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April 2013 issue - AAUW_ Green Valley_ AZ


									                                Valley View
             Green Valley Branch                                                 Green Valley, Arizona
                       April 2013                                                Co-Presidents
                 Vol. 39 Issue 8                                                 Judy Thut and Lorna Kitchak

   President’s Message: What Kind of Imprint Have We Left On The Community?

    Now that it is April and branch activities are winding    the money go? All members of AAUW Green Valley are
down, it's a good time to give ourselves a vigorous pat on    members of our national association. $49 of your $72
our collective back as we consider the "flowering" that       dues, wherever paid, go to the Association. Per person,
our AAUW year has encouraged. We've enjoyed our               $43 of those dues go to the Association's 501(c)(3) funds.
Book, Border Issues, Bridge, Hablamos Espanol, Lunch,         We currently have 157 members. Considering that some
Needles, Newcomer and Travel groups. We've even been          of our members are Life Members, not required to pay
On the Road Again. We've made friends, had interesting        association dues, and that others have joined under
discussions and become better                                                   special membership offers, a ballpark
informed about many topics; but what           We have contributed more         estimate of the funds we contributed to
kind of imprint have we left on our financially to more philanthropic AAUW causes through our dues is
community? Have we lived up to our                                              $5,600. This year, as a branch, we are
                                             causes than you may realize!
mission statement to increase equity? I                                         able to set aside an additional $2,000
                                            So, where did y/our money go? for local scholarships and $2,000 to the
think we have in many ways.
                                                              AAUW funds that will be chosen by our 2012-2013
    Our Border Issues group - well, the name says most
                                                              Honored Member (s). Individual members responded
of it - has been publicizing and educating the wider
                                                              magnificently to the presentation about EMERGE by
community about social and financial issues associated
                                                              directly donating $1,440 to that organization.
with living on the border. Hablamos Espanol has enabled
                                                              Individually, members gave $685 directly to AAUW
some of us to speak more fluently with our neighbors,
                                                              funds. The grand total of these philanthropic amounts is
always a good practice. The new St. Andrew's Clinic
                                                              $11,725. Way to go Green Valley Branch members!
project provides packed lunches so that parents and
children have food to eat on their long journeys home             In many ways your AAUW membership is a great
following treatment at the free clinic. To round off our      investment and a personal pleasure.
outreach for the year, we'll be helping Green Valley and          For a detailed account of the various AAUW national
Sahuarita middle school girls explore careers in the          funding targets check the listing at
STEM fields through the Expanding Your Horizons               resource/support-aauw-programs-faq-2/
                                                                  Judy Thut, Co-President
    We have contributed more financially to more
philanthropic causes than you may realize! So, where did

                                           2013-2014 DUES Are DUE!!

        We are collecting 2013-2014 dues. Renewing now assures your entry into our 2013-2014 Directory.
                                Payments are accepted in person or by mail to:
                    Treasurer AAUW-GV Branch P.O. Box 178, Green Valley, AZ 85622
       A reminder to our Dual Members: We recommend that you pay your dual dues to us before you leave.
                               Questions? Call Irene Sullivan, Treasurer 520-399-0414

 Board Meeting                                   10:00 a.m.       Presby. Church Monday April 1
 Program & April Brunch                            9:30 a.m.      Desert Hills        Tuesday April 16
April 16 Program: First Student to Register at the University of Arizona
    Actually, that's not quite right. Karen Board Morgan of Tucson, but formerly of
Massachusetts, where she served as AAUW state president, is presenting the program at our
Spring Brunch and Annual Meeting. She is portraying Clara Fish Roberts, who was the first
U of A registrant and the founder of the Collegiate Club of Tucson. She has many stories to
share about the community, education, and suffrage as the daughter of a pioneer Arizona family
in the years 1909 - 1913.
    Karen moved to Tucson eight years ago after a 32-year career in public and community
education. An avid researcher, she was an American Society Teacher Fellow and a National
Endowment of the Humanities Scholar at Harvard on New Scholarship on Women, which helps
her portray and relate the stories of interesting women of the past.
    Be sure to bring your friends to hear this interesting story.
                                               Eloise Fredrickson, Program Vice President

                                        Membership Information

    One third of our members (51) renewed at our March meeting and are eligible for the drawing of one free national
membership at our April meeting. Plan to renew now or at the beginning of our April meeting and you too might win
the national membership worth $ 49.00.
    New members Kathy Davisson, Karen Lueck, and Pam Wiggington-Fee each won a free national membership at
the March general meeting.
    We have six new members…. Please be sure to add them to your Directory.
       1. Pamela Boehms                                      4. Kathy Davisson
          1107 W Calle Artistica                                564 N Mazatzal Dr.
          Green Valley, AZ 85614                                Green Valley, AZ 45614
          520-829-7270                                          520-777-3738

