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   If you had a COMPLICATION following
   plastic surgery, WHO WOULD PAY?
   CosmetAssure covers complications.

                                          Responsible PATIENTS appreciate
                                          Responsible SURGEONS.
                                          Responsible SURGEONS offer CosmetAssure.

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About CosmetAssure

All surgery carries the risk of a complication, including cosmetic plastic surgery. CosmetAssure is a unique
insurance product developed by Board Certified plastic surgeons to help patients of elective plastic surgery
avoid the financial burden of unexpected post-surgery complications.

Dr. James C. Grotting, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and a co-founder of CosmetAssure recently stated,
“Without CosmetAssure, patients may be left with an unplanned financial burden in the unlikely event that a medical
complication arises following cosmetic plastic surgery. With CosmetAssure, patients have peace of mind, knowing
their surgeon has taken precautionary steps to assist them in the event of such a complication.”

CosmetAssure is available only to patients of plastic surgeons who have been approved to be a CosmetAssure
participating surgeon. To be approved, a surgeon must be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, or must
have passed the written portion of the Board’s exam and waiting to complete the oral exam. In addition, surgeons
desiring to participate must have full or candidate membership status in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons
(ASPS) or the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

Qualified surgeons practicing in one of the 45 states where CosmetAssure is available must complete an application
similar to a medical malpractice application. Once approved to be a CosmetAssure participating surgeon, each of
their patients having one or more of the covered procedures is eligible to receive benefits in the unlikely event that a
qualifying medical complication occurs as the result of a covered procedure.

This is only a brief description of the coverage(s) available under policy series S30418NUFIC. The Policy will contain reductions, limitations, exclusions and
termination provisions. Full details of coverage are contained in the Policy. If there is any conflict between the contents of this document and the Policy, the Policy
will govern in all cases. Insurance underwritten by National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, Pa., a Pennsylvania insurance company, with its
principal place of business at 175 Water Street, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10038. It is currently authorized to transact business in all states and the District of
Columbia. NAIC No. 19445. Coverage may not be available in all states.

CosmetAssure is proud to have the endorsement
of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons®.

CosmetAssure is one of seven companies endorsed
by the ASPS and is the only medical complications
insurer receiving this distinction.

         CosmetAssure Claims & Procedure Information
         Inception through May 2011, CosmetAssure participapating plastic surgeons have performed:
         •   More than 221,085 Covered Procedures
         •   More than 156,645 Surgical Events
         •   The average surgeon does 1.4 procedures/surgical event
         •   1 out of 61 Surgical Events results in a covered complication.
         •   The current average CosmetAssure claim cost is $5,534.00.

         Inception represents the start of the program beginning July 2003.

DISCLAIMER: The CosmetAssure data regarding complications, claims and claim
expenses referred to herein is owned by ASFG and cannot be reprinted or otherwise
published or reproduced in any other format without the prior written consent of the owner.   800.362.1542 • www.CosmetAssure.com
Covered Procedures

Once a surgeon becomes a participating CosmetAssure
surgeon, all of their patients having a covered procedure
under general anesthesia or IV sedation are available
for coverage by the program. CosmetAssure protection
extends to the procedures listed below.

Covered Procedures
    •	   Abdominoplasty
    •	   Breast Augmentation
    •	   Breast Lift
    •	   Breast Reduction
    •	   Browlift
    •	   Buttock Lift
    •	   Cheek Implants
    •	   Chin Augmentation
    •	   Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery
    •	   Facelift
    •	   Treatment of Gynecomastia
    •	   Liposuction
    •	   Lower Body Lift
    •	   Otoplasty
    •	   Rhinoplasty
    •	   Thigh Lift
    •	   Upper Arm Lift

All procedures must be performed in an accredited
medical facility such as a hospital, ER or surgical center
and the surgeon must have hospital privileges for the                       “Without CosmetAssure, patients may be left with an
procedure performed.                                                        unplanned financial burden in the unlikely event that a
                                                                            medical complication arises following cosmetic plastic
All products are written by insurance company subsidiaries or affiliates
of Chartis Inc. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions and is
                                                                            surgery. With CosmetAssure, patients have peace of
subject to actual policy language. Non-insurance products and services      mind, knowing their surgeon has taken precautionary
may be provided by independent third parties. Certain coverage may be
provided by a surplus lines insurer. Surplus lines insurers do not gener-   steps to assist them in the event of such a complication.”
ally participate in state guaranty funds and insureds are therefore not
protected by such funds.                                                                                              —Dr. James C. Grotting
Benefit Guidelines

Benefits are paid for the usual and customary covered expenses incurred by the patient of a CosmetAssure Participating
Physician, up to the applicable Maximum Benefit Amounts, if the patient develops a Covered Complication as detailed in
the Qualifying Admissions section of the policy.

Covered Expenses are the charges for the following Medically Necessary medical services, supplies and treatments that
are incurred by an insured: a) during a Qualifying Hospital Admission or; b) with respect to ambulance services, while en
route to a Hospital; or c) Non-Hospital procedure to Rule Out Deep Vein Thrombosis; or d) treatment in an Accredited
Surgical Center; or e) for Follow Up Physician Services. For complete converage information, visit CosmetAssure.com.

