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					N         Green Bay Preble/East                                   H
O               Wrestling                                         A
T                                                                 N
H                                                                 G
I                                                                 I
N                                                                 N
G                                                                 G

I                                                                 O
S                                                                 N

S            Green Bay Preble East Wrestling                      O
               Honor Code/Code of Conduct                         F

F                                                                 A
A   The following document contains a code of honor that is
    expected to be followed 24/7/365 days a year by
T   individuals who wish to be a part of the Green Bay
I   Preble/East Wrestling Program. It is a privilege to have an
    opportunity to wrestle and compete at the High School         U
G   Level and that privilege may be taken away if wrestlers       N
    refuse to abide by the code of honor below. Each member
U   of the team along with his or her parents/guardians must      C
G   sign and return this form to Kyle Kleuskens the Head
I                                                                 M
N                                                                 P
Wrestling Coach before they can participate in the first practice of the
season on Monday Nov 12th 2012.

If a team member does not follow the below team rules they may be
removed from the team on a temporarily or permanent basis. The
Coaching Staff has come placed an increased importance on sticking to
this Honor Code in which you all will have read and signed. This code
goes well beyond the sport of wrestling; if you want to be a CHAMPION
in life you will follow the guidelines below.

     2012-2013 Preble/East High School Honor Code & Guideline Information for

Purpose: The objective of our wrestling program is to have our athletes reach their
full potential in the classroom, on the wrestling mat, and in situations outside of the
school setting. The honor code for our wrestling program will direct our team members to
follow the guidelines in order to reach their full potential as they develop into young adults.
Our full potential includes many aspects of everyday living and characteristics that we want
to enable in our student athlete’s everyday. Wrestlers will have an increased amount of;
personal and team responsibility, working to achieve a team goal, developing leadership
skills, contribution to the team through sacrifice, learning values of being on time and
working hard. We are looking to lead our student athletes in ways that promote mental,
moral, and emotional qualities that are part of everyday choice making and living.

Wrestlers, by following this code of conduct created by the Preble/East coaching staff,
you will become a better wrestler and you will learn and develop characteristics far
more important well beyond your High School careers as student athletes. You will be
able to leave this program as a senior and go out into the real word and be very successful if
you follow the code of conduct and pick-up on the personal traits our coaching staff is
guiding you towards.
No one is above or better than anyone on this wrestling team!!! Our coaching staff will
not hesitate to sit-or remove anyone who is a taking part in actions that are detrimental to
either themselves or the team. Any one individual or action can really hurt the outside
perception of our team and we will not tolerate any actions or displays of conduct that will
make or hurt our team in the eye of the public, our supporters, parents, teammates, and
coaches. We are working towards building a well-established and very successful program
and it starts with your buying in and commitment to our team. You should be proud to say
you have wrestled for Green Bay Preble/East when your time here is all said and done, and
people from the outside will realize that you came from a successful program. There have
been wrestlers from our team in years past and even last season who have been detrimental
in their actions at competitions, in the practice room, in the school hallways, and outside of
the school setting that have hurt the way we are all perceived. One teammate or one stupid
action, comment, or display of emotions can have a long lasting negative effect on how you
are perceived. Do not be the teammate that acts in this manner! Do what is in your control
and help lead your teammates to making the correct decisions as well.

Major Rules: Failure to abide by the major rules of our wrestling program can/will lead to
suspension either short-term/long-term, or potentially permanent removal from our team.
These rules should not only be followed as being part of our wrestling program but in
everyday living. You should never break any of these rules no matter who you are or what
team/program you are in!!!

