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					Golden Tones 2012 Annual Report                                      page 1 of 15

                                  Golden Tones, Inc.
            Mailing Address: 41 Cochituate Road, Wayland, MA 01778
                 Office Address: 7 Erie Drive, Natick, MA 01760
                     Email Address:
                                 (508) 318-6318

                          (revised and adopted June 2009)
  The mission of the Golden Tones chorus is to practice and provide enriching
entertainment for senior citizen facilities, schools, faith communities and public
 events. Members are men and women of retirement age who sing and dance to
 lift spirits, have fun, and promote health and social engagement to benefit our
                              audiences and ourselves.

       GOLDEN TONES BOARD                                    Emeritae:
         Helen Brody, President                 Maddie Sifantus, Director Emerita
       Bob Mosher, Vice President               Evelyn Smith, President Emerita
       Fred McDougall, Treasurer                Shirley Pollitt, President Emerita
        Barbara Sutherland, Clerk
            Judith L. Huber                      2012 GOLDEN TONES STAFF
             Bob Sutherland                       Deborah Lee Marion, Director
                                                  Marilyn Darack, Accompanist
                                                     Bill Geha, Accompanist
                                                 Valerie Schleppi, Accompanist
Golden Tones 2012 Annual Report                                                      page 2 of 15

               Golden Tones Annual Meeting Jan. 29, 2013

1. Call to order                                                    Helen Brody

2. Approval of Minutes of 2012 Annual Meeting                       Barbara Sutherland

3. President’s Presentation                              Helen Brody
      Strategic Plan
      Bylaws change to establish Standing Rule re: Endowment

4. Treasurer’s Report                                               Fred McDougall
      Approval of FY 2013 Budget

5. Director’s Report                                                Deborah Marion
      Essential Values

6. Committee Reports                                                Committee Chairs
     Dev-Mark, Caring, MAP, Library, Membership

7. Candidates for Board of Directors 2013                           Helen Brody

8. Adjournment                                                      Helen Brody

Serving at least until first Annual Meeting following the calendar year listed.

Helen Brody                   continuing as President               2014
Bob Mosher                    continuing as Vice President          2013
Fred McDougall                continuing as Treasurer               2013
Barbara Sutherland            continuing as Clerk                   2014
Judith L. Huber                                                     2014
Bob Sutherland                                                      2014
- open position -
- open position -
- open position -
Golden Tones 2012 Annual Report                                                        page 3 of 15

WOW! Can you believe it??!! The GOLDEN TONES are turning 25 SILVER YEARS!
For those amongst the more recent members, who perhaps are not familiar with our history, I share the
following brief summary: The chorus was born in 1988 to its creator, Maddie Sifantus, our
founder/director (now the Rev. Maddie Sifantus) who, with her mother Lina MacNeill as accompanist,
formed what would eventually be named the Wayland Golden Tones. Organized as a small sing-along
group of some 10 persons, who began meeting for an hour every other week from September to June to
sing old familiar favorite songs, the group continued to expand and, as years passed, evolved into the
Golden Tones chorus as we now know it.

It always gives me great pleasure to look back on our past, our present, and consider our future. The
Golden Tones has continued to flourish as an organization throughout these 25 years of life. It has
become a major and stable happening throughout MetroWest, and on occasion, beyond. A
recapitulation of activities this season includes:

S pecial concerts we have performed: Senator Spilka’s Health and Wellness Fair, a successful
performance as we have been asked to return next year. Singing for some 300 incoming Boston
University students interested in pursuing a career in community outreach was an uplifting experience.
“Senior Spectacular” concert at the DCU Center in Worcester sponsored by Fallon Health Care gave us
an interesting perspective.

I nternal accomplishments of your Board of Directors included: Completion of our revised By-Laws; a
Standing Rule for the Endowment Fund; a review of our previous Strategic Plan and the development
of a new 5-year strategic plan (2013-2018) that will carry the Golden Tones into the future.

L oss of members Abe Goodman, Ginny Megson (a member of the original group of Golden Tones),
Nancy Perry, and Barbara Philbrick saddened us all.

V ery versatile musical programming thanks to the members of the MAP Committee working in
conjunction with Debby.

E ntered into an arrangement with Wayside Hospice of Parmenter Health Care to visit and sing to
patients through the efforts of our Caring Committee volunteers.

