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									                        Bowman Home Improvements, Inc.
                                          Handyman & Home Repair Service!
                                               DaytonaHomeRepair.com &
                                               Tom Bowman (386) 295-1502
                        Electrical                                         Plumbing                                            Carpentry
Outlet Replacement             Ceiling Fans          Faucet Replacement         Drain repair              Door Repairs               Deadbolt Installation
Switch Replacement             Light Fixtures        Faucet Repairs             Drain Treatments          Trim Installation          Door Viewer Installs
Light Dimmers                  Bulb Replacements     Tub Faucet Repairs         Slow Drain Repair         Baseboard                  Cabinet Repairs
Timers                         Track Lighting        Shower Head                Leak Repairs              Repair/Install             Cabinet Installs
Landscape Lighting             Security Lighting     Replacements               Vanity Replacements       Chair Rail Installs        Cabinet Knobs
GFI Installs                   Spot Lights           Multi Shower Head          Sink Replacements         Wood Repairs               Cabinet hinges
GFI Replacements               Vent fans             Installs                   Garbage Disposal Units    Door Adjustments           Cabinet Inserts
Exterior Outlets               Appliance Hookup      Instant Hot Installs       Drain Clearing            Book Shelves               Trash Compactors
Led Lighting                   Microwave Installs    Water Heater installs      Water filters             Wall Mounted Shelves       Laminate Flooring
Efficient Lighting             Decorative Lighting   Laminate Counter Tops      Bath Towel Bars           Item Assembly (Ikea)       Flooring Repairs
Indoor Plant Lighting                                Soap Dispenser Installs                                                         Light Framing
                                                     Bathroom Medicine

                    Handyman                                              Security                                             Landscaping
Door Knob                Railing Repair              Door Reinforcements       Security Lighting          Mulching                    Decorative Rocks
Replacements             Picture Hanging             Door Lock Replacements    Security timers            Edging                      Small Ponds
Door Lock Replacement    Heavy Picture hanging       Bump Proof Locks          Exterior Lighting          Planting                    Flagstone Areas
Door Security            Heavy Mirror Hanging        Door Viewers              Wireless Security          Trans Planting              River Stone
Door Viewers             Towel Bars                  Deadbolts                 Systems                    Bush Trimming               Tree Trimming
Door Reinforcements      Toilet paper Holders        Door Chains               Window Security            Hand Fertilizing            Tree Removal
Shutter Installs         Cable Wire                  Video Surveillance        Door Security              Hedge Trimming              Jungle Clearing
Shutter replacements     Phone Wire                  Security Glass Film       Garage Door Security       Flower Bed Design           Palm Tree Cutting
Internet Wires           Garage Door openers         Window Locks              Sliding Door Security      Sprinkler Work              Grass Treatments
Power Washing            Garage Door Repairs         Security Consulting       Patio Door Locks
Garage Organization      Garage Door                 Firearm Safes             Safe Rooms
Closet Organization      Maintenance                 Smoke & Fire Alarms       Safe Installations
Weatherization           Door Seals                  Vehicle Security          Carbon Monoxide
                                                                               Emergency Planning
                        Painting                                         Sprinklers                                         Major Remodeling
Small Painting Jobs           Drywall Repair         Sprinkler Head            Sprinkler Adjustments     For our major remodeling projects we refer the work to
Interior Painting             Spackling              Replacement               Zone Repairs              Jim and Brenda! Jim carries a certified builder’s license
Exterior Painting             Sanding                Leak Repairs              Rust Removal Systems       and is one sharp guy! He is supported by his wife who
Painting Prep                 Wood Trim Prep         Leak Finding              Pump Replacements            works directly by his side! These two are a serious
Cabinet Painting              Dining Room Painting   Timer Setup               Water Treatments            team that you should considered hiring for your next
Small Stain Jobs              Ceiling Painting       Piping Repairs                                         major construction project! There is just something
Bathroom Painting             Ceiling Repairs                                                                    about a family team working for families!
Living room Painting          Trim Painting                                                                                  Their website is:
                                                                                                                              Their phone is:
                                                                                                                              (386) 405-4275

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