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									     BLUE HERON BAY                        Telephone numbers have been removed
                                           from the online newsletter for privacy and
      NEWSLETTER                           security, please contact your park
                                           directory or the office if you need a
                                           telephone number.
       JANUARY 2009
        By: Elaine Higgins

     HAPPY NEW YEAR ! I hope               current.   So anytime that your
you all had a wonderful Christmas.         northern address changes or phone
Thanks to The Behl’s for saving our        number(s) change, please let us
Christmas Dinner. More to come             know.
next month on that from your
newsy neighbor.                                        2009 DECALS
    Due to the Holidays, I am
writing this newsletter a little             Have you got your 2009 decal
earlier than usual so that I can get       posted? If not, it needs to be. If
it to the printer before they close        you are new in the park and did not
for Christmas.                             receive your decal registration, you
   Let me start off with a few thing       need to call or stop by the Tag
that     were    in   last   month’s       Agency.    Their number is (863)
newsletter     that     are   worth        419-3177 and they are located just
repeating.                                 across the street at the Tax
                                           Collector’s office behind the
   RESIDENT CONTACT INFO                   McDonald’s.

     Please notify our office if you
have any changes to your northern                    POOL COVERING
address or if any of your phone
numbers have been changed in the             We still need more volunteers
past year. Also, I know that when a        for pool covering. During the cooler
lot of you first moved in you only         months as our temperatures drop,
had a cell phone. If you have a            there is a cover that is placed over
local phone number please provide          the pool to keep the water warm
it to us.    I want to keep our            during the evening so that it can be
information on each resident               enjoyed during the day depending

on the weather. If the projected                  BRIDGE LESSONS
temperature for the day is 69 or
below, the pool will stay covered.         Starting Wednesday, Jan 7 at 1:30
Volunteers are     needed to help          p.m. Bill & Judy Swank will start up
cover the pool in the evenings             a New Beginners Bridge Class. So
starting     in    January.     Park       if you are interested in learning
maintenance will uncover it in the         this card game from lesson one,
mornings. If you are willing to help       please come. Everyone is Welcome.
with this small task on a rotation         They will be held every Wednesday
basis, please contact: Elaine at the       and Friday at 1:30 p.m. at the
Park Office. The number is 422-            clubhouse.
                                                   FARMER’S MARKET
                                           COMING TO BLUE HERON BAY
DOGS!>>>> HERE WE GO AGAIN                 Starting Wednesday, January 7 at
                                           9:00 a.m. and every Wednesday
    I continue to get complaints in        there after, there will be a
the office regarding pet owners            produce/fruits & vegetable stand
who are letting their dogs wander          set up near the clubhouse. Please
onto others resident’s lots to             come on out and support this.
relieve themselves. Please refrain         Hopefully it will be profitable to
your dog from doing this.                  them and they will want to continue
    When using the pet walk, be            to come. It will sure beat driving
sure and stay in the pet walk area         anywhere to get fresh fruits and
and not up toward the resident’s           vegetables. They left word with me
homes.                                     that they will have FRESH PLANT
    Make sure ALL pet projects are         CITY STRAWBERRIES.
picked up and disposed of properly.
If your dog goes poop, PICK IT UP!
                                           PLEASE, DO NOT FEED THE
         LINE DANCING                            These birds are considered
                                           wildlife and should not be being fed
Where is everybody? Don’t forget           by humans. They have their own
Line Dancing is every Thursday,            means of getting their food source
(except Christmas and New Years)           and do not need us to provide for
at 12:30 p.m.                              them. These birds can and will