1.     The use, abuse, possession, selling, or being under the influence of any type of drug,
       alcohol and tobacco is prohibited. This rule is a 365 days a year rule and if caught
       in any situation listed above you will suspended from our team! The severity of the
       suspension will depend on severity of the situation and the coaching staff as a whole
       will decide if the participant will be suspended on a short/long/permanent basis.
       The coaching and teaching staff is required to turn you in if you are found using
       these products. If you are participating in these types of activities do not post any
       pictures on the internet (Facebook). I have seen plenty of our wrestlers in pictures
       relating to illegal behavior and I know WHO IS and WHO is not involved in these
       types of negative and detrimental behaviors. Last season 2 wrestlers were removed
       from our team for being under the influence of drugs/another team member was
       caught for using chewing tobacco. A senior was caught drinking and driving. That
       is 4 offenses and I know of a few more wrestlers who have not been caught by
       law enforcement for illegal activities for your age group…this season our goal
       as a TEAM is ZERO offenses. No matter the situation you are in either at school
       or home you ALL know the difference between right and wrong! LIVE by the
2.   Committing a local, state or federal crime can result in long term/permanent
     dismissal from our team. In some situations you may not be let back on our team
     ever, do not put yourself in this situation, keep our/your image positive.

3.   NO HAZING OF ANY TEAMMATES!!! Look at Wisconsin Rapids Wrestling right now;
     the most respected team in the state of Wisconsin just lost their reputation
     overnight by one stilly and stupid action by their upperclassmen. If you noticed at
     last years state tournament all 7 of their state finalists were booed! Two of their
     Division One College wrestling recruited wrestlers did not get accepted into college
     due to poor grades. It shows that this type of activity/mindset carries onto other
     aspects of your day as well. Hazing is something that can happen in the locker
     rooms, on the team bench, bus rides, and in the school halls. I will not tolerate any
     team member who treats another unfairly. Our upperclassmen are called on to be

4.   Academics: All wrestlers on our team will meet the minimum requirements set by
     the School District to be allowed to participate in Wrestling. If any wrestler has a
     GPA or current grades at check time below minimum requirements will not be
     allowed to be on our team.

5.   Defiance or disrespect to any coach is prohibited. Our coaching staff is full of
     qualified and experienced individuals. The coaches are giving up their time
     coaching and guide you on the mat and through life. We are here to help you reach
     your full potential, do not be disrespectful in any way or you will be talked with and
     suspend in certain situations. Last year there were a few instances in which I felt
     myself and some of my assistants were disrespected by some of the members on our
     team. Our name to you is Coach and that’s what all of the coaches/volunteers
     will be called.

6.   Unexcused absence from practice or matches is prohibited. If you have to miss
     practice due to illness or any other reason you must report this information to the
     coaching staff face to face or via telephone that day before noon. If a wrestler misses
     a practice or competition without notifying the coaching staff they will have to earn
     their spot back on the team. The wrestler will also have to provide a note signed
     from a parent or guardian stating where their wrestler was when they were
     supposed to be at wrestling practice. If no note is provided then the wrestler will
     have to sit that weeks worth of competition both Dual Meet and Tournament!
     If this happens multiple times in which no note can be provided by a parent or
       guardian you will be removed permanently from the team. If a parent cannot
       explain where you were then we are under the assumption that you may have
       been involved in activities in which they were not aware of. Last season this
       happened to two of our team members in which they decided to skip practice
       to perform illegal activities. Both were caught and both were removed from
       our team. After two un-excused absences you will have to sit out a dual match
       or tournament! I do not appreciate it when wrestlers miss practice without
       notifying members of the staff. It does not count if you notify teammates. All of you
       have our phone numbers so give us a call or shoot us a text letting us know about
       your situation. Last year we only had one wrestler make every practice. This year
       our goal is to have over 10 wrestlers on our team not miss a practice. If you go to
       Mexico or anyplace else for that matter and do not tell me…that’s an automatic
       cut from the team. DON’T MISS PRACTICE, if you do TELL A COACH!!!

7.     Any detrimental behavior towards your teammates, coaches, or yourself may result
       in dismissal from the team. No one is above the team! You will hear this a lot
       throughout the season. Everyone needs to be a leader on this team! Everyone is
       expected to do everything in his or her power to contribute to the success of Green
       Bay Preble/East Wrestling.

8.     Swearing, profanity, and any foul language or hand gestures will not be tolerated
       under any circumstances. If this happens you will have to sit down with the
       coaching staff to discuss the consequences.

