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									Theft Defense Attorney and Kinds of Thievery

                                               Theft Defense Attorney and Kinds of Thievery

  This article is about a theft defense attorney and his defense for theft. In this article, the two kinds of theft is

  A theft defense attorney is necessary for cases where an individual is accused of thievery. In many States in the United
  States of America, there are different kinds of laws that govern thievery. In the state of California, there are two kinds
  that an individual may be accused of. The value of the item that was stolen can dictate what kind of offense that person
  may incur. Petty theft and grand theft are ruled by the amount that the owner of the stolen item may declare or what it
  actually costs depending on the current market prices.

  Petty Thievery
  Those accused of this crime is charged because the item or items they have stolen may be priced under $950. This
  amount is calculated for all purloined items and not just a single item at a time. Shoplifting is a common case wherein
  the charge needs a theft defense attorney experienced in defending younger individuals who may be prone to lifting
  items from shops or even older ones who resort to this. Younger individuals below the age of adulthood may be given
  a different sentence or charge when they are proven guilty. There may also be some special cases where the lawyer
  can seek to have the individual charged with a lower sentence because of underlying mental issues such as the
  inability to stop oneself from stealing or being under the influence of illegal substances or peer pressure. Petty thievery
  can, however, be turned into a felony if the defendant has priors. These priors include grand theft, auto theft, robbery
  and a few other charges.

  Grand Thievery
  This offense can turn nasty because of the amount that has been supposedly stolen by the person accused of thievery.
  The amount of the item or object that is supposed to have been stolen may be the deciding factor to the charges
  launched against the person. The theft defense attorney should be skilled enough to prove that the individual did not
  have any intention to actually steal the item but circumstances may have forced him or her to bring it along. Some of
  the more common instances that this charge be used are when hotel guests leave the premises without paying for the
  expenses that they have incurred. The theft defense attorney may actually agree to a civil compromise between the
  victim of the crime and the defendant. This means that the hotel or the store which may have been victimized may be
  open to the agreement that the defendant pay for the amount necessary or return the goods which may have been
  stolen. These cases need to be handled carefully since many establishments would like to teach the supposed thieves a
  lesson by actually going through with the trial.

  There are other ways of being charged with thievery. The procurement of a credit or debit card and the use of it to buy
  things and services can be construed as theft. The use of a false persona to procure goods and services can also be
  included in this. Even the buying of stolen goods can fall under thievery and be charged as such in most states.

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