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					Here’s something to think about:
Do you know how the metabolic
syndrome is a threat to your health
and the health of your
What is Metabolic Syndrome anyway?

• It is a group of medical illnesses which
  frequently occur together in the same
  person. It is especially common in
  Hispanic and African Americans with
  disastrous effects. Its victims often have
  no warning symptoms until the situation is
What are the medical pieces of the
Metabolic Syndrome?
• High blood pressure (Hypertension)
• High blood sugar (Diabetes)
• Overweight (Obesity)
• Cholesterol problems
How Common is this Metabolic
• It’s huge: In some groups, up to 28% of
  Hispanic men and 36% of Hispanic
  women! In African Americans, 27% of
  women and 16% of men!
What are the long term effects of the
Metabolic Syndrome on health of
people like me?

All bad: Strokes, heart attacks, leg
 amputations, blindness kidney failure
 (dialysis) and early death! Have any
 members of your family or friends had
 these problems?
What can be done about treating and
preventing the Metabolic Syndrome?
• First: Get checked out. Does your waist
  measure more than 40 inches if you are a
  man or 35 inches if you are a woman. If
  so you are at a high risk! Have your blood
  pressure taken, get your blood sugar and
  cholesterol checked at local health fairs,
  at the clinic or doctor’s office, or at the
  Cook County or city of Chicago health
  clinic near you so that you will know if this
  is a problem for you.
What can be done about treating and
preventing the Metabolic Syndrome?
• Second: If this does seem to apply to you
  consider Trying the 5-4-3-2-1 approach
  for your children and even for you: 5
  servings of fruit or vegetables a day, 4
  glasses of water, 3 helpings of low fat
  (1% milk) dairy products, less than 2
  hours of screen time (TV, video games,
  computer), More than 1 hour of physical
  activity a day. All this will help you to lose
  weight and be healthier
Where can I get more information in
Chicago about the Metabolic
    Lots of places:
    • American Diabetes Association of
      Chicago (1-800-3422)
    • Chicago Consortium to Lower Obesity
      in Children (312-573-7760)
    • Access Community Health Network
    • Lawndale Christian Health Center
      (773- 843-3001)
    • Alivio Medical Center (312-829-6303)
    • Community Health Clinic

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