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									                          Locker Room Saloon Investigation #5
                                     Final Report
                             Submitted by: Chris Forsythe

Business, Utica MI

September 16, 2007

David (Owner / General Manager)

Investigation Duration:
19:00 – 01:00 (5 Hrs.)

Investigators Present:
Chris F. (Lead investigator)
Wendy F.
Kevin J.
Christy J.
Chris C.
Erin C.



Location Condition:
Historic building with basement and upper level; formerly the site of a hotel and several
other businesses prior to the area being destroyed by a fire. (See historical documenta-

Location Weather:
Mild temperatures all day, with a light breeze out of the southeast; as to be expected,
temperatures dropped after nightfall.

Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
Solar X-Rays: Normal
Geomagnetic Field: Quiet
Temperature: 64 F
Visibility: 10.0 miles
Pressure: 30.27 Falling
Dew Point: 34 F
Humidity: 32%
UV Index: 2 Low
Wind: SSW 9 MPH

Reported Activity:
      Shadow sightings
      Uneasy feelings; feeling of being watched
      Disappearing object phenomena
      Objects moving freely

Assignments & Operations Schedule:

Rally Point / Op Center:
Main floor - dining room area.

Team Roster:
Alpha - Chris F., Oz, Micah, Chris C. (CCTV monitoring)
Bravo – Kristie, Erin, Tack (investigation)
Charlie – Kevin, Wendy (investigation)

Investigation Schedule:
Basement / Office
8: 00 PM – Bravo team
9: 30 PM – Charlie team
11:00 PM – Alpha team

Upper Floor
8:00 – Alpha team
9:30 – Bravo team
11:00 – Charlie team

Main Floor
8:00 – Charlie team
9:30 – Alpha team
11:00 – Bravo team

Equipment on Hand:
Laptops (2)
EMF Detectors (2)
Laser Contact Thermal Gauge (LCTG) (1)
DVR Night Vision Cameras (3)
Mini DV IR Camera (1)
Digital Cameras
External Microphones
Digital Recorders
Micro Cassette Recorders
IR Illuminators

All recording equipment was loaded with both fresh batteries and recording media as is
MPI investigation protocol, and voice checks were performed for recognition and
recording quality. All media was transferred to digital file for review upon completion of
the investigation.

Technical Notes / Equipment Placement:
      2 DVR cameras located in main basement room (cross shot angles)
      1 DVR camera upstairs main room towards long hallway
      1 Mini DV w/ Night Shot IR - mobile, alpha team
      1 Digital recorder – Stationary, upstairs main room

All teams will be outfitted with at least 1 mobile recording unit as well as several digital
cameras. Stationary unit positions will be noted by the technical staff for reload and
pickup at investigation completion.

                             Evidence Review and Findings


As is MPI protocol, every team had at least one digital camera with them at all times
during the investigation. Upon further review, no photos taken during the investigation
contained any anomalous activity.


Digital #1 (stationary – upper floor, main room) – No physical evidence captured on
this device at the time of the investigation.

Digital – (All mobile units) No physical evidence captured on any mobile device at the
time of the investigation.

Micro Cassette – (Mobile unit) No physical evidence captured on this device at the time
of the investigation.


Mini DV (mobile) – Approximately 4 hours of footage was taken on this device;
however, no anomalous activity was captured during the investigation duration.

DVR Camera #1 (upper floor, main room) – No physical evidence captured on this
device at the time of the investigation.

DVR Camera #2 (basement main room / south) – No physical evidence captured on
this device at the time of the investigation.

DVR Camera #3 (basement main room / north) – No physical evidence captured on
this device at the time of the investigation.


Standard baseline readings were taken at the beginning of the investigation. Erratic
readings were noted due to presence of large amounts of old wiring as well as heavy
concentrations of audio / visual devices and cables wired throughout the entire location.
We have concluded that an EMF device in this location can provide too many “false
positives” to be used in this location.


Standard “baseline” readings were taken at the beginning of the investigation with an
average of 74 degrees noted throughout the location. No other distinct temperature
changes were noted by the investigative team at any point during the investigation.

                          Investigator Feeling / Experiences:

Note: Personal experiences cannot in itself determine paranormal activity in a
location, unless documented by video or audio equipment.

Chris C. – No experiences to report.

Tack – No experiences to report.

David – Saw something distort one of the cameras in the basement. Heard odd noises that
sounded like they were coming from another room. Saw a light source from the floor
above me get blacked out like something passed by it four or five times.

Erin C. – When standing in the hallway in the upstairs area with Kristie, we heard a
metallic creaking noise that could not be identified.

Kevin J. – While in the upstairs main room I heard what sounded like a light bulb pop.
Upon inspection I found the light in the adjoining room intact.

Kristie J. – Sensed that something wanted to show itself all night; heard a metallic sound
in the upstairs area that could not be explained or duplicated.

Wendy F. – Heard a strange noise from the basement while on the first floor; while
sitting in the front room of the upstairs area I heard a rustling of plastic that sounded like
it was coming from the upstairs storage area. Heard a sound like a light bulb pop and
glass breaking in the upstairs front room and upon inspection the light bulb was intact.

Micah – In the basement at the beginning of the shift we heard a rustling noise. While
watching the DVR cameras in the office area we saw something moving from the top left
to the bottom right of the camera view in the other room of the basement. Saw something
block the light sources that were coming from the ceiling.

Chris F. – While in the basement office area I heard what sounded like a rustling noise in
the main room of the basement. While in the main room of the basement I was watching
a light source on the ceiling and noticed several times that it was being blocked out like
something passing by it.

Sensitive Report:
At the time of the investigation no MPI staff sensitives were available to collect any data
for this report. Please refer to previous investigation reports for information regarding
there findings.

Once again we had the opportunity to investigate this location and try to document the
activity that takes place there. During the investigation, several of the investigative team
did have personal experiences that always seem to correlate with those that the staff and
investigators have experienced in the past. Unfortunately during this investigation we
were unable to capture any evidence as we have in the past but we will be returning at a
future date to try and gather more data. This report will be presented to the client on
10/10/07 for review; no supplemental data has been received to date.


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