PARKSIDE Elementary Lunch Menu by thederelict12


									                      PARKSIDE Elementary Lunch Menu

Chicken Nuggets             Pizza       Sub Sandwich         Au Gratin          Chicken Tenders
Chicken Flav Rice           Peas        Fresh Veggies     Potatoes w/Ham        Mashed Potatoes       Celebrate Health
    Pineapple          Italian Salad       w/Ranch            Grapes             Country Gravy        Week!
  Green Beans              Pears         Applesauce       Wh Gr Bread/Btr           TX Toast          November 9-13
 Wh Gr Bread/Btr                                                                Mandarin Oranges
                       Cheese-Filled    Vegetable Beef       Soft Taco              Lasagna           Elementary School
Chicken Sandwch         Breadsticks    Soup Crackers       Spanish Rice             Broccoli          Health Fair-Nov 12
Whole Grain Bun       Marinara Sauce    Grilled Cheese   Lettuce     Salsa       Finger Roll/Btr      @ Chamberlain
  Potato Smiles            Salad           Sandwich          Pineapple          Strawberry/Blueberr   6:00 – 8:00 pm
    Peaches             Mixed Fruit          Pears            Churro               Yogurt Parfait     All GCS elementary
                                                         Thanksgiving Dinner                          students and their
 Cheeseburger           Nacho Day        French Toast                                                 families are
   Tator tots         Baked Scoops        Syrup Cup       Turkey      Gravy          Pizza
                                                           Mashed Potatoes                            welcome!
     Pickle            Cheese Sauce        Sausage       Stuffing/green beans        Corn
Tropical Fruit Mix   Taco Meat Salsa      Hashbrown        Pumpkin dessert          Oranges
                         Pineapple          Banana
   Spaghetti           BBQ Pork Rib
  Green Beans            Sandwich       Thanksgiving          Happy               Thanksgiving
 Finger Roll/Btr       Baked Beans        Vacation         Thanksgiving             Vacation          “The USDA and the
  Applesauce             Peaches                                                                      State of Indiana
                                         No School           No School             No School
                                                                                                      are equal
     Potato Bar
   Potato Wedges                                                                                      opportunity
 Taco Meat Salsa                                                                                      providers and
   Cheese Sauce                                                                                       employers”
  Lettuce Pears
  Wh Gr Bread/Btr

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