of little ears too. With its hip musical sensibilities and meaningful messages, this CD effortlessly reaches music fans of all ages. The CD itself is a mixture of folk rock and pop, with a hint of rhythm and blues, and contains classics such as ’I’d Do Anything, Ooh Child, ’You Are My Sunshine,’ and ‘Rainbow Connection,’ to name a few. For her solo debut, MAMA ROCKS! Ashley Gramins collaborated with a team of musicians who have played and recorded with Suzanne Vega, Carly Simon, James Taylor, Simon and Garfunkel, Bette Midler, Jewel, Shawn Colvin, Michael Stipe and Dar Williams.” Mama Rocks! is available online at, iTunes, and MSRP $9.99.

Cool, Hip Diaper Bags for Dad
Guys everywhere can still feel cool, hip and fashionable whether you’re a dad to be or a dude on the go. Diaper Dude is warming up winter with their line of cool and funky bags. I like the guitar bag and the one with the peace sign, but there are many great designs to choose from. Whether it’s toting your tots or lugging your laptop, Diaper Dude has men all over the world looking stylish and feeling confident. Visit for the full selection. Bags start at a reasonable $60 to $112.

Rough and Rugged Dad
This is the bag for all those new dads who do not think they are going to need a diaper bag. Even if they do think they need one, they definitely aren’t going to carry one! Well, Baby Sherpa has you covered with this one. Offering a rugged look, this bag has it all. Pick up one for your favorite dad at for $89.

Have a Mei Tai
Looking for something different? Check out the Catbird Baby carrier. This attractive and functional carrier is based on a traditional Chinese carrier known as a mei tai. This design provides comfort for baby and wearer by bringing the baby's legs up into a seated position (rather than hanging straight down) and employing the wearer's waist and hips to bear some of baby's weight. The padded shoulder straps distribute weight evenly across the back and both shoulders. Discreet breastfeeding is also a breeze in a Catbird Baby carrier. The choices in fabrics are beautiful and eye-catching Carriers are proudly made in the U.S.A. Check out all of their designs at Available for $98 to 108.

Double Duty Bag
Looking for more bang for your buck? Then this is the bag for you. The Sidekick is designed for multiple uses. Not only is it a good looking bag for dad to carry, as your little one grows, this bag is also a carrier! Offered in 3 colors from the Parent of Invention’s website, this bag packs quite a punch for only $79. Check out for this and other great ideas.


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October 2007

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