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									Books That Motivate

                                                         Books That Motivate

   For that extra fuel that sends your life roaring to a successful jolt, these are some books that will be sure to
   motivate you and get you on that fast track to a better you.

   Peace from Broken Pieces is a book by Iyanla Vanza, and details all of the spiritual lessons that the author encountered
   while on her successful journey, as well as her marriage falling apart and the death of her daughter. Through these
   experiences she talks about how it is important to keep the faith no matter what and to share the wisdom and strength
   that people learn with all others by supporting and offering assistance and friendship to them. This is a book that can
   be helpful if you have ever endured something trying in your life as it seeks to empower with faith and spiritual

   Dr. Wayne W. Dyer writes Excuses Begone, a book that seeks to help defeat that kind of self defeating thinking
   pattern that keeps you from doing your best in the way of health and happiness and success. He argues that to change
   these habits in the way you think but might be really challenging because of all the excuses people make on a daily
   basis. So, he tries to approach those excuses and find ways to combat them and make them go away in his
   strengthening words and defenses so that you can wake up to your dreams at last.

   Steven R. Covey writes The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, a book that provides powerful lessons that are meant
   to help with personal changes that happen in every day life. This book targets ways to work on your perspective on
   yourself, on the world, and encourages you to focus inward on the particulars of yourself, your tendencies and the way
   you react to things. It also helps you understand your relationships with other people and how that might or might not
   be detrimental in the way the dynamics are set up and provides a kind of habit guidebook for how to live a better and
   happier life.

   The same author writes the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, a book that is similar in structure but reared to a
   younger audience, taking on the issues particular to teenagers that are more relevant, such as friendships, school,
   dating, and figuring out talents and aspirations in a way that is productive, finding ways to avoid peer pressure and be
   the best and most self confident version of themselves as they can hope to be. This is a great book for your teens as it
   comes with checklists and other kinds of features that will help them better themselves in a private way.

   And, Daniel H. Pink writes Drive, a book that talks about the various factors that motivate us, and suggested that all
   we think about our motivations are actually really wrong. Using some discoveries about the mind, he says that our
   basic survival needs really are the things that motivate us and that can help people realize their full potential in the end.
   This book takes in psychology mixed with sociology and economics to give a perspective of humans in today's age and
   the various misconceptions being that we are motivated by fear of loss and hope, when really it boils down to our
   personal needs.

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