Moral Turpitude 1 by ProfessorViertel


If only I had known,
Sahib Bharara !
            Isn´t           deterrence?     Whom?]
[Satyr sez: Isn´t all about deterrence? For Whom?]

If this involuntary member              of a phantom TRIO INFERNAL
federal conspiracy, bogus              as DoubleJoo´s WMD, only
would have had foresight              how your own shop, the DOJ,
libels people to shreds              and branded me as a fugitive from
[the color of] law, an             escapee, then escapee twice over,
“minor-violence ”                perpetrator, sexual predator, USA-
lien-debtor, and by its         most villainous derogation by S/A DOJ-
ICE Butterfield : “You         are a “goddam” lawyer and we hate
lawyers here, we´ll           turn your detainer most long & miserable
for you, squander           your INS-file “(twice). Had I only known
that FBI warrant           imposters would falsely arrest me in view of
my two scared            little kids, chauffeur me chained to drive-by
two of the“9/11”        hijackers Delray Beach power breakfast,
humiliate me           96++ times coram publico (since Nov-3-2003)
with public          AGD inspections of my [usually] private scrotal-
rectal region       sans, Sahib Bharara nota bene, one single
discovery          of perineal contraband, while your own Kingpins,
the BOP           wardens & consigliore snaked illicit drugs inside,
and tools        & “foodstuff” out of the DOJ´s hoosegow, but not until
they          routinely clouded their login-IDs to anonymously
fudge        around my data with unstoppable, vexatious intent.

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