Benefit Guidelines

 Benefit                                                       Maximum Amount
 Hospitalization of 24 hours or longer                         $5,000 per day up to a maximum of 45 days

 ICU/Trauma Admittance                                         Additional $1,000 per day up to a maximum of 10 days

 Hospitalization of less than 24 hours                         $2,500

 Ambulance Service                                             $2,000

 Follow Up Physician Services                                  $1,500

 Rule Out Deep Vein Thrombosis–Non Hospital Procedure $750

Covered Expenses for a Covered Complication are payable until the earliest of:

•	   The date the Covered Complication no longer requires further Hospitalization, or Follow Up Physician Services; or
•	   The date the Maximum Benefit Amounts are paid; or
•	   The expiration of the Benefit Period (six months from the date of the original qualifying admission due to a
     Covered Complication).

Questions Every Patient Should Ask Prior to Surgery
√ Is your surgeon a board-certified plastic surgeon?
√ How often has your surgeon performed the procedure you are going to have?
√ How long is the recovery time after surgery?
√ Does anything regarding your medical history raise concern for your physician?
                                                                                                                    Find more questions
√ If you were to have a complication, who would pay for it?                                                          like these online at
Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   If I am having elective cosmetic plastic surgery soon, but I do not see my surgeon on
     the CosmetAssure website, may I obtain coverage directly from CosmetAssure?

     No, the CosmetAssure program is designed only for patients of Plastic Surgeons who have
A:   applied and qualified for the program. If you do not see your current surgeon’s name on our
     website, it may not be too late for them to apply for our program prior to your surgery.

Q:   I already have health insurance. Do I still need CosmetAssure coverage?

     Yes; the majority of major medical insurance policies have excluded payment for complications
A:   resulting from elective plastic surgery, even if medically necessary.

Q:   What do I have to do to qualify for CosmetAssure?

A:   You must be a patient of a CosmetAssure Participating Physician, and be scheduled to have one
     or more of the 17 Covered Procedures. This Procedure (or procedures) must be performed
     under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation, unless otherwise noted.

Q:   Does CosmetAssure cover my expenses incurred from a re-do if I do not approve of
     the aesthetic outcome of my procedure?

A:   CosmetAssure is designed to cover certain medical complications. Dissatisfaction with the
     aesthetic outcomes is not a Covered Complication and is not listed as a medical complication
     in the Qualifying Admissions on the CosmetAssure policy.

Q:   If my own health insurance provides coverage for medical complications following
     plastic surgery, will CosmetAssure cover my co-pay and/or deductible?

A:   Yes. CosmetAssure Benefits are Primary. Therefore, we will pay the first dollar up to our
     maximums as denoted in the list of CosmetAssure Benefits.
      An Interview with Ann Reilley, MD, FACS

                                                 Dr. Reilley, tell us what made you decide to become a plastic surgeon.
                                                 Did you always know it was what you wanted to do?
                                                 I did not know that I wanted to be a plastic surgeon until I spent several months
                                                 on a plastic surgery rotation while I was training in general surgery. The variety
                                                 of cases and the opportunity to have patients of all ages was appealing.

                                                 Do you feel that CosmetAssure is valuable to your patients?
                                                 CosmetAssure has great value to my patients and to me. No surgeon can
                                                 predict which patient will have a complication requiring surgical intervention.
                                                 Elective plastic surgery is not inexpensive, and few patients can readily afford
                                                 additional, unexpected costs to handle a surgical complication. Every surgeon
                                                 who does enough cases will eventually have complications.

                                                 You’ve been a CosmetAssure participating surgeon for years, and you’ve
                                                 probably seen it all. Would you ever want to be without coverage?
                                                 I began offering CosmetAssure to my patients in 2009. I would never want

Ann Reilley, MD, FACS                            to practice without it. It gives me and my patients peace of mind.
Associates in Plastic Surgery, Baton Rouge, LA
CosmetAssure member since 2009                   We have found that CosmetAssure gives plastic surgeons a distinct
                                                 advantage over non-participating surgeons in their marketplace. Do you
                                                 have any unique experiences with patients choosing you over one of your
                                                 peers because of the coverage you offer them?
                                                 I am the only surgeon in my group offering CosmetAssure. I have indeed
   Find out what other                           had patients select me for that reason. I have never had a patient elect to go
   member surgeons think                         elsewhere as a result of the additional fee. In fact, most patients are relieved to
   about CosmetAssure.                           know about the option once they learn that their primary medical insurance

   View more testimonials                        policy will not cover costs related to plastic surgery.

   on CosmetAssure.com.
                                                 How do you go about addressing the issue of complications with patients?
                                                 How do patients generally respond?
                                                 Every surgeon is ethically bound to discuss complications with their patients.
                                                 While the rate of complications is low, if it happens to you it’s 100%! Having
                                                 a plan in place ahead of time to deal with untoward events at least removes
                                                 financial worries from the patient.
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