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									Convert More Visitors Into Leads with Effective Website Design Techniques

You could be losing out on valuable website sales. There are a few simple design
elements you may not be aware of on your website. Here are 10 of the best tips for
converting more visitors into leads using simple web design techniques.

1. Placement

You want to make it easier for your visitors to find your contact information. Be sure
to put the number, email address and other contact info at the top of your website.
People read from left to right and top to bottom so usually the logo goes on the left
side of the header and the contact details on the right side.

2. Search

People are busy. They do not have time to be browsing your website all day
searching for information. To make your website more effective, add a search box at
the top of your website so that your visitors can type in a few key terms and find the
information they are looking for.

3. Navigation

For this one, I refer to the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) method. You want to have
a simple navigation structure so that your (busy) visitors can easily find what you
are looking for. Make sure to have a navigation menu at the top of your site and a
simple navigation menu at the bottom as well. Include clearly labeled links to the
visitor knows where the link will take them.

4. Content

Most visitors scan a website for information. Again, they are busy and do not have
the time to actually read information. Use high quality, relevant images to
communication your message. Use bullet points, subheadings, block quote and other
methods that will divide up the content for an easier, more concise read.

5. Colors

You want to make sure to use the colors that are associated with your brand to tie
your image together. You can use 2 – 4 colors on your website. Creatively use color
on the items that you want to stand out. For example, if a color in your logo is
orange then make the hyperlink color orange to stand out and be cohesive with your
branding. Adobe has a great site called Kuler that allows you to pick a great color

6. Consistency

All elements of your website should be cohesive and consistent. The colors, fonts,
and overall style should match. If you have two different styles on different pages,
visitors may think they are on a different website and leave all together.
7. Call To Action (CTA)

What is the goal of your website? Call your number? Fill out a form? Buy a Product?
It needs to be clear to your visitor what you would like them to do in terms of action.
“Click Here For A Free Quote” is a call to action that prompts the visitor to click for a
quote. “Call Now For 20% Off” tells the visitor to call now and they will receive 20%
off their purchase.

8. Mobile & Tablets

According to Google Research, 83% of consumers make a buying decision before
entering the store. That means that it is extremely important that your site looks
great across mobile and tablet devices. There are a couple of ways to accomplish
this…you can get a mobile website or utilize responsive web design. Responsive
website design allows your website to automatically reshape itself based on the
screen it is being displayed on. For example, when someone views your website on
an phone, items are stacked on top of one another and resized to fit in the width of
the screen. The biggest advantage of this type of design is you only have to update
your information in one place.

9. Social Media

Social Media is becoming a signal to Google that you are a popular entity. It is
important that you put your social media links on your website so people can “like”
your Facebook page, “follow” your twitter feed or give you a +1 on Google+. Having
a fan base on these social networks will allow you to quickly push out information to
your fans.

10. Analytics

Make sure that you install a site statistics program on your website to track where
your visitors habits. The most popular form of statistics program is Google
Analytics. Google Analytics allows you to see what sites your visitors are coming to,
what keywords they are typing in to find your website, what screen size they are
using and even see where they are located geographically. These metrics are
incredibly insightful, allow you to analyze your visitors and tailor your website
experience for existing traffic.

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