Incubator Worksheet List your business names and the general by prancer88


									Incubator Worksheet

List your business names and the general market below. There is enough room for you to list more than
one business you’ve decided to work on. Circle the check marks or X through them for the models
you’ve chosen to pursue.

Keyword list – List your top 10 keywords you’ve chosen to go for in the order that you plan on ranking
for them. Focus on the longer, easier to rank for terms first.
List your top 5 questions that you plan on answering through content based marketing (articles, videos,
blogs, press releases, etc…). Post them in order of priority, so you know where to start.

List your top 3 ideas for products you’ll be able to promote as an affiliate. Focus on products that
benefit what you already want to sell.

For motivation, list the top 5 tasks, in order of priority that you’d love to outsource to someone else.
Use the space below to type out a paragraph with the basic idea for your first 5 part email auto
responder sequence. Email 1 should deliver on what you promised to get them to sign up and be
delivered right away. Email 2 should be content based. Email 3 should promote a different one of your
products or an affiliate product. Email 4 should be content based. Email 5 should be promotional for
the same product in email 3.
What type of site are you building and what is its’ purpose?

This worksheet is designed to give you something to track your ideas and plans. By keeping track of
what you want to do and achieve, you can easily visualize your goals and the future of your business.
Use it to make your business development process easier for you!

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