9.     No Cell Phones or other forms of technology are allowed on the team bench, in the
       wrestling room, or in the locker room. Cell Phones are something that is to be used
       on your free time or only in emergency situations. You can call or text your
       parents/friends after competition is over.

General Rules: Failure to abide by the following rules of the Green Bay Preble East
Program will result in disciplinary action which may include the following, temporary
suspension from practice and competition or dismissal from the team.

1.     Above anything else you must be dependable. You are expected to be at every
       practice, competition, fundraising opportunities, and supporting your teammates at
       all times. Not only are you expected to be at every team gathering but also you are
       expected to be on time!!! The only situation in which you are given permission to
     not be at any of the following team gatherings is if you have an illness that kept you
     out of school.

     1.     If you are injured you are expected to be at every team function. If you
            cannot make school due to illness you must contact a member of the
            coaching staff, preferably Kyle Kleuskens the Head Wrestling Coach. My
            phone number is 920-740-4604, and my email is

2.   YOUR TEAM HANDBOOK IS YOUR GUIDE. Coach Kleuskens put in hours upon
     hours of making the team handbook. Do not lose this book and respect your
     handbook! This book is your guide to practice times, competition times, bus
     schedules and times, team rules, coaches contacts, program goals, training
     plans, team curriculum, and internet information. If you are asked to bring your
     handbook to practice and you do not have it disciplinary action may take place. Be
     Responsible! Our coaches do not have the time to babysit anyone; this is where you
     take control by being responsible.

     1.     Other information regarding our team can be found on our team website.
            Check it out weekly, as we will be posting information on a regular basis.
            The website is click on team website.
            Print outs can be found under the information link at the top of the webpage.

     2.     You are expected to be on time to school and class every day and every class
            period. Being late to school or class also counts as part of our being on
            time rule. If you are late to school or class you may be suspended from an
            upcoming competition.

1.   Be in the wrestling room with shoes tied 10 minutes early for all practices.

     1.     Rolling out the mats is not the freshman’s job, last year I saw all the
            freshman rolling out the mats and all the upperclassmen taking their time.
            Everyone is required to help with the mats/mat side equipment before and
            after practice.

     2.     Be at school for bus departure at lest 20 minutes early for all
            competitions to check weight and have all team gear.
     3.     Injured wrestlers must attend all practices and matches. NO FAKING
            INJURIES, the coaching staff and trainers work hand in hand. If they
            feel you can practice you will be practice. If you have a minor injury in
            which you cannot practice you will be doing something else that does not
            use that body part. The coaches will know if you are sitting out to take a day
            off, do not be that guy! You will be called out if it is obvious you are faking to
            take a day off!!!

     4.     This year we will have a coach who oversees all wrestlers who are sitting
            out practice due to injury/illness/skin infections and everyone will be doing
            something. We do not want you to be a distraction to the on going practice

     5.     BE Respectful to all athletic trainers! Go in to the trainer before practice if
            you have an injury or after practice if you injure yourself during practice.
            School ends at 3:00 and practice starts at 3:30 get in the AT Room
            early, so you can be at the entire practice.


1.   You are expected to weigh in everyday before and after

2.   There is a weigh-in chart posted in the team
     equipment/storage area that must be filled out before and
     after practice each day.
3.   If you chose to cut weight do it safely, talk to the coaches on how to properly cut
     weight. We have been through it and can give you advise on how to properly cut
     down appropriately.

4.   Stay hydrated with water and Gatorade type products mixed half and half with
     water. Pedialyte is a great product to drink immediately after weigh-ins to
     replenish lost electrolytes.

5.   Weight before meets, everyone should be within
     1.     At the start of the second practice before a match or competition all
            wrestlers must come into practice no more than 5 pounds overweight and
            leave no more than 3 pounds overweight. The practice before a competition
            or meet all wrestlers must come into practice no more than 3 pounds
            overweight and leave at or under weight. IF you are over after practice you
            must stay after to work the additional weight off. I do not want anyone on
            the team to have to participate in additional workouts after the final
            practice before a match to get down to weight.