cause damage to your screened                GET YOUR TICKETS NOW:
rooms and other personal property.         CONTACT:
   Behavioral problems in these               Doug Conran – 421-xxxx
birds can happen as they associate            Butch DuBray – 421-xxxx
people with food. A big problem is            Kathy Behl – 419-xxxx
the birds lose their fear of humans           Sonny Kasuba – 422-xxxx
and become aggressive. There have          HOSTED BY – THE CONRANS
been instances of sandhill cranes
that seemed tame attacking pets
and damaging property during               Mon. Jan 5 – GARAGE SALE
breeding season.        In addition,                           SIGN UP
parent      birds    that     become                         8:00 a.m.
dependent on people for food loose          Monday, January 5 sign-up for the
their ability to teach their own how       garage sale tables for the sale to
to properly forage for food. The           be held on Saturday, February 7th
young may starve as a result.              at the clubhouse. Numbers given
   So if you are a bird lover, these       on arrival to each person indicate
birds are better off without your          your place in line.
help for their food supply.                This is done on a first come, first
                                           serve basis.
                                                There are 21 tables in the main
       JANUARY EVENTS:                     room and 20 of them rent for
                                           $5.00 each. The table that is in
Sat. Jan. 3 - Coffee & Donuts**            front of the stage will also have
       English Muffins Available           some use of the stage and will rent
                 8:30 a.m.                 for $7.00 because of the extra
                 $1.50 p.p.                floor space it has. The exercise
                                           room and the pool room will rent
                                           for $8.00 per half. Only one half
Sat. Jan. 3 – NEW YEARS                    of the exercise room will be rented
           CELEBRATION                     out.
                                           Reminder: You are not allowed to
   7:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.
                                           bring in large items such as
   MUSIC BY “NIGHTFALL”                    bicycles, lawn mowers, furniture
ENTERTAINMENT – FUN -                      etc. Your larger items may have to
DANCING - REFRESHMENTS-                    be photographed and displayed that
CHAMPAGNE TOAST - BYOB                     way.
      $7.50 Per Person

     If you have items that you            Sat. Jan 10 - Coffee & Donuts**
no longer want or need and would                  English Muffins Available
like to donate them to the BHB                              8:30 a.m.
recreation table, please contact                            $1.50 p.p.
one of the recreation committee
members or you may simply drop             Sun. Jan. 11-Ice Cream Social**
them off near the stage at the                         Birthday & Anniversary
clubhouse.                                                          Celebration
   There will also be a bake sale on                                 7:00 p.m.
this day. Someone will contact you                        Celebrants are FREE
for home-baked goods.                                         Others - $1.50
                                                   If your Birthday and/or
                                           Anniversary is in the month of
EVERY         WEDNESDAY        IN          January, come on down and let’s
JANUARY – SAUSAGE DOGS –                   celebrate – IT’S FREE for you.
11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.                    And for any other’s who want to
 Come enjoy a hamburger, hot dog,          come and enjoy, it is only $1.50.
or a sausage dog along with chips,            This is also the month that we
drink and dessert. Prices range            not    only    celebrate     January
from $1.50 -$2.50 depending on             Birthdays and Anniversaries, but
your choice of meat. Sodas are             also     the      Birthdays       and
available for .50 cents.                   Anniversaries of those who were
                                           up north during the summer
                                           months. It’s free for you all too.
      FARMER’S MARKET                      Just be sure and sign up, and
 EVERY WEDNESDAY AT 9 am                   remember if you can’t make it
 A.M.                                      after you have signed up, please
                                           scratch your name off the list.
                                              Come on out and let’s celebrate
Thurs. Jan. 8 – Red Hat Society            with each other and get together
              Meeting & Pay Dues.          for a time of fun and fellowship.
  Will discuss Red Hat Society
letter & vote.                             Mon. Jan.12 – Red Hat Society**
            Clubhouse 10:30 a.m.                       Pop Top Necklace Class
IMPORTANT ALL            members                         Clubhouse 1:00 p.m.
attend: Don’t have to wear Red             All supplies furnished $1.50 each
Hat Clothes.                               Don’t have to wear Red Hat

Tues. Jan. 13 –                          Mon. Jan. 19 - Fashion Show**
   DONNA MOORE SHOW                       Brought to you by Belks at
        (Impersonator)                   Posner Park and Luncheon.
                                         For ALL Blue Heron Bay Ladies.
   “Expect to be Impressed”
                                              Clubhouse at 11:30 a.m.
            7:00 p.m.                                    $4.00 p.p.
        Tickets: $5.00                   Includes Lunch, beverage and
For tickets Contact:                     dessert.
 Host:Bob Andrew -422-xxxx
or The Novack’s – 419-xxxx
                                         Sat. Jan. 24 Coffee & Donuts**
   Pam House –     422-xxxx
                                                English Muffins Available
   The Marcotte’s- 421-xxxx                               8:30 a.m.
                                                          $1.50 p.p.
   “Her impressions of Las Vegas
Super Stars & Country Legends are
done to absolute Perfection!”            Sat. Jan. 24 –SMORGASBORD**
               The Showbiz Profile                           DINNER
                                                           5:30 p.m.
  “This is The Best Show In Town”                          $5.00 p.p.
                  The Villages Sun               Hosted By: Linda Bowden

