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2nd CLAR WSM 101.2012


        To:                   l Potential Bidders                Front               WasteServ Malta Ltd.
       Fax:                                                      Pages:                           2
       Re:            Clarification Request WSM 10112012          Cte:                   15 Januaiy 2013

    Period Contrnctforthe Loading and Export ofAsbestos Waste horn Civic Amenity Sites found in
                                         Malta and Gozo
                                              Advert WSM 101/2012

  Dear Sir I Madam,

  With Reference to the Tender Document advert number WSM 101/20 12; herewith please find hereunder the clarification
  requests by Potential Bidders and the clarification replies.

  Clarification Requests & Replies:

  Q 1: What is the analysis method for monitoring air quality that shall be adopted? Requisite is:

  i. SEM (Microscopia elettronica scansione) 2 fibre litro or
  ii. MOCF (microscopia ottica contrasto di fase) 20 fibre litro)

  A 1: The analysis method for monitoring air quality during the handling of asbestos is the phase contrast
  microscopy method.

  Q 2: Code EWC 1706 01* can you please confirm whether it is 1 wool insulation contaminated with
  asbestos’ or ‘friable asbestos’?

  A 2: EWC 17 06 01* refers to ‘non-friable asbestos’ but not necessarily ‘rock wool insulation contaminated with
  asbestos’. Tender WSMIOI/2012 deals with waste that predominantly contains asbestos in their composition.
  Examples of this waste include sheets, tanks, pipes, fittings and other objects containing asbestos. WasteServ
  receives this waste in the form of whole objects and in smaller pieces. Any type of insulation that contains
  asbestos can be directed with this tender.

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           WasteServ Malta Ltd. EkoCentre, Triq il-Latmija, Marsaskala MSK 4613 Malta
                                                                                         Company Reg. No. C3o56o
  Tel: (00356) 2385 8000 Fax: (00356) 21441930 Email:
Q 3: In Malta which is the accredited body that certifies asbestos workers, and the course consists of how
many hours? Also other certifications within EU for asbestos handling are valid?

A 3: WasteServ requires that the people handling asbestos are trained on performing this job. Any certifications on
asbestos handling originating from Malta or within the EU are acceptable. The number of training hours is not a
fixed criterion.

Q 4: What entitylbody certifies health monitoring and authorized to issue the certificates?

A 4: Please refer to the Maltese Occupational Health and Safety Authority.

Yours fafthfuI

Clint Cardona
Contracting Unit

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