       2. Betsy Hansen                                       5. Karen Lueck
          676 N. Cedar Bend Ave                                 849 W Golf Course Pl.
          Green Valley, AZ 85614                                Green Valley, AZ 85622
          520-207-5101                                          520-300-6248

       3. Patricia Fina Weaver                               6. Pam Wigginton-Fee
          2500 E. Skywalker Way                                 1860 W Camino del Zanco
          Green Valley, AZ 85614                                Green Valley, AZ 85622
          No Email submitted                          
          717-451-1285                                          440-774-5522
                                             Carol Bowley, Membership Vice president

                     Annual Spring Brunch April 16
               Pre-registration is required $13 per person
                           Contact Pat Young

2      April 2013                                                                  Green Valley Branch of AAUW
                                      Expanding Your Horizons

   You still have a chance to help with our first Expanding Your Horizons event on April 6. The committee
chairs would be very pleased to hear from you, even at this late date. Contact Susan Kirk to hostess, Carol
Rueckert to help with the Presenters' Lunch, Carol Bowley or Linda Enterline for assisting with registration or
Lorna Kitchak to serve the snacks. They will appreciate your willingness to help.
    All the sixth to eighth grade girls in the Continental and Sahuarita School Districts, as well as those
attending Great Expectations Academy, have been contacted. Six hundred registration forms have been
distributed. Interest is high. The staff members in all the schools have all been most cooperative. We're looking
forward to a very successful event.
   If you are helping, please wear your AAUW name tag to distinguish us from the presenters, parents,
and educators.
       Sharon Lyons, Community Outreach Chair

                                   Out to Lunch Bunch April 19
     We will stay local this month. We will meet at the new Grill at San Ignacio, in the private dining room.
                                  A new chef and menu make this a spot to enjoy.
                                   New members are welcome to join the group.
                           Contact to make your reservation.
                                                           Randy Westrope

    On The Road Again Friday, April 19: Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory

                               All AAUW members and their guests are invited.
                          There will be uphill walking, stair climbing, and standing.
8:15 a.m. Depart the West Center parking lot. Please have $2 for the drivers. They will have directions.
9:00 a.m. The tour begins with an orientation at the Visitor Center on Elephant Head Road, where there
          are exhibits on astronomy, astrophysics, natural science, and cultural history.
9:30 a.m. A bus with a tour guide takes us up the 10-mile, single-lane mountain road (with few guard rails!)
          to the summit of Mount Hopkins (8,550 feet).
          En route, there are several stops, including a stop at a picnic area for lunch -- BYOL
           Then vans take the group up the steepest part of the mountain to the observatory.
3:00 p.m. The bus returns the group to the Visitor Center.
Prior reservations are required. The cost for the tour is $7 per person. Mail payment to Jo Ann Wilson at
2181 W. Escondido Canyon Road, Green Valley, AZ 85622 by April 12. Contact her at 207-6870 or
For more information and "virtual" touring, search online for Whipple Observatory, or http://
                                                            Jo Ann Wilson, New Members Committee

Green Valley Branch of AAUW                                                                    April 2013       3
                                      Pat Burgess: Recording Secretary

                       Pat received a Master of Arts degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana, She has 73
                       additional graduate hours.
                       She is another AAUW member who is a passionate supporter of the League of Women Voters.
    Ragdoll cat “Muffin” lives with Pat who finds her to be a “constant companion, very loving, and entertaining.” In
addition to enjoying her cat, Pat likes to read, take daily walks and visit with people as she strolls through her
   Her favorite role in life was being a wife to “my wonderful husband, Gordon. That was the absolute best role for the
almost forty years before he passed away.” Pat and Gordon enjoyed traveling in the U.S. and Europe during their
summer breaks.
    Pat taught high school history and economics. After moving to Arizona, she attended the University of Arizona to
earn a certificate in elementary education and then taught primary grades which were “fun and rewarding.” She also
received a library certificate and for a few years was the school librarian as well as the kindergarten teacher. She loved
“choosing and sharing books” with students.
    You may not know that although Pat was born in Illinois, she was raised in Gallup, New Mexico. Another couple of
interesting facts about her: she played drums in the school band and was a majorette. (Ed. Note: hmm… I recall that
Suzan Van Thul played the steel drums in school —- is there a drumming program in our future? Wouldn’t that be
    Her grandmother frequently repeated the saying, “Act in haste; repent in leisure” and it became a favorite of Pat’s.

                                                50-25-25 Winners
                            Pat Danloe and Susan Kirk each won $30.50 in the March raffle.
      The “50-25-25 Raffle” is your chance to win money and support our GV Branch! The cost of one ticket is $1.00
        and the cost of six tickets is $5.00. All the money collected is divided in half. One half will go to two lucky
        members with the winning tickets and one half goes into the branch treasury to support our operating fund.

