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Jianbo Liu, Brady Uselman, Jason Boyle, and Scott L. Anderson Dynamical control of “statistical” reactions Stephan Schlemmer, Edouard Hugo, and Oskar Asvany Spectroscopic and thermochemical investigations of CH5+ in reaction with CO2

F. Leonori, E. Segoloni, N. Balucani, R.Petrucci, A.Bergeat, D. Stranges, and P. Casavecchia P-3 Crossed molecular beam studies of radical-radical reactions: O(3P) + hydrocarbon radicals (CH3 and C3H5) F. Leonori, G. Capozza, E. Segoloni, N. Balucani, G. G. Volpi, and P. Casavecchia Dynamics of the O(3P) + C2H2 and O(3P) + C2H4 reactions from crossed molecular P-4 beam experiments with soft electron-ionization detection: Primary products and branching ratios F. Leonori, E. Segoloni, R. Petrucci, A. Bergeat, N. Balucani, and P. Casavecchia P-5 Crossed beam studies of the C(3P,1D) + C2H2 and C2(X1g+/a3Πu) + C2H2 reactions: Dynamics of C3, linear- and cyclic-C3H, and C4H formation P-6 Timothy K. Minton Crossed-beams and beam-surface scattering studies of hyperthermal O(3P) reactions

James M. Farrar P-7 Crossed beam studies of low energy ion-molecule reaction dynamics: Oxygen-containing anions and cations with hydrocarbons P-8 P-9 Hiroshi Kawamata, Sandeep C. Tauro, Bailin Zhang, and Kopin Liu State-to-state chemistry in Cl + CH4 (3=1)  HCl + CH3 Shannon Yan, Yen-Tien Wu, Xian-Fang Yue, Bailin Zhang, and Kopin Liu Imaging bond-selective