     2.     No rubber suits are allowed to cut weight in or out of the practice room.
            Lose weight the hard way by working hard; it will benefit your wrestling by
            increasing your conditioning

Team Gear

1.   You are responsible for all team gear provided to you

     1.     singlets

     2.     championship singlets

     3.     warm-up tops and bottoms,

     4.     headgear

2.   If team gear is damaged in any way off the mat you will be charged to replace
     the gear.

3.   If you loose any team gear you will also be charged to replace the gear.

4.   Do not take any gear from out team unless a manager or coach signs it out.

5.   The new varsity Cage Fighter Gear is for competition only! If you are caught
     wearing it at school, home, or on the team bus to competitions you will have it
     taken away and you will be given a varsity reserve or j.v. warm-up. This gear
     needs to last at least 3-4 years.

Practice Gear

1.   NO EARRINGS or Jewelry allowed!
2.   No boxers are allowed, wear boxer briefs.
3.     Shirts are to be tucked in at all times!!! We will be doing a lot
       of push-ups/monkey rolls if we do not follow this rule.

5.     No sweatpants allowed up until 2 days before competition.
6.     All wrestlers must bring a headgear into the practice room every day for live

7.     No Clothing with inappropriate language or symbols of alcohol, drugs, or anything
       else not deemed appropriate by the coaching staff.

8.     Long sleeves will not be allowed to be tapped at the ends unless you bring your own
       tape! Last year we wasted a lot of tape and at the end of the year we ran out for the
       wrestlers who needed tape for injuries.



1.     Dual Meets:

       1.     Everyone on the team must wear a shirt and tie with a pair of dress
              pants and dress shoes to school all day on days of both home and away
              dual meets.

              1.      We want to look like a team and be respectful when we travel to
                      other schools as well as at our home school.

              2.      If you absolutely do not have these items talk to a coach.

2.     Tournaments:

       1.     On days of tournaments everyone will come to school in the morning
              dressed in Preble or Wrestling Clothing. Everyone on the team should
              wear a Preble Wrestling T-Shirt under their warm-up sweatshirt or
              top. We represent Preble/East and the sport of Wrestling and nothing
              else. Color Coordinate your shorts to match the team colors of black,
              green, red, yellow, or white.

      2.      This clothing should be extra and just worn for traveling and not during the
              competition. Recommended extra clothing items are…

              1.     Underwear

              2.     Socks

              3.     T-Shirt

              4.     Shorts

              5.     Sweatpants

              6.     Sweatshirt

              7.     Winter Coat

              8.     Hat

              9.     Gloves


1.    Everyone must travel to and from all competitions with the team. No wrestler is
      allowed to leave the competition site for any circumstance unless you have an injury
      and need medical attention. If another situation occurs in which you must leave you
      must talk with the head coach before leaving. If permission is granted you may
      leave only with your parent(s) or guardian(s) who must sign a release form. Any
      other arrangement must be made in advance. Transportation forms can be
      downloaded from our website… click on forms at the top
      of the page and then click on transportation waiver.

Home Meets:

2.    All team members must be continuously involved in the preparation for home
      wrestling events until its completion. We need wrestlers who are not competing to
      set-up mats at 5:30 after the completion of basketball practice. We also need help at
      the end of our duals/tournaments rolling up the mats and taking care of tables,
       chairs, table equipment, score-clocks, medal stands and many more objects needed
       to run our tournaments. Once all cleanup tasks are completed the Head Coach will
       give the okay for permission to leave the facility. At the conclusion of all home
       competitions the wrestlers will meet with the coaching staff.

Away Meets:

3.     All wrestlers competing on our team will travel to away meets on the bus. J.V.
       Wrestlers are expected to show up at all varsity tournaments on weekends when
       the varsity is not competing. Varsity wrestlers are also expected to show up and
       appear at J.V. tournaments when the varsity is not competing.

this last season which was great. You can talk with your girlfriend and thank her for
coming to watch after you are done competing.

