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									The Relevance of Automated Testing Tools

                                                 The Relevance of Automated Testing Tools

   Automated testing tools are very important in ensuring the success of any software application. These should be
   used before any software is released to the market.

   The industry of software development may be doing so well today because of the many gadgets and gizmos being
   released virtually every week or so nowadays. And the success of each gadget ever released can be attributed to the
   fancy innovation that comes with automated testing.

   Software testing is actually one of the most crucial parts when it comes to software development. Your digital camera,
   MP3 player, mobile phone, laptop, and just about every toy you have right now, all of these come with their very own
   commands and such that comprise the software they come with. Before they are released to the anticipating arms of
   the consuming public, they go through a lot of tests so that the software development team can determine if what they
   are developing are indeed free from all glitches. Testing can be done in several ways, and there are even people who
   would prefer to do testing manually, given the fact that automated tools for testing could be very costly. However,
   manual testing would require the software engineers to do testing over and over again so the option of going manual
   would actually be more than costly than going automated.

   Software testing is all about the evaluation of all the capabilities and attributes of a particular software, applications,
   system, or program. It takes into consideration all of the results of all testing procedures, to determine if the program in
   question is qualified enough to meet the standard results in waiting. The main problem, however, is in the fact that
   software testing remains in the hands of professional and the most seasoned testers. Only the experienced ones are
   given access to perform software testing because it does take its toll on the average person.

   Fortunately, nowadays, more and more software testing tools have been developed by the very companies that need
   them. Most software development organizations and companies do have the resources to get their hands on such tools,
   although some do not have the funds. Still, this is a good start to begin with.

   The difficulty that comes with the process originates from the complicated nature of the applications themselves.
   Software applications are multifaceted on their own ? they exist not to perform just a single function. The programs
   perform a wide range of functions and operations so that they can do what they are meant to do ? assist their human
   counterparts. For any application to be deemed usable, every single aspect and capability has to be tested all
   throughout and automated tools easily do the job, and fast.

   You should also keep in mind that testing goes beyond the detection and the determination of errors and glitches in
   whatever program. Testing is also needed when it comes to function verification, quality checking, quality assurance,
   final evaluations, and the like. More importantly, testing can also be done to obtain metrics for the applications as well.

   With all the healthy benefits that come with automated testing tools, software development companies should indeed
   take it upon themselves to equip their own side of the fence with these helpful utilities.

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