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									Presentation of Solar Water
Heater Systems

 Description
 History
 Types
 Advantages
 Solar Water Heater manufacturer Ezinc
 Solar Water Heater applications from Ezinc

 In a solar water heater system water is heated by solar energy.
 Solar heating system is mainly composed of solar thermal collector(s), a
  water storage tank, connecting pipes and fluid.
 Solar water heater systems work principle of heat rising.
 Common system in Turkey, Israel, Australia, India and they are easily
  recognizable because the tank must be located directly above the

 There are records of solar collectors in the United States
  dating back to before 1900.
 According to some researches and rumors solar water heaters
  were invented and patented in the USA in 1904.
 There were surge of interest in solar heating system in North
  America after 1960 but especially after the 1973 oil crisis

Open Loop Solar Water Heaters (Direct System without heat exchanger)
 Developed for warm countries were no freezing risk.
  Cold water moves into collector to be heated and hot water
  moves back to tank to use.

Closed Loop Solar Water Heaters (In-direct System with heat exchanger)
 There is an external heat exchanger around the tank.
  Heat exchanger and returns back to the collector runs to
  heat exchanger and returns back to the collector after heat
 exchanging. Regularly, cold water in the tank is heated by the
  heat exchanging method and becomes ready to the use.

 No pump station
 No moving parts
 More practis
 Easy installation
 Less costly
 Plug-play
 Easy way for water heating
Solar Water Heater Manufacturer Ezinc

  Nurullah EZİNÇ (founder of Ezinç Company) started production of solar water heaters in 1978
Solar Water Heater Manufacturer Ezinc

 •   Leading solar thermal equipments manufacturer of Turkey
          • More than 650 sales points in national market
 •   5th biggest flat type collector manufacturer of the world
          • Exports to 80 countries worldwide since 1994
          • Have 44% share of solar collector exports from Turkey
 •   Manufacturing according to international standards
          •   8 Solar Keymark certificates according to EN-12975
          •   ISO 9001:2008 quality management certification from BSI
          •   SRCC and FSEC certifications from USA
          •   Selected as Energy Star Partner in 2009
          •   Various certificates from accredited institutes and certification bodies
Solar Water Heater applications from Ezinc
        Solaris Energy
    3095 SE Lionel Terrace
       Stuart, FL, 34997
      Ph: 772-419-0047
      Fax: 772-219-3246

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