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									                                                                                   SOIL INVESTIGATION PROJECTS (2008)

SL.                         PROJECT                                     SCOPE OF WORK                  LOCATION             CLIENT / TEL.NO.                          OWNER                     VALUE         YEAR
NO.                       DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                                                           IN KD

 1    Project: EF1713 - Installation of LSFO and                      Geotechnical Investigation   MAA to Sabiya & Doha FLUOR                                KOC                             KD.17,879.000    2008
      FG Pipelines from MAA to Sabiya and Doha                                                                         3861851
      Power Stations

 2    Project: Boubyan Seaport Stage - I Design,                      Geotechnical Investigation   Boubyan Island      CHINA HARBOUR ENGINEERING             MPW                             KD.14,000.000    2008
      Construct Road, Bridge and Soil Improvement                                                                      COMPANY LTD., (CHEC)
      for Trial Embankment of Kuwait Boubyan Seaport                                                                   5631359

                                                                      On-Shore Geotechnical                            Gulf Dredging & Gen.Contracting Co.
 3    Project: HEISCO Dry Dock                                                                     Shuwaikh            4815050
                                                                                                                                                             HEISCO                           KD.11,704.000   2008

 4    Project: The Study, Design & Supervision for College of Arts    Geotechnical Investigation   Shadadiyah          Dar Al Handasah                       KUWAIT UNIVERSITY                KD.1,800.000    2008

      and College of Education at the New University City - Kuwait.                                                    5650275

 5    Project: Building New Booster Station BS-160 at                 Geotechnical Investigation   South East of Kuwait Snamprogetti                         KUWAIT OIL COMPANY               KD.10,000.000   2008
      South East of Kuwait                                                                                              6657398

 6    Project: BOPP-005 Base Oil Plant Project                        Geotechnical InvestigationShuaiba Industrial     Kuwait National Lube Oil Co.,         Kuwait National Lube Oil Co.,    KD.12,480.000   2008
                                                                                                Area                   K.S.C.                                K.S.C.
                                                                                                                       2255633 / 3262345
                                                                                  SOIL INVESTIGATION PROJECTS (2008)

SL.                         PROJECT                                    SCOPE OF WORK                  LOCATION                CLIENT / TEL.NO.                          OWNER      VALUE         YEAR
NO.                       DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                                              IN KD

 7    Project: EF/1718 - New Booster Station BS 171                  Geotechnical Investigation   West Kuwait            FLUOR                                  KOC             KD.65,531.000    2008

 8                                                           Soil Investigation and
      Project: BS-160 SE - EIA Study Update & Baseline Surveys                                    South East Kuwait      BUREAU VERITAS                                         KD.12,190.000    2008
      EIA Study Update & Baseline Surveys                            Monitoring Well                                     4314978

 9    Project:JO-192 Contract No. 39084 KOC 40" Gas                  Soil Investigation Works     LPG to Mina Al Ahmadi PETROFAC INTERNATIONAL CO., KOC                         USD:233,415.75   2008

      Pipeline from BS130 to LPG Plant at MAA.                                                                           009716-574-0999

      Project No. 1041 - PD Standby Project Services PO No. 300A -
                                                                                                  New Refinery Project   ABJ Enginering & Contracting co.,ksc
10 Survey and Phase I Onshore Geotechnical Investigation &           Soil Investigation Works                                                                   FLUOR            KD.74,217.000   2008
                                                                                                  Az-Zour                (closed)


                                                                     Soil Investigaion Works &
11 Project: Foundation of Rig                                                                     KOC Oil Field          AHL Al Khaleej Co.,                    KOC              KD.13,500.000
                                                                     QA/QC Works

12 Project: New Integrated Solar Combined Cycle Power                Soil Investigation Works Abdaliyah - Kuwait         A.H.Al Sagar & Bros. Co.,              MEW             USD.21,360.000   2008
   Plant                                                                                                                 24846600 / 24839518

                                                                                                                         Gulf Dredging & Gen.Cont.Co. Gulf Dredging &
13 Project: Shuaiba North Co.generation Plant                        Geotechnical InvestigationShuaiba                   4815080                      Gen.Cont.Co.               KD.3,800.000    2008
   Seawater Intake Pipeline (Offshore)

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