R ITZ Funraiser once again achieved its monetary goal and provided a fun social event for all who

In conclusion, let me say that I am so very proud to be a part of this vital organization and I thank you
for the support and respect that you have paid me as your President. I ask that you recall and remain
focused on our double outreach mission: In this manner we help ourselves as we help others.

Respectfully submitted,

Helen F. Brody, President
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Dear Golden Tones Shareholders,
If you are reading this report, you have an interest in the welfare of an enterprise called Golden Tones
chorus. Consider yourself an “investor” of time, talent, treasure, and involvement, and read on!

During our Strategic Planning process , Helen Brody and I reviewed the organization’s previous (2007)
Strategic Plan, and highlighted ideas to review and perhaps carry forward into the new Strategic Plan.
We were heartened by the many prescriptions that we have implemented since 2007:
• Board development and governance - new bylaws, standing rules in progress
•   Create financial plan to fund true cost of organization - accompanists pay at market rate, health
    insurance for staff
•   Major fundraiser - the Ritz, for 3 years successful!
•   Creation of Caring Committee
•   Creation of Dev-Mark Committee
•   Seek funding based on our "healthy aging" model - Tufts Health Plan Charitable Foundation
•   Create comprehensive database of donors and contacts
•   Develop plan for use of the endowment
•   Annual Report used to promote the organization
•   Re-invigoration and communication about Heritage Society (a work in progress)
•   Using internet to fundraise - new e-newsletter "Staccato Notes"
•   Continue connections to local schools - Wayland Sings!
•   Continue connections to community - Wayland Business Association, MetroWest Nonprofit
    Network, Wayland 375th Committee, local Cultural Councils, etc.
•   Thanking donors immediately - plan implemented with individual phone calls

Even with these initiatives underway, I found myself asking: if Priority #1 in our vision statement is to
"Maintain our Excellent Program," how do we define excellence? It's not enough to say "I know it
when I see it." And excellence does not necessarily equate to "keeping everything exactly the same."
Change is inevitable, but shared core values, articulated well, can provide the foundation for adapting
as change occurs. It's been a good exercise to formulate what values we would want to maintain into
the future.

On the following page, you’ll find the “preamble” to our new Strategic Plan: an inventory of the
VALUES of the Golden Tones program, which in my opinion, and that of your Board, are ESSENTIAL

Respectfully submitted,

Deborah Lee Marion, Director
Golden Tones 2012 Annual Report                                                       page 5 of 15


1. The program creates a synergy with its double outreach – to audiences and singers themselves.
   Audience members feel their spirits lifted as they sing along, and the singers themselves experience
   the enjoyment and meaning of doing important work in the community.
2. Live performances offer an immediacy like no other artistic experience. Audience and performers
   meet in a shared experience that they each help create for the other.
3. The program can demonstrate a positive model of conscious aging with grace and dignity. Our
   public appearances at schools, houses of worship, and community events, offer a strong role model
   of successful aging for the community.
4. Choral singing offers noticeable health benefits. Joyful vocalizing, deeper breathing, rhythmic
   movement, all buoy moods and boost immune system activity. When members face significant life
   health challenges, the program inspires them to rebound because they feel needed and long to
   return to the group.
5. We take pride in our product. Standards of quality matter, and can be met with an inclusive,
   non-auditioned chorus of amateur singers. We welcome all singers of retirement age, regardless of
   musical experience. Rehearsals focus on what the group can achieve together (e.g. clean entrances
   and cutoffs, dynamic expression, clear enunciation, attention to the director, confidence in
   delivery). Musical choices are made with both singers and audiences in mind. All members are
   given sheet music (not simply lyric sheets in most cases) and are offered orientation and musical
   education as needed. We work hard in rehearsal to deliver well-rehearsed shows. We create
   thoughtful, pleasing orchestration. We observe carefully chosen criteria for accompanists, soloists,
   and featured performers. We arrange our "stage" at each venue to ensure optimal visual contact
   between performers. Public performances merit extra preparation and are not "thrown together" or
6. Members' participation, growth, and experimentation can by encouraged while maintaining
   standards of quality. For example, holding "try-ons" for solo parts, instead of "try-outs," offers a
   chance for members to see if a song fits their talents and readiness without becoming a rejection
   scenario. The director can make suggestions for improvement, or for other material to try, even if
   the singer does not yet meet the accepted standard.
7. Individuals' independence and dignity can be honored with a combination of reasonable
   expectations and support where needed. Most members have the ability to perform the basic tasks
   required of them, such as organizing their own music, driving, and following directions to new
   places. Those who need assistance receive it from other members, as soon as the need is noticed.
8. Making music is inherently fun when it is approached with levity and allowance for making
   mistakes. Being in the chorus has to be enjoyable. Anyone can learn to be a good choral singer.
   Rehearsals are where making mistakes should happen. Professional musicians (director,
   accompanists) also make mistakes. Laughing together creates community.
Golden Tones 2012 Annual Report                                                        page 6 of 15