                                         Sun. Jan. 25 –Social Dinner**
Thurs.Jan.15 – Ladies Luncheon**              NORBY’S Steak & Seafood
               Ruby     Tuesday’s         2425 Hwy 60 E. – Lake Wales
3635 S. Florida Ave. – Lakeland                Meet there at 4:00 p.m.
Meet at the Clubhouse at 11:15

                                         Mon. Jan. 26– Red Hat Society**
                                                      Birthday Celebration
Sat. Jan. 17 -Coffee & Donuts**          Luncheon    for     all   Chapter
       English Muffins Available         members.
                 8:30 a.m.                  Southern Dunes – Haines City
                 $1.50 p.p.              Pre-order menu on Board $12.50
                                         per    person.    Carpool    from
                                         Clubhouse at 11:15 a.m.

Sat. Jan. 31 – French Toast               Sat. Feb. 7 – Community
                   & Bacon**                       Garage / Bake Sale
                  8:30 a.m.                           8 a.m. – 12 Noon
                  $3.00 p.p.              BHB RECREATION IS ACCEPTING
      Includes coffee & juice             DONATIONS          FOR      OUR
                                          RECREATION TABLE AT THE
                                          GARAGE SALE. PLEASE CONTACT
**Sign-up sheets for these events         MYSELF OR ANY OF THE OTHER
are in the clubhouse. PLEASE sign         COMMITTEE MEMBERS IF YOU
up for events as soon as you know         HAVE STUFF TO DONATE OR
that you will be attending. Knowing       YOU MAY JUST DROP IT OFF AT
in advance the number of attendees        THE CLUBHOUSE TO THE RIGHT
for each event helps us in our            OF THE STAGE.
planning and making the necessary
arrangements and/or reservations.
     Also, if you see that you            Sun. Feb. 8 – MAGICIAN
cannot attend an event that you                         Terry Ward
previously signed–up for, PLEASE               DISNEY PERFORMER
cross out your name on the sign-
up sheet. Thank you.
                                          Sat. Feb. 14 – Chicken
UNLESS OTHERWISE POSTED,                              Parmasean Dinner
ALL SCHEDULED EVENTS AND                   Salad, Pasta, Dessert & Bev.
OR ACTIVITIES ARE AT OR                                   5:30 p.m.
AROUND THE CLUBHOUSE.                                     $5.00 p.p.

      UPCOMING EVENTS:                    Sun. Feb.15 –Ice Cream Social
                                          February     is     designated     as
Red Hat Cruise – Feb. 2 –7                Sweetheart Month.              During
                                          this Social we will honor all couples
                                          who have been married for 50
Fri. Feb. 6 –Garage Sale Set-up           years and more.
               2p.m. – 4p.m.                  If you have been married 50
             Residents Shopping           years or more, including this year,
               4p.m. – 6p.m.              and have a recent photo of
                                          yourselves, please lend it to Connie
                                          Andrew. She will make her own

copy of it and return your original.              changes in vision, hearing,
That goes the same for your                       and reaction time.
wedding day picture. If you have           5.     AND THE BEST ONE IS –
one of those that she can borrow                  GET     AN     INSURANCE
to make a copy of so that it can be               DISCOUNT.         (    Auto
posted next to your recent picture.               Insurance    companies    in
   We will display these pictures                 most states provide a
on our “Sweetheart Board” along                   multiyear discount to AARP
with pictures taken previously. You               graduates!    (Consult your
can reach Connie at 422-xxxx.                     insurance agent.)
    As stated before, she will get         You will need to sign-up in
photos from you and make copies of         advance for this course.       The
them and then return them to you.          Cost is $12 for AARP members
                                           and $14 for non-members. Only
                                           checks will be accepted.
Mon. Feb. 16 & Tues. Feb. 17 –              We will need at least          15
 55 ALIVE –AARP Driving School             residents signed up for them to
      8:30a.m. – 12;30 p.m.                come and do the classes. The
A classroom refresher course for           class is limited to the first 30
drivers 50 years of age and older.         residents.
   This program is given in two
sessions over a two day period.
Each class lasts approx. four hours.       Sat. Feb 28 – Come all Pirates &
Thee will be break’s during that             Wenches- The Gasparilla Bash
time. You must attend both days to         is coming soon. Mark your
be awarded a certificate of                calendars.
completion.                                           7 p.m. – 11 p.m.
   FIVE good reason to take the                   Music      By     Nightfall
AARP Driver Safety Program:                Entertainment – Refreshments –
1.      Learn defensive driving             Prizes – Just B.Y.O. Beverage
        techniques.                                  $7.50 per person
2.      You do not have to take a          Hosted By: Patti & Linda
        test.                              Tickets Sales starting Jan 1 –09
3.      You will get answers to            Contact Linda at 421-xxxx
        today’s driving challenges.                 Pedie at 419-xxxx
4.      Find out how to adjust your               The Novacks at 419-xxxx
        driving to age related