       I am still open for any suggestions
    you may have for speakers. Thanks to
    those who have already given me ideas.
        Ruth O'Brien

                           Sandy Parker won a new
                           membership during the Comedy            L to R: State President Claudette Haney who has been a
                           Night fundraiser in February.           president and co-president of our branch; Elizabeth
                                                                   “Libby” Beyrer, a past co-president and current Valley
                                                                   View editor; and Co-President Judy Thut at the February

4       April 2013                                                                      Green Valley Branch of AAUW
                                    Nominations for AZ AAUW 2013 Officers
                  The AZ AAUW Nominating Committee is pleased to present the following nominees
                      for election at the State Convention in Tucson, AZ on April 5 and 6, 2013:

President Elect                Jane Adrian, Scottsdale Branch, for a one-year term, 2013-2014
                               Taking the office of State President, for a two year term, 2014-2016
Membership Vice President      Sharon Groves, Prescott Branch, for a two year term, 2013-2015
Recording Secretary            Rhysa Davis, East Valley Branch, for a two year term, 2013-2015
Program Vice President         Harriet Young, Flagstaff Branch, for a one year term, 2013-2014
The committee was unable to locate a nominee for Nominating Committee Chair for a one year term, 2013-2014.
The business meeting at the AAUW State Convention on April 6, 2013 will be when officers are elected. Nominations
will be accepted from the floor with the nominee’s permission.
Elected officers who will continue to serve until June 30, 2014 are:
Corresponding Secretary          Donna Haugland, Southeast Valley
Treasurer                        Susanne Burgess, West Valley.
Thanks go to Carolyn Maxon, Phoenix Branch and Geneva Rodriguez, West Valley Branch for serving on the committee
this year.
                                 Barbara Neubert, Nominating Committee Chair

                             Gloria Thiele: Communications Chair

                       Gloria has two bachelors degrees, one in fine arts from Washington University in St. Louis
                       and one in communications/science at the University of Washington in Seattle.
                      She is an active volunteer for St. Andrew's Children's Clinic in Nogales, Ariz., she designs
clothing and is a newspaper reporter, but photography and travel are her favorite pastimes.
    Her favorite role is grandmother to three “wonderful grandchildren.”
   Many people do not know that she likes to scuba dive and snorkel. (Ed. Note: I think she and member Ronni Pine
have that in common!)
    One of her favorite sayings is, "Love makes the world go round.”

                         In Remembrance                         The life of the dead is placed in the
                                                                memory of the living. ~~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

                   We say good-bye to our former member Sara “Sally” Dallas. Sally had been a member of both
                   Green Valley and Phoenix AAUW branches. She was a triad president from 2003-2004 and
                   she was very involved in organizing our Authorama fundraiser. In addition, she was a mentor
                   to students in the OASIS program at the Sahuarita Primary School.
               Her abstract water colors were shown in the Tucson Botanical Gardens, at the Otero Art
Gallery in Tubac, at the Hillside Gallery in Nogales, and in Green Valley galleries.
    She was a teacher, an artist, a mother, a volunteer and a life partner. Her spirit will live on in her work, her
children and our memories of her.

Green Valley Branch of AAUW                                                                            April 2013    5
                                                            Emerge Workshop
                      There was such a good response to the program presented by Kim Thompson from
                      Emerge! at our February meeting, we donated $1441 to Emerge!
                      Perhaps some of you would like to learn more about domestic abuse. I attended an Emerge!
                      workshop in 2011 and I found it to be informative, enlightening and very engaging.
                       As an AAUW GV member you may be interested in attending the Community Domestic
    Kim Thompson
                       Abuse Workshop on April 15 from 8:30 a.m. to noon at the Emerge! administrative
    from Emerge!      headquarters in Tucson. It is an extended and in-depth training and it is free. If you would
                      like to participate call Sarah Jimenez-Valdez at 520.795.8001 to RSVP and to get driving
                      directions to the workshop.
                                  Susan Kirk, Philanthropy Chair

Dr. Tom Purdon,                                                      Fundraising Chair
president of Friends of                                              Carol Rueckert and
Madera Canyon and a                                                  Co-President Lorna
board member of Save                                                 Kitchak at the
the Scenic Santa Ritas,                                              Comedy       Night
presented stunning                                                   fundraiser         in
photographs        and                                               February.       The
pertinent information                                                “Bottl e    Raf f le”
about the canyon and                                                 portion of the event
the mountains during                                                 raised more than
our January meeting.                                                 $400.