The Dev-Mark Committee was formed by the Golden Tones Board in March 2009. This Committee is
charged with functions that are critical to our financial sustainability, as a balanced budget depends
largely on charitable giving:
    • DEV - creating, executing and evaluating a Development Plan
    • MARK - determining marketing approaches, messages, audiences, and vehicles
2012 Dev-Mark members included: Helen Brody, Francine Brown, Carole Felz, Caroline Jacobs, Judy
Kazunas, Marilyn Kucharski, Harvey Montague, Bob Mosher, JoAnn Wong, and Deborah Marion, who
continues as Chair Ad Interim. We welcome new member JoAnn Wong, and hope some new folks will
consider serving on this committee which is essential to the continuation of the musical program.

As you know, the bulk of our financial support comes from individual donors. Therefore, the theme of
our work continues to be DIVERSIFICATION, finding different ways to attract funding from many
sources. A summary of Dev-Mark projects follows:

Annual Appeal letters: Our traditional annual appeal mailing got a spiffy new look with our new
Silver Jubilee logo and fancy paper. The text, drafted by the Dev-Mark Committee, effectively
communicated what we do and why we need support, resulting in an unprecedented volume of
donations, many from new friends. Little gifts mean much to a small outfit like ours, and we are VERY

Puttin’ On a Little Ritz: The largest fundraising project undertaken in 2012 was the 3rd annual “Ritz,”
our FUNraiser held on Sunday afternoon, May 6th at Sandy Burr Country Club in Wayland. Festivities
included dancing to live music by the MidLife Crisis Band, homemade goodies, and a short Golden
Tones performance. Ticket sales, a 50/50 raffle, raffle baskets, a silent auction, a live auction, and both
in-kind and cash donations made the event a smashing financial success, once again exceeding
budgeted goals and expectations. Its success was a testament to the teamwork of all GTs members. We
hope to build on its success with the Silver Jubilee concert event in 2013..

Heritage Society: The Golden Tones Heritage Society is a group of Golden Tones members and
supporters who have pledged to make a bequest to Golden Tones, or to designate that in-memory-of
gifts may be given to Golden Tones Inc. Gifts “in lieu of flowers” is a recently created way to join the
GTs Heritage Society, with the hope that more singing members will find it a comfortable way to
benefit our organization beyond their own participation, into the future.

Online friend cultivation: Our challenge for 2013 will be continuing to grow our donor base using our
new E-News capability. We continued “Staccato Notes” with 3 issues leading up to our Ritz event, and
a final issue in December, to continuing positive reviews. The success of this communication vehicle
will depend on attracting subscribers and delivering content that they value, without overusing the
medium. Our website home page now offers a way to subscribe, and to view the most recent E-News.
As more people begin using iPads and computers, we hope to stay current enough to reach our
supporters in ways they increasingly find most convenient and we find most efficient.

Business sponsor program: In 2012 we attracted an additional sponsor who found our “Applause”
sponsorship program attractive. This program can appeal to local businesses who wish to make a live
presentation to our members. We hope to continue forming these partnerships, particularly those
involved with continuing health and wellness as people get older. We welcome your ideas and
introductions toward that effort.
Golden Tones 2012 Annual Report                                                       page 7 of 15

Walk for Music: This annual event in late May continues to be successful and fun, giving our
members a chance to meet singers from other choruses and spend a lovely day walking around the
victory gardens in Boston.

Grantwriting: A large grant from Sudbury Foundation enabled us to engage an experienced
grantwriter to help us find support from family and corporate foundations. As a result of more than 25
proposals submitted, we received grants from Tufts Health Plan Foundation ($5,000), Framingham Co-
Operative Bank Foundation (now called MutualOne Bank Foundation - $3,000), and Bose Corporation
($500) – all foundations with a prior connection to our project. The remainder sent rejection notices or
did not reply at all, but we hope they read our proposal and gained some familiarity with our project.
It is clear that we need to cultivate relationships with new funding organizations to sustain our chorus.
Thus, with the remaining Sudbury Foundation funds, we plan to develop some of our own
grantseekers to take advantage of our consultant’s hands-on training and support as we bring this
effort in-house. If you love what we’re doing, you’re our best possible ambassador!