Locker Room Policy

1.     Label your locker with a piece of masking tape with first and last name.

2.     Bring your own lock and make sure to lock your locker before, during, and after

3.     Keep all locker room facilities clean before, during, and after practice.

4.     If items are left on the floor the coaching staff will collect these items and you will
       have to earn them back.

5.     Everyone must shower at School after practice each day. NO EXCEPTIONS IF

6.     Every wrestler must bring their clothes home to be washed. You must wear a
       different shirt and shorts everyday at practice.

                     Items to always have in your wrestling locker:

1.     Wrestling Shoes
2.    Wrestling Head Gear (kneepads-optional)

3.    Running Shoes

4.    2 fresh practice shirts

5.    2 fresh practice shorts

6.    2 pairs of clean under ware and socks

7.    Sweatshirt

8.    Towel

9.    Shampoo

10.   Deodorant

11.   Lotion

12.   Goal Sheet

      allowed as long as they are off the mat area.

2.    For dual meets and tournaments bring your own food items. I would recommend
      bringing a small cooler with plenty of food to get you through the day. FOOD equals
      ENERGY and you will be burning a lot of energy throughout the day and it needs to
      be replaced by FOOD. The coaching staff will discuss proper food choices to bring to
      tournaments before competition.

Wrestle OFF’s

1.    Preseason Tournament

      1.        Everyone will wrestle off to start the season in a green and gold meet. The
                team tournament will decide our early season dual meets and tournament

2.    3 Challenges

      1.        J.V. Wrestlers have 3 challenge opportunities throughout the season; which
                will take place on Monday and Tuesday Nights.
          2.   If current varsity wrestler loses they do not lose a challenge and can
               challenge at a weight above their current class.

    3.   Coaches Discretion
          1.   Wrestling a J.V. wrestler in a meet who has earned the opportunity
          2.   Benching a Varsity wrestler who is not following the honor code/working
               hard/ or is being detrimental to the team in any way.
          3.   Bumping wrestlers up a weight class based on opponent; which may
H              bump a J.V. wrestler into the lineup.
I         4.   Allowing a wrestler who has used their 3 challenges to wrestle off
               again at Coaches Discretion.                                                  A
    4.   End of Season Wrestle Offs                                                          N
          1.   There will be no wrestle offs after February 4th due to setting our line-up
               for the WIAA Tournament Series.

          2.   In the last week of January we will hold our final wrestle off                I
I              opportunities for wrestlers who may want to drop weight or move up a
               weight for the WIAA Tournament Series.
          3.   J.V. wrestlers can challenge at this time even if they used all 3 of their    G


     Green Bay Preble/East Wrestling

                     Green Bay Preble East Wrestling

     2012-2013 Preble/East High School Honor Code & Guideline Information for

Dear Parent(s) and Wrestler:

The purpose of this document indicates our major team rules and code of conduct. Please
read carefully as to many of your questions on coaching decisions due to varies situations
that can occur throughout the year are listed in this document. These team guidelines are
rules were created to make our student-athletes gain characteristics that will benefits them
in all areas of life not just on the wrestling mat. By following the team guidelines and code
of conduct you will be able to gain the greatest benefit from your high school educational
and athletic experience at Green Bay Preble and Green Bay East High School.

Both the parent(s) and wrestler is responsible for signing our team code of conduct that you
have thoroughly read through the document and completely understand the implications of
any action that may cause disciplinary action as well as team rules. Feel free to contact
members of the coaching staff at any time for comments, questions, or concerns.

I (wrestlers name) ___________________________________________ have read the Green Bay
Preble/East Wrestling team honor code and guidelines and I completely understand all
expectations and requirements expected from me to be a member of this team.
wrestlers signature ______________________________________ date _________________________

I/We the parents of (wrestlers name(s)) ____________________________________________________

have read the Green Bay Preble/East Wrestling team honor code and guidelines for
wrestling at Preble/East High School and I/we understand these requirements as well as
what is expected of my/our son/daughter.

Signature of Parent(s)/Guardian(s) ___________________________, ___________________________,

Date: _____________________

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