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					INT. GREAT ALTAR AND POOL--NIGHT Midnight Darkness. Great, black curtains hang draped like flying buttresses in the place where the Altar lies. An inky blackness swallows any sight beyond the curtains and two sourceless pools of moonlike light are the only gifts for those with eyes. One light anoints the Great Altar, a large stone block big enough to hold a dozen men laying flat. It is draped with a dozen long, white, silk sheets. The other light washes softly over the glassy smooth Pool of water which complements the Altar. The Pool is dark black, clean, symmetrical, and accompanied by a small obsidian tombstone. The tombstone has written upon it unreadable words. Atop the Great Altar, a smooth and undefined form stirs beneath the silk sheets. It moves as if waking, then as if searching. Arms raise high in the air, causing the sheets to slide slowly off and fall to the floor, one by one. As the last sheet falls to the floor, a MONSTER is revealed, reared back on its haunches, arms stretched to the heavens, head bowed. The Monster moans a deep and guttural lament with an infinity akin to that of a whale's. The creature is jet black with smooth, taut skin, strong and lean musculature, and a body like to a human's. The hands are large and clawed like talons and the legs similar to a werewolf's. The creature's face has long fangs and sharp eyes. Long, oil colored hair falls down to its knees. A small, mostly hidden object protrudes from the center of its chest, hidden by the Monster's long, black locks of hair. The Monster fearfully raises its eyes and glances around. It looks up and beholds its beastly claws, gazing in horror. It studies the rest of itself in disgust and hatred. With emotion welling up inside, the Monster stands to its full height and roars a highpitched and earsplitting scream of primordial proportion. The roar extends to the heavens, to the corners of the world, and to the depths. It falls to its knees, exhausted from the effort. Yet, it roars once more. This time, it is not alone as it is joined by a chorus of hundreds of other roars which return the call, echoing in the Midnight. The Monster moans lowly again, as silence threatens to conquer all. Then, a fluttering of feathered wings is heard from beyond the curtains. The Monster is startled with fear and glances around. The fluttering is heard again and the Monster leaps off of the Altar, huddling next to it. Clutching a fallen sheet, the Monster covers itself, creating a makeshift cloak which hides everything but its feet and the lower part of its face. It creeps toward the Pool and peers in. Seeing its face for the first time, it flinches, then leans in closer to study the horrific visage. Another moan. Without warning, the Dove lands on the Altar and looks at the Monster. Shamefully, angrily, the Monster hisses at the Dove. The Dove merely watches. In desperation, the Monster glances around, then dives into the Pool with little splash and barely a ripple. Silence. The Dove flies to the tombstone and waits. A tiny, gold chain hangs draped off of the edge of the Great Altar.

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