As always, your creativity, enthusiasm, and elbow-grease are essential to our success!
Respectfully submitted,
Deborah Marion, Dev-Mark Chair Ad Interim

The committee has met quarterly and has kept in touch during the rest of the year by email or phone
calls. We continue to keep those of our membership who have had medical problems in our thoughts
and prayers.

Early this past Fall we established the Bob Curtis singers, a new venture under the caring committee
umbrella. A group of 3-4 singers have been visiting the Parmenter Hospice in Wayland. We sing in
patients rooms, 2-3 songs which have been carefully chosen and are approved by the nursing staff. We
try to keep it quite simple and comforting. We are planning to visit a couple of chorus members after
the holiday season in their homes. In 2013 it is our hope to expand this program to other sights and
with other teams of singers. Two visits to Chorus members have also taken place.

Another new task that the Caring Chair has taken on this year is passing out a satisfaction survey to the
activities director or other appropriate person to be filled out while we are still on sight. Without
exception, these have all been very positive with strong emphasis on the enthusiasm of the chorus
members and of course our fabulous dancers and costumes.
We hope for good health and happiness for our entire membership.
Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Sutherland, Caring Committee Chair

The Golden Tones Board of Directors authorized the establishment of the Musical Artistic
Programming (MAP) Committee in the autumn of 2009 to advise and support the director regarding
the musical elements included in our concert programs. Currently the MAP Committee consists of five
members: Judy Kazunas (Chairperson), Phyllis Sonnenschein (recording secretary), Carole Felz,
Francine Brown, and Bill Storey, plus Helen Brody who attends as representative of the Board of
Directors, and Golden Tones Director, Debby Marion.

With the exception of any rare special meeting called to discuss some specific issue, the MAP
Committee meets four times a year in January, May, September and November.
Golden Tones 2012 Annual Report                                                       page 8 of 15

The Committee sets policy and discusses song repertory, themes for each season’s programs, the year’s
“mini-musical,” try-ons, criteria for selecting soloists, guidelines for the mix of solos, and dance
numbers for concert programs, and the role of the Nuggets. Several important discussions and changes
took place and decisions made by the MAP Committee in 2012:

•   The MAP Committee began in late fall to discuss the songs for the Silver Jubilee program and will
    continue with more in-depth discussion of this subject in the coming months.

•   Marilyn Darack (a former Golden Tones accompanist) retired from the MAP Committee. Marilyn’s
    presence on the Committee always brought a cheerful note and her suggestions were often used.
    We were sorry to see her leave. She was replaced by our drummer, Bill Storey, who has an
    impressive background of involvement in a variety of types of musical groups. We look forward to
    his contributions.

•   In September, the MAP Committee installed a “Suggestion Box” at our rehearsals. This gives all
    Golden Tones members an opportunity to submit songs that they would like to see included in a
    program some time. The suggestion box is emptied before each MAP Committee meeting and the
    submissions are sorted and considered. Naturally not all songs submitted will find their way to our
    programs (just as all songs discussed at MAP meetings do not end up in our programs), but some
    will be just what we’re looking for !

•  The most important change that took place in the MAP Committee structure this year is that the
   Board of Directors determined that it is a standing (not ad hoc) committee and needs policies for
   setting the size of the Committee, the criteria for membership, the appointment of new members,
   term limits/succession, and procedures for addressing these matters. After much discussion at the
   November , these policies were set, and are in place as our rules and references from now on.
Respectfully submitted,
Judy Kazunas, MAP Committee member

The Music Library Committee maintains the music library by helping organize the music currently
being performed or rehearsed (kept in singers’ books) and maintaining the files of music waiting to be
used (in filing cabinets at the Town Building). Volunteers assemble extra books to have on hand for
newcomers and visitors, and help members keep their books up to date. In general, however, members
themselves are responsible for keeping their books current and bringing them to rehearsals and

Work continues on the following two projects:
• Removal of some older music from our files in order to make room for new music. This is being
  done because of limited storage space.

•   Creation of an accurate computer record of our entire repertoire including key in which piece is
    written; number of pages in song; type of arrangement (solo, duet, chorus, etc); source (musical,
    movie, television, etc.) and type of music (patriotic, Irish, humor, holiday, etc.).

