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					Bipolar Disorder - What is Bipolar Disorder and What Are the Symptoms?

                             Bipolar Disorder - What is Bipolar Disorder and What Are the Symptoms?

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   What is bipolar disorder, and how can it affect you? That's what we'll discuss in this article. Specifically, we will cover
   different symptoms, as they relate to diagnosis criteria, as well as different processes for treating bipolar disorder.
   After reading this article, you should have the exact answer to the question -- what is bipolar disorder?

   When your mood has recurring episodes of significant fluctuating disturbance, you might have bipolar disorder.
   Typically, these disturbances come from changing states of crippling depression, to extreme happiness -- often referred
   to as mania. Manic depression is another term for bipolar disorder.

   Bipolar disorder is divided by classification into three different areas -- bipolar I, bipolar II, and cyclothymia. Bipolar I
   refers to a disturbance in moods with at least one manic episode. Bipolar II includes both a hypomanic episode, which
   literally translates to below mania, and an episode of major depression, often accompanied by a lack of appetite,
   intense fatigue, and disturbances and sleep pattern.

   Cyclothymia is similar to bipolar II, only with a more mild disturbance in mood.

   Bipolar disorder is diagnosed based on the patient's report of experiences, as well as those reported by family members
   and close friends, to a psychiatrist, social worker, or clinical psychologist, or other similar professional.

   Bipolar disorder treatment does not focus on a cure, but on effective management of mood disorders and bipolar
   disorder episodes. In order to do this, a combination of medication and psychotherapy techniques are used. The most
   common form of medication that is prescribed, when dealing with bipolar disorder, is lithium. Also, sodium valproate
   and carbamazepine are also often prescribed to treat bipolar disorder.

   Often the behavioral manifestations involved with bipolar disorder are not detected by the patient, family members, or
   even health professionals, for very long time. This means that some people suffer from bipolar disorder for years,
   before getting treatment. If you or someone you know has observed some of the symptoms described above, I would
   urge you to research the topic in more depth, to see if treatment might be needed.

   In conclusion, I have given you a straightforward definition of what is bipolar disorder. Also, I have given you some
   ideas on possible treatments, as well classifications of the different kinds of bipolar disorder. Use this information to
   decide if bipolar disorder may be occurring in your life, or the life of someone you know. If so, take the necessary
   steps to get professional help, and a proper diagnosis.

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