Bath Senior Center Dining Menu by thederelict12


									Donations $3.00 PER MEAL            Bath Senior Center Dining Menu                  *MENU SUBJECT TO CHANGE
                                                         Oct-09                     PHONE: (517) 641-6728 Ext. 126
SUN            MONDAY               TUES             WEDNESDAY             THURS 1          FRIDAY 2            SAT 3
             BIRTHDAYS:                                                                       Tacos            Euchre
                             Ted Hartwick 12th                                            Refried Beans      Tournament
                             Lorraine Ellis 14th                                          Chips& Salsa         6:00pm
                            Wendell McKeown 21st                                         Vanilla Pudding
                             Grace Hanley 24th                                              Bingo 1pm
SUN 4         MONDAY 5            TUES 6            WEDNESDAY 7           THURS 8           FRIDAY 9           SAT 10
              Tomato Soup                        Turkey Dressing Bake                   Chicken Nuggets
       Grilled Cheese Sandwich                      Mashed Potatoes                    Macaroni & Cheese
               Pineapple                                Zucchini                               Peas
                                                Fruits of the Forest Pie                   Applesauce
       Chair Exercises 10:30am                                                              Bingo 1pm
SUN 11       MONDAY 12           TUES 13           WEDNESDAY 14           THURS 15         FRIDAY 16            SAT17
        Chicken Patty on a Bun                            Chili                           Boiled Dinner
              French Fries                             Corn Bread                         Roll w/Butter
           Mixed Vegetables                          Birthday Cake                     Mandarin Oranges
            Jello W/Topping                  October Birthday Celebration                   Bingo 1pm
       Chair Exercises 10:30am                Sponsored by Hawks Ridge
       Flu Shot Clinic 10am-2pm
SUN18         MONDAY 19          TUES 20           WEDNESDAY 21           THURS 22         FRIDAY 23           SAT 24
              Potato Soup             Pot            Baked Chicken                             Pizza
         Sliced Ham Sandwich         Luck      Mashed Potatoes w/Gravy                    Tossed Salad
             Tropical Fruit         Lunch             Green Beans                             Cookie
       Chair Exercises 10:30am                   Strawberry Shortcake                       Bingo 1pm
                                                  S.S.A.C. Meeting 1pm
SUN 25       MONDAY 26           TUES 27           WEDNESDAY 28           THURS 29         FRIDAY 30           SAT 31
          Blueberry Pancakes                     Deep Dish Wet Burrito                    Leftover Day
             Sausage Patty                            Mexican Rice             Tater Tot Casserole, Beef & Noodles
                 Banana                               Roll w/Butter                        or Goulash
       Chair Exercises 10:30am                            Pears                                Corn
                                               Bridge Club 1:30-4:30pm                 Apples w/Caramel
                                                                                            Bingo 1pm

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