    FRIENDS WE HAVE LOST:                           In the Spotlight
                                                    By: Terry LaRock
     We extend       our deepest
sympathy to the friends and family            Judy Foote was elected as a
of :                                       Member of Parliament in Canada's
IRENE WASKO –                              General Election on Oct.14, 2008.
249 CRANE LANE                                Judy was born and raised in
                                           Newfoundland,Canada and for the
                                           past 18 years has been dedicated
NEWS FROM YOUR TRAVEL DESK                 to community service, working in
       By: Walt Ellsmore                   several volunteer capacities. In
                                           addition to her volunteer work
   There is a cruise planned for           within her province, she had also
April 29, 2009! It is a seventeen          served with UNICEF for fifteen
day re-positioning cruise on the           years.
Emerald Princess. The ship will                Judy's political career started
leave Fort Lauderdale and stop at          in 1996 when she was elected as a
the Azores, Portugal, Spain, France,       minister of the crown, a position
England,   Belgium,    Netherlands,        which she filled for 8 years. She
Norway and Denmark. Return will            retired in Oct. 2007.
be by air.                                     Judy's has had a varied
We have 6 people signed up for it,         professional career, starting as a
and 18 more are “interested“.              television journalist with the
Details are on the bulletin board in       Canadian Broadcasting Corp. She
the clubhouse.                             has been a Director of University
                                           Relations and has worked in the
   There is a 7 day cruise on              Premier's office, again as a
November 8, 2009 on the Emerald            Director, this time in Public
Princess to the Eastern Caribbean.         Relations.
The ship will leave Fort Lauderdale           Judy    holds    many    degrees
and sail to St. Thomas, St. Martin,        including one in Art and another in
Grand Turk and Princess Cays in the        Education. She also holds an
Bahamas. Bus transportation from           Honorary Degree in Radio and
the clubhouse and return will be           Television Broadcast Arts from
provided.                                  Lambton College in Ontario.
                                               Judy and her husband, Howard
                                           moved into Blue Heron Bay at the
                                           beginning of 2008.

         Newsy Neighbor                     winners coming in 2nd, and for the
         By: Terry LaRock                   second time in 3 years Sandy and
                                            Tim Carr took 1st place. Some of us
  Well, it's the new year once again,       also enjoyed the camp fire and
the way the stores promote the              s'more's afterwards. Thanks to
holiday season by starting in Sept.         Sonny and Carole K. for getting it
now a days, I'm happy that New              together once again.
Years Eve is still on Dec. 31st.
   Now is the season that our                  Twenty ladies who do lunch
resolutions take over our every             enjoyed the recently revamped
thought. Diet is usually the first on       "Gift Mill" now called, "The Mill at
most people’s list and usually the          Lake Hamilton." The restaurant is
first one we break. So I wish you           now their main priority with a
good luck and hope that you all get         larger menu, but it's still fun
to at least Feb. with your good             looking at the lovely things that are
intentions intact.                          for sale.

   Lots of fun events went on in               With the ending of the year
Dec. and I was there to write it all        2008 and in many ways a very
down. We started with the Blue              difficult one for our country, let us
Heron Christmas tree decorating             remind ourselves that as Americans
and Yankee gift exchange. Nice to           we have so much to be thankful for.
see that recent resident’s brought          So we will look forward to 2009
down their 1st time ornament. We            with good health, good friends and
also had a fun gift exchange, BUT           neighbors, and a new hope for a
a somewhat sedate one, I prefer             Happy New Year.
to see some good "ole fashioned"
pulling and tugging. Donna and Wally
hosted and, as usual, did a great           Red Hot - Red Hat Happenings
job, I had the fun part of                       By: Terry LaRock
emceeing the gift giving.
                                               It has been a really fun year
   The golf cart parade was smaller         with so many of us red-hatters
this year, but the attendence at            getting to do so many fun things.
the clubhouse for hot cocoa and                Having the opportunity to get
cookies was great. Placing 3rd in           together with other red-hatters
this years competition were the             and share laughs, food and shopping
Coopers', Alice and Harry, Arlene           and lets face it ladies, these are
and Doug Conrad were first time