With grateful appreciation and thanks to Debby, Helen Brody, Carole Felz , Gladys Gibbs, Barbara
Sutherland, and all the other Golden Tones members who helped with the music in 2012.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary Lambert, Music Book Committee Chair
Golden Tones 2012 Annual Report                                                   page 9 of 15

The function of the Membership Committee is to (a) prepare packets of information for prospective
members, (b) provide follow-up telephone calls to prospective members concerning any questions they
might have about any aspect of Golden Tones chorus policies or activities, (c) see to it that new
members have identification badges, beads (for women) and ties (for men), and appropriate music
books, (d) make additional contacts with new members addressing any further questions (e) provide a
Musical Mentor(M&M) to help acclimate the new member to the Golden Tones program and (f) make
new members welcome to the Golden Tones. This year the Golden Tones welcomed 11 new members
who have become valued members of our community and have added their voices to our mission.
Respectfully submitted,
Phyllis Sonnenschein, Membership Committee Chair

                                 2012        2012          2011
                                BUDGET      ACTUAL        ACTUAL           2012 NOTES
Gov’t – federal, state, local       3,000       3,000         5,000      Mass Cultural Council
Foundation grants                   2,500       8,500         1,000
Restricted fdn grants               7,500       7,500
Individual donations               35,000      41,740         40,923
Organization donations                500         300            300
Corporate sponsorships              1,800       2,855          1,603                   up 78%
Small Fundraisers                   1,200       1,010          1,380
Signature Annual Event                                                 For 3 consecutive years,
(Ritz)                             22,500       24,501        21,417     earned 25% of budget
Calendar project                    5,350            0                          Not undertaken
             CONTRIBUTED           79,350       89,407        71,623                   up 25%
Membership Dues                     2,450        2,485         2,575
Performance Fees                    6,400        7,085         5,475                   up 29%
Interest & Misc                     1,700          171           446
                  EARNED           10,050        9,741         8,496
Investment Withdrawal               4,750            0             0            Not necessary
TOTAL INCOME                       94,650       99,148        80,120

                   STAFFING        65,850       64,849        61,457
                     OFFICE         9,325       10,079         9,238
                      OTHER        19,475       18,263         9,553
TOTAL EXPENSES                     96,450       93,190        80,249

NET SURPLUS (DEFICIT)                   0        5,958         (129)
Golden Tones 2012 Annual Report                                              page 10 of 15

We thank all the people who keep our music alive for the benefit of many others.

FANS (< $25)                                      James and Sandy Harris
Daniel and Louise Brown                           Mary Hester
Diane Caplan                                      Leslie and Barbara Hildreth
Carolyn Crowell                                   Leslie Hoerr
David and Beth Hirzel                             Peggy Holland
David and Kathleen Lang                           Pete and Debby Jones
Jeanne Lavine                                     Lauren Komack
Clare and Dan Lewis                               JoAnn Kunz
Thomas Neylon                                     Ken and Liz LeBaron
Alfreda Nowak                                     Jeanette Lee
Natalie Oxman                                     Roxanne Lyman and Dennis Ceru
Florence Peck                                     Kathy Manning
Laurie Profit                                     Charlotte Mason
Linda and Harvey Segal                            Nancy McDonald
Joanne Sinerate                                   Edward and Sue McKearney
Betty Smith                                       Susan Meyers
Beverly Smith                                     Tom and Star Myles
Wendy Sobel                                       Paul and Carolyn Neeson
David Stallard                                    Peggy Norwood
Patricia Welch                                    Lorraine Oakes
Parker White                                      Neill Osgood
                                                  Elizabeth Patterson
ENTHUSIASTS ($25+)                                Lucy and Ted Pease
Lloyd Anthony                                     Donald and Patrese Pierson
Carolyn and Chandler Bingham                      Barbara Procum
Carolyn Boday                                     Steve and Kim Robb
Diane and Bob Brennan                             Thomas and Meghan Scanlon
Sue Brewster                                      Ruth Schwab
Sen. Scott Brown and Gail Huff                    Marilyn and Kenneth Scola
Margaret Cain                                     Mary Ellen Simmons
Carol Caswell                                     Ginny Simons
Bonnie and Alistair Catto                         Elizabeth Simpson
Philippa Condakes                                 Elizabeth and Tim Skehan
Ronna Cooper                                      Estelle Slavin
Muriel Curll                                      Brian Stewart and Jane Brawerman
Judith DiCarlo                                    Sonja Strong
Shirley Dolins                                    Ronnie Swain
Stephen and Sharon Engler                         Suzanne Tiberii
Erika Epstein                                     Chuck and Frances Wade
Bobbi and Joel Feinblatt                          Karen Wagner
Arthur Fine                                       Eileen White
Nancy Flanagan                                    Nancy Winsten
Ellen and Marvin Greenberger                      Lynne Yeaman
Irene Guiney                                      Elizabeth Young
Brian and Karen Haack
Miphi Hall-Wunderlich
Golden Tones 2012 Annual Report                                  page 11 of 15

