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Career Decision-making Goal Setting by mrsafety987


									                        Academic Advising Portfolio
                     Educational Planning Assignment #1
Educational Goals:
*Present educational goal: To graduate with at least a…
associates degree     bachelor’s degree     master’s degree        doctoral degree

*My academic goal is to graduate…
with the minimum     about average          above average          with honors

*My degree will stress the following academic courses…
English               Mathematics          Sciences                Social Sciences

*Possibly, with a major in…
Health fields         Education             Sciences
Mathematics           English               Languages
Business              Technology            Social Sciences

Additional goal(s)

Career Goals:
*My work for 2000 hours per year will emphasize my skills in…
sciences     technical areas              communication                   mathematics
leadership   teaching                     helping people                  artistic

*I want to work in an environment where I will wear…
suits         casual clothes       uniform                  working clothes

*The time commitment to my career will be…
less than 40 hours/week           40 hrs/week               more than 40 hrs/week

Additional goal(s)-

Financial Goals:
*My work will compensate me enough to be a part of…
lower middle class comfortable middle class      upper middle class       upper class

*My home will be in this type of neighborhood…
modest               well-to-do            prestigious

*Upon retirement I will depend on social security…
entirely             to a moderate degree          to a small degree      not at all
Additional goal(s)
Family Goals:
*My family plans at present are best described as…
no plans      remain independent             small family             large family

*I would like to raise my family in a…
rural area     suburban area         small city       large city

*I plan to move my family to…
my home area my state       my region         another region          anywhere for a job

*My desire for vacations…
local time off travel to regional spots       travel within country    international travel

Additional goal(s)

Health Goals:
*I plan to exercise each week…
not at all     1 to 2 times           3 to 4 times             more than 4 times

Additional goal(s)

Spiritual Goals:

I plan to maintain the following hobbies:

I plan to spend my leisure time in the following activities:

I plan to be involved in the following community activities:

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