the things we do best.                             RESIDENTS ADS:
    We have enjoyed Jean Hayes'
red hat parties, seeing the musical         PAINTING & REMODELING –
"Hats", a very funny fashion show,          Florida Room & Home Windows
danced and sang in the movie                30 years experience –
theatre along with the picture              FREE Estimates – References.
"Mama Mia" oh! all right, so I was          Roger T. DuBray
the only one who actually got up and        321 Crane Lane – Blue Heron Bay
danced, but it felt great. We went          863-421-xxxx
to a red-hat convention in
Kissimmee, once again went to see           PRESSURE WASHING SERVICE
Bob Jackson, and most recently              AVAILABLE-
made our own chocolate.                     Call Herm at 422-xxxx
    Connie as always provided us
with news, fun games, and                   FOR SALE – (2) Wood Computer
suggestions that she and I receive          Desks. 34” wide or 42” wide.
by attending the Queen's Council            $20 Each.
Luncheons which is the reason why           Call Doug Conran
the "Blue Heron Scarlett Belles"            184 Egret Drive
is one of the best organized                421-xxxx
chapters and certainly the most
fun.                                        FOR SALE- SAMSUNG 50” T.V.
    I cannot end this columm                H.D. PLASMA. 1080I.       Asking
without mentioning the passing of           $800. Retails for $1,999.
one of our most beloved red-                Call Ken Brown
hatters, Irene Wasko. Irene was             470 Kingfisher Lane
always the most fun to be with, she         422-xxxx
could make us laugh with her some
what off-color humor, her cooking
and baking which we all have                FOR SALE – 2005 FORD 500
enjoyed at the clubhouse over so            Colon Red. Only 17,000 miles.
many years, in fact if you just             Excellent      Condition. Asking
mentioned you liking something that         $15,000.
she had made, you would soon get a          Call Bill or Marilyn
call saying "come and get it". We           394 Kingfisher Lane
will miss you Irene and we thank            422-xxxx
you for sharing part of your life
with us.

If you would like to place a For Sale        Welcome Committee:
ad, notice or an announcement in             Pedie & Jack White,
the newsletter, the deadline is the          Judy Churley, Kay Watson,
20th of each month. The ads are              Ralph & Denice Curtiss
$5.00. You need to write the ad up           Chairperson:
the way you want it to appear in the         Phyllis Chase . . . . . .421-xxxx
newsletter and bring it into the
park office before the deadline.                If you are new in BHB and have
Residents are not allowed to place           not spoken with Phyllis or if you
any ad or other items on the                 need to up-date or change your info
bulletin board in the clubhouse.             in the park directory, please give
                                             her a call.
      BHB Contact Persons:

Neighbor in Need Committee:                  Recreation Committee:
Terri LaRock . . . . . .419-xxxx             Bob Andrew. . . . . . . . . . 422-xxxx
   For any general assistance, such          Terry Chase . . . . . . . . . . 421-xxxx
as a ride to an appointment, a meal          Judy Churley . . . . . . . . . . 421-xxxx
fixed when ill, etc. or if you need          Doug Conran . . . . . . . . . . 421–xxxx
some medical equipment that we               Ralph Curtiss . . . . . . . . . . 422-xxxx
may have on hand, such as,                   Connie Novack . . . . . . . . . .419-xxxx
crutches,       canes,      walkers,         Dave Davis . . . . . . . . . , 422-xxxx
wheelchair, bedside potty seat, etc.         Elaine Higgins . . . . . . . . . 422-xxxx

                                             Bingo Committee:
Sunshine Committee:                          Walt Ellsmore . . . . . . . . . 419-xxxx
Gloria Marcotte . . . . 421-xxxx             Evan Shirley . . . . . . . . . . . 421-xxxx
   Will send cards to residents              Mary Umphrey . . . . . . . . . 419-xxxx
hospitalized or ill, death in the
family, etc. So please, if you know          BHB Group Travel Coordinator:
of any of our neighbors that are ill         Walt Ellsmore . . . . . . . . 419-xxxx
or have passed away, please let         
Gloria know.


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