MUSIC LOVERS ($50+)                  Anna and Keith Meliones
Hallett Baker                        Tom and Anne Morrill
Prescott and Marge Baston            Bob and Cynthia Mosher
Karen Benjamin                       Deborah Nelson
Dave and Kathe Bernstein             Martha Oberrender
Donnie Baillargeon and David Berti   Phyllis and Howard Okoomian
Irma and Jayson Brodie               Carol Olsen
Francine and Don Brown               Linda Page
Greg and Donny Buckle                Alex and Marcia Papianou
Barbara Buell                        Marjorie Peterson
William Burt                         Gregory and Edna Polanik
Anne Chase                           Barbara Pontecorvo
Loretta Chu                          Louise Reed
Chris and Keena Clifford             Irwin & Joni Rich
Alexa and Peter Crowe                Rob Rogers
Sharona Dayan                        Ann Rowan
Mary Doyle                           Manny and Alice Salos
Frances Doyle                        Betty Salzberg and Lawrence Morris
Janet and George Drummey             Janet and Eldon Schmidt
Karen Feeney                         Julie Secord
Dr. Robert Feingold                  Lisa and Jonathan Shapiro
David and Judy Fischer               Anne Shaughnessy
Sandra Gee                           David and Jane Simmons
John Duncan Glover                   Colin and Ginny Steel
Rose Goodman                         John Stefanini
Ray Grossman                         Bill Storey and Virginia Ryan
Pierre and Therese Haan              Susan Vick
Barbara Hernberg                     Peter Viles
Geraldine Hirshland                  Rick Wohlers
John and Lynne Iberg                 Jane and Fa Wu
George and Stacey Kacoyanis
Linda Kilburn and Bruce Peterson     BELIEVERS ($100+)
Naomi Knight                         Charlie and Lea Anderson
Jeanne Lambert                       Mary and John Antes
Kathleen Lane                        Jay and Erica Ball
Lois Lee and Young-Jo Kim            Mary Barker and John Flaherty
Karen and Simon Leese                Ruth and George Brawerman
Sally Linden                         Marie Coll
Maria Locke                          Gene Cummings
Laverne and George Lovell            Muffy Curtis
Leslie Lundburg                      Marilyn and John Darack
Bob and Gretchen Lutz                Frank Davis
Dr. Kenneth MacAfee                  Mark Dolins
Marlene and Bob Mailloux             Carole Felz
Gerry Malcolm                        Bea and David Fye
Jane Mansfield                       Gladys Gibbs
Karen Margolis and Victor Nussbaum   Lorraine Hames
Susan Marston                        Nancy Hanslip
Todd McDougall                       John and Patricia Higgins
Golden Tones 2012 Annual Report                               page 12 of 15

Paul Hooper                       Caroline Jacobs
George and Marney Ives            Harris and Nancy MacNeill
Michael Knight                    Harvey Montague
Doug Leard and Cynthia Bryant     Cynthia Williams
Deborah Marion
Betsy and Larry McClendon         BENEFACTORS ($500+)
Rowena Palmer                     Joan Aureli
Geraldine Quinlan                 Stanley and Josephine Chen
David Regan                       Mary Lambert
Richard Rosenblatt                Helen Brody
Carl and Anna Laura Rosow         Chauncy Perry
Shirley Schofield                 Fred and Mary Ann McDougall
Maddie Sifantus                   Phyllis Sonnenschein
Paul and Nancy Siler
Susan Sisak                       CHAMPIONS ($1,000+)
Matthew Sliwa                     John and Kathy Heckscher
Ray Smith                         Judy Kazunas
Maurice and Linda Stauffer        Maura Shaughnessy
                                  Barbara and Robert Sutherland
Dorothy Dunlay                    PHILANTHROPISTS ($5,000+)
Edwina Eastman                    Dick and Tilly Close
Claire Graunas                    Marilyn and John Kucharski
Leo Hogan
Judith Huber
Golden Tones 2012 Annual Report                                              page 13 of 15

We thank these government agencies, foundations, faith communities, and businesses, who
demonstrate that music enriches everyone in the community.

