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					                   Anatomical Terminology Worksheet

Fill in the blank completing the analogy.

1.     anterior: ventral as posterior: ____________________

2.     superficial: external as deep: ____________________

3.     cranial: caudal as superior: _____________________

4.     medial: lateral as proximal: _______________________

Match the organs with what cavity they are in.

CAVITY                                                        ORGAN

1.____ cranial cavity                                         A. stomach

2.____ spinal cavity                                          B. reproductive organs

3.____ thoracic cavity                                        C. brain

4.____ abdominal cavity                                       D. small intestines

5.____ pelvic cavity                                          E. urinary bladder

                                                              F. spinal cord

                                                              G. liver, gallbladder,
                                                                     and spleen

                                                              H. lung

Who Am I?

1. I am the cavity that contains the brain and spinal cord.

2 . I am the cavity that contains the thoracic and abdominopelvic cavities.