Federal Moral Turpitude 2

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					With Foresight,
I would have:
            Isn´t           deterrence?     Whom?]
[Satyr sez: Isn´t all about deterrence? For Whom?]

If only I could have known                 that some DOJ and USAO SDNY
officials are de-facto and de-           jure career offenders, champions
of moral turpitude, then,               I would not have been deterred
from waiving a magic                  international wand 4000 miles away
and have caused Howard              Barmert´s unlicensed gypsy livery
truck to be towed or to            crash and not carry on 6-28-1996 a
lousy pro-forma-copy             of a secret Burda-intramural-voucher
[no-one was privy to            know of], across Hudson´s River into
Liberty airport, in           ex-post-facto-furtherance of $8´120,10
forbidden dollar-           fruits, which arrived as downpay of a loan
granted to Burda´s         CEO. But not alone, I would have ratted out
the illegitimate         operation of an unregistered NY business to
Alex Treadwell,         Secretary of NY State to stop the abuse. Or, I
would have             magically rallied fourteen hundred finest USP
Inspectors to         tutor a flock of double-tongue US proctors what
INTERSTATE          jurisdiction meant & what not. Deutschland – geo-
politically -     is not one of 50 “states” and DELIVERY there can
never be         achieved by INTERSTATE means, a sine-qua-non
pillar          to cry wolf at the Federal Bench in America. The DOJ
may            vindicate law they do have, not law they wish to have.