FANS (< $25)                                    Middlesex Savings Bank
United Prosthetics                              Natick Federal Savings Band
                                                New Horizons
ENTHUSIASTS ($25+)                              Newbury Court
Hanna Hearing Aid Service                       Norumbega Point at Weston
Failla & DeFrancesco Family Dentistry           Omni Foods Supermarkets
TD Bank                                         Orchard Hill at Sudbury
Wayland Travel Inc.                             Parmenter Community Health Care
MUSIC LOVERS ($50+)                             Periodontal Associates
Baldwin Insurance Agency                        Personal Physical Therapy
Bethany Health Care Center                      Regan, David O.D.
Carlyle House                                   Rehabilitation Associates of Norwood
Chisholm Insurance                              Roche Bros.
Citizens Bank                                   Rotary Club of Weston & Wayland
Cooper, Dr. Matthew                             Shepard's Service
DC Consignments                                 TCAN - The Center for Arts in Natick
Déjà Vu Records                                 Tobe Gerard Insurance LLC
Florentine Frames                               Traditions of Dedham
Hammond Residential Real Estate                 Traditions of Wayland
La Riviera Gourmet                              Village Bank
Liberty Pizza                                   Washek Electric Inc
Marcou Jewelers                                 West Newton Hearing Center
Marlborough Hills Healthcare Center             Weston Drama Workshop
Master Worx Hair Design                         White, Freeman & Winter LLP
Southwick Fine Jewelry Consignment              Whitney Place at Natick
Sudbury Valley Trustees                         CONCERT PATRONS ($250+)
Thalheimer Long Life Planning                   Countryside Nursing Home
TLC Painting                                    First Baptist Church of Weston
Wayland Wine and Spirits                        John C. Bryant Funeral Home
Weston Travel Service                           Stop & Shop of Natick
Wingate at Sudbury                              Wayland Business Association
BELIEVERS ($100+)                               BENEFACTOR ($500+)
Arts/Wayland                                    The Groves in Lincoln
Bolivar Plumbing
Cambridge Trust Co                              CHAMPIONS ($1,000+)
Carleton-Willard Village Health Center          Simmons Recovery Consulting
Epoch Assisted Living at Weston                 MutualOne Bank
Extended Family of Wayland                        (formerly Framingham Co-Operative Bank)
Heritage at Framingham                          Simmons Recovery Consulting
Holmes of Wayland
                                                PHILANTHROPISTS ($5,000+)
Johnson Compounding & Wellness Center
                                                The Sudbury Foundation
Lavin's Liquors
                                                Tufts Health Plan Foundation
Mary Ann Morse Nursing & Rehabilitation
Michael Lynch Landscape & Tree
Golden Tones 2012 Annual Report                                                        page 14 of 15

We thank the following individuals and organizations for their gifts of time, expertise, thoughtful advice,
rehearsal and meeting space, publicity, performance opportunities, office furnishings and equipment,
silent and live auction items, and other help. Their generosity has enabled and enriched our program in
so many ways.

Jean Benton                           Barbara Gilmore                        Joe Oneschuk
Dr. Samer Aleid, D.M.D.               Brenda Hamilton                        David Passer
Mary Antes                            Gail Huff                              Ginny Redpath
Donnie Baillargeon                    Celeste Hurley                         Diane Ring
Eileen Bogle                          Cathi Ianno                            Sandra Rizkallah
George Brawerman                      Elizabeth Jackvony                     Steve Robb
Sue Brewster                          Caroline Jacobs                        Kayla Romanelli
Helen Brody                           Sharon Kern                            Elizabeth Rose
Pam Bryant                            Linda Kilburn                          Richard Rosenblatt
Cindy Bryant                          Cynthia Koure                          Elise Rowley
Ann Budner                            Marilyn & John Kucharski               Lucy Saunders
Carolyn Burt                          Helen LeMoine                          Deb Sayre
Jane Carlson                          Cheri Lieberman                        Valerie Schleppi
Elizabeth Chipman                     Laverne Lovell                         Julie Secord
Debbie Cibotti                        Patti MacNeil                          Deborah Seidman
Dr. Matthew A. Cooper                 Jane Mansfield                         Ellen H. Smith
Marie Picard Craig                    Harvey & Nancy Marion                  Raymond
Gene Cummings                         Diane Marobella                        Phyllis Sonnenschein
Marilyn Darack                        Marilyn Martino                        Rachel Stewart
Frank Davis                           Fred & Maryann McDougall               Barbara & Bob Sutherland
Don Davis                             Maggie Meehan                          Sue Turner
Maureen DeJong                        Doug Mosher                            Margaret Umbsen
Shirley Dolins                        Cynthia Mosher                         Elaine & Ralph Wegener
Scott Domaratius                      Alice Moylan                           Elaine Wegener
Barry Fox, Esq.                       Amruta Mudambi                         Cynthia Williams
Alice Frumin                          Stephen Murray                         Susan Winslow
Beatrice Fye                          Dana Neshe                             Marillyn Zacharis
Scott Gaddis                          Susan Nicholl

