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					                              English Reading and Discussion
                              Monday/Wednesday 7:00-8:30PM

Instructor: Brenna Staats
KAIST Language Center

This course will focus on improving students’ English fluency and ability to participate in
general discussions by utilizing news articles from various sources and short stories by
American author Mark Twain. Additionally, this course will help students improve their
ability to read for main ideas, details, and to infer meanings. While reading selections,
students will work on developing a broader vocabulary and will be responsible for a running
list of new words encountered during the course. Extensive English practice will occur
through a variety of learning techniques including individual, group, and pair work as well as
student led discussions designed to promote an intense understanding of English by the
student presenter.

 I expect you to ask questions when you do not understand a concept, the language or
   terms used, etc. If you are confused, it is likely someone else is as well. I am here to
   increase your English conversation skills. I will not know that your skills are not
   increasing unless you tell me.
 I expect you to participate in the lecture and class activities. This is a discussion course,
   and there will be many opportunities for you to practice your English skills. This way I
   am able to gauge your understanding and modify the lecture and activities to fit your
   needs. This process will also allow me to offer immediate feedback of your skills.
 I expect you to take notes. The brain learns in a variety of ways including oral, visual, and
   kinesthetic. The more senses that are engaged, the more likely the student is to learn the
   material. I will be speaking and using occasional visual aids, by taking notes, you will
   increase your brain’s ability to make and/or strengthen synaptic connections.
 I expect you to get out of this course what you put into it. If you are prompt to every class,
   ask questions, request feedback, complete the assignments, I expect you to learn a great
 I expect professional respect regarding this course including silencing cell phones and
   arriving prepared and on time. If there is an emergency, please step into the hall to take
   your call. If you must arrive late, please enter quietly without disrupting others and
   immediately become engaged in learning. If no students are present 15 minutes after
   scheduled start time, class will be canceled.
 I expect you to use English at all times. As this is an English discussion course, use of
   other languages is highly discouraged.

I am looking forward to getting know each of you! I am available for a short time after class
if you have any concerns, questions, or would just like to chat. Please send me an email if
you have any other questions or would like to make an appointment.
Course Outline*:

Day                                         Topic
  1    Introductions and syllabus; How the Brain Learns article and discussion
  2    World Hunger article and discussion
  3    Personality article and discussion
  4         Topic to be determined: Small group-led discussions
  5    A Ghost Story by Mark Twain
  6    Facebook Banned in Education article and discussion
  7    Journalism in Tennessee by Mark Twain
  8         Topic to be determined: Small group-led discussions
  9    National Geographic article and discussion
 10    Taming the Bicycle by Mark Twain
 11    Banned Books article and discussion
 12         Topic to be determined: Small group-led discussions

*Subject to change based on needs expressed by students.

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