BEST-RITE Magne-Rite Magnetic Dry Erase Board, 72 x 48, White, Silver Frame Spec Sheet by monomachines


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          Magne-Rite Markerboard
          with Presidential Trim

                                    Rounded Presidential Trim adds an upscale
                                    element. Available in silver or black.

                                                                                  10 Year

                                   *Excellent writability and
                                   *Magnetic surface
                                   *Stylish aluminum trim

                                              Includes matching Magnetic Q-Tray
                                              for markers and erasers.

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                                                                                      Rev 11/30/12 RMC

     Magne-Rite Markerboard with Presidential Trim
     ▪ Magne-Rite boards feature a magnetic dry erase surface made with PVC-
       coated steel, specially engineered for exceptionally smooth writability.
     ▪ Glossy white surface erases cleanly with no ghosting and provides excellent
       color contrast with markers.
     ▪ Rounded anodized aluminum Presidential Trim includes injection-molded
       plastic curved corner pieces. Available in black or silver. Includes matching
       Magnetic Q-Tray for markers and erasers.
     ▪ 10 year guarantee. TAA compliant.

        A. Magne-Rite Markerboard - Presidential Trim
        Silver               Black                            Dimensions               Ship Wt.
        219PA*               219PA-T1*                        1 1⁄2'H x 2'W                7 lbs
        219PB*               219PB-T1*                        2'H x 3'W                   15 lbs
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        219PC**              219PC-T1**                       3'H x 4'W                   24 lbs
        219PD                219PD-T1                         4'H x 4'W                   60 lbs   Click Here ===>
        219PE                219PE-T1                         3'H x 5'W                   57 lbs
        219PF                219PF-T1                         4'H x 5'W                   67 lbs
        219PG                219PG-T1                         4'H x 6'W                   69 lbs
        219PH                219PH-T1                         4'H x 8'W                   88 lbs
        219PK                219PK-T1                         4'H x 10'W                 112 lbs
        219PM                219PM-T1                         4'H x 12'W                 154 lbs

                                                                                                          Balt® & Best-Rite® are brand divisions of
     Manufactured in the US of foreign and domestic materials.                                            MooreCo Inc.
     *Ships UPS **Ships UPS OS1
     Due to shipping restrictions, boards listed as 3'H x 4'W actually measure 33 3⁄4"H x 48"W.           2885 Lorraine Ave | Temple, TX 76501
                                                                                                          p: 800.749.2258 | f: 800.697.6258

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