AAA of Southern New England                               Bistro 20 Restaurant
Abigail's Children's Boutique                             Blondes & Brunettes
Arts Alliance of Hudson                                   Bodywork Revolution
ArtsEmerson                                               British Beer Company
Bearly Read Books, Inc.                                   Capt. Bill & Sons Whale Watches
Beauty and Main                                           Clip and Dip
Bella Costa Ristorante                                    Cocoapelli Chocolates
Ben and Jerry's                                           Colonial Acres Resort/West Yarmount Inn
Bertucci's Italian Restaurant                             Comella's Restaurant
Big Picture Framing                                       Commodore's Inn, Stowe, VT
Golden Tones 2012 Annual Report                                   page 15 of 15

Computer Care Associates            MIT Museum
Concepts Salon and Day Spa          Museum of Science
Concord Hand Designs                Museum of Transportation
Concord Museum                      Natalie's Italian Kitchen
Concord Teacakes Etc.               New England Patriots
Curves of Natick                    Newbury Comics
Dah-Mee Cuisine                     Nick's Pizza House
Debsan - The Decorating Store       Not Your Average Joe's
DeCordova Sculpture Park & Museum   Old Yarmouth Inn
Dedham Community Theatre            Optica
Dolphin Seafood - Natick            Paul Revere House
Donelan's                           Peabody Essex Museum
Dorset Organic Cafe & Catering      Pinkberry
Duck Soup                           Posies of Wellesley
Duck Tours of Boston                Quebrada Baking Company
Dunkin' Donuts                      Reasons to be Cheerful
Edible Arrangements                 Red Sox
Firefly’s Bodacious Bar-B-Q         Renew Arts & Industry
Five Crows                          Renjeau Galleries
Fountain Street Fine Art Gallery    Renzo Salon
Fun & Games                         RitualWorks
Garden in the Woods                 Roger Pelissier Photography
Glowgolf                            Sassamon Trace Golf Course
Golfer's Warehouse                  Shanghai Tokyo
Grasshopper Shop                    Sherborn Inn
Green's Hardware                    Sir Speedy
Hair Today                          Steve's Antiques
Harvard University Art Museum       Sunshine Cleaning Systems
Hazel's Bakery                      Sweet Basil
Heads Up Hair Salon                 The Bead Shop
Hovey Players                       The Frame Shop & Gallery
Jesamondo Salon & Spa               The Melting Pot
Jordan's Furniture IMAX             The Preservation Society of Newport County
La Cantina                          The Villa Restaurant
Landry's Bicycles                   The Village Barber
Leiby's Garden & Flower Shop        Tilly & Salvy's Bacon Street Farm
Liberty Pizza                       Top of the Hub
LittleBits Toys                     Town Line Hardware
Longfellow Health Center            Trader Joe's
Longfellow Sports Club              Turtle Lane Playhouse
Lyric Stage Company of Boston       Village Bank, Wayland
Main Streets Market and Café        Wal-mart
Marathon Sports                     Wayland Sunoco
Margarita's Mexican Restaurant      Wayside Inn
Maribu                              Wellesley Booksmith
Masala Art                          Weston Optical
Massachusetts Bay Lines             White Mountain Creamery
Master Worx Hair Design             Zaftig's Delicatessen
Mel's Commonwealth Café
Metrowest Eldercare Management
Michelle's Jewelry Boutique
MidLife Crisis Band

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