“BITS AND PIECES… AAUW Washington Updates” (AAUW email notice on 3/15/13)
    . . . the White House withdrew the nomination of Caitlin Halligan to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of
Columbia Circuit, at Halligan's request. A minority of senators blocked Halligan's confirmation vote earlier this month.
This is just one example of how the Senate's broken process for considering judicial nominees is threatening equal rights
for women and girls.
     . . . two teens were found guilty of raping a 16-year-old girl and sentenced to serve time in a juvenile correctional
facility in the Steubenville, OH, case that has gained national attention. Read more on AAUW's blog.
    In an effort to help student loan borrowers, the Obama administration announced cuts to the commissions paid to
private collection companies that chase students with overdue loans.
    The largest federal employee union in the U.S. announced this week that the Equal Employment Opportunity Com-
mission, which focuses on ending workplace discrimination, might have to furlough its employees if the sequestration
cuts continue. The expected furloughs would increase the agency's backlog of discrimination cases, the union said.
     Despite the Affordable Care Act’s goal of increasing women’s access to reproductive health services, a number of
state provisions passed since the law was signed in 2010 will end up restricting access by banning private insurance
companies from covering abortions.
    After the Supreme Court's 2011 ruling in Wal-Mart v. Dukes obstructed a major class-action lawsuit by 1.5 million
current and former female Wal-Mart employees, smaller groups of women are coming forward alleging discrimination
and unequal pay from the company. Ladik v. Wal-Mart, filed by five women in Wisconsin, is the latest regional class
action suit against the company.

6       April 2013                                                                           Green Valley Branch of AAUW
         April 2013 Study/Interest Group and Community Outreach Calendar

April 1 & 15     Needles+--Bring your current project: knitting, quilting, needlepoint (or whatever) to work on as you
1:30 p.m.        enjoy the company of creative women. Contact Susan Kirk, of 648-3189 for
                 location and to be added to the email list.
April 2         Book Discussion: Morning—We will be choosing books and hosts for next year. Please send
9:30 p.m.       recommendations to Marilyn or bring books for final nominations. We will meet at La Posada in the
                Men's Club on the third floor of La Vista next to the elevator. RSVP to Marilyn at 648-7956
April 3         Mystery Readers—We will discuss The Last Kashmiri Rose by Barbara Cleverly. We will meet at
1:30 p.m.       Gloria Thiele’s home, 1077 W. Ashworth Rd in Green Valley. For more information or to RSVP, call
                Gloria at 648-1590 or email her at

April 9         Book Discussion: Afternoon--We will discuss Madonnas of Leningrad, by Debra Dean. La Vern
1:30 p.m.       Schroeder will be hostess and Joan DuDeVoire will be discussion leader. LaVern’s address is 635 S
                Park Center Ave., Apt. 1211, at La Perla in La Posada. For more information and to RSVP phone
                LaVern at 393-6585.

April 10        Non-Fiction Book Discussion—We will be selecting our books for next year. Coordinator: Frances
1 p.m.          Farris-Bailey, and We meet at Friends-in-Deed.

April 11 & 25 Hablamos Español—Join us to practice speaking Spanish. We meet at Posada Java on Continental
1:30          Road. For more information and to RSVP, contact Susan Kirk, or 648-3189.

April 18        Border Issues Study Group—We will meet at the Good Shepherd United Church of Christ, 17750 La
9:30 a.m.       Cañada Dr. (north of Duvall Mine Road on La Cañada). The speaker will be Bobby Montiel, an
                Operation Streamline attorney. The public is invited.

April 19        On the Road Again—We will tour the Whipple Observatory east of Amado. For more details see story
9 a.m.          on page 3.

April 19        Out to Lunch Bunch—We will meet at the new Grill at San Ignacio, in the private dining room.
1 p.m.          Contact Randy Westrope,, to make your reservation. See page 3.

April 25        Travel Addicts—We will meet at the home of Dadee Reilly, 4171 S. Campina Ct. Gloria Thiele
9:30 a.m.       will present a program on her recent and extensive trip to South America. Further details will be provided in an
                e-mail reminder sent to members the prior week. Please call Dadee Reilly (648-0596) or Nancy Helgath (741-
                2395) if you plan to attend. Visitors are welcome.

April 28        Singles—We will have lunch at Ragazzi, in Green Valley Village. For reservations contact Ginny
noon            Seabrook 393-3386.

            New Groups Will Be Formed If Members Are Interested: Contact Vickie Joy,
              Send Calendar Items to Sandra Rooney,, by the 10th of each month.

Green Valley Branch of AAUW                                                                                  April 2013            7
                    Green Valley Branch
                    PO Box 178
                    Green Valley, AZ 85622-0178

                                         The Mission of AAUW
                    To advance equity for women and girls through
                   advocacy, education, philanthropy and research.

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                                                           If you did not send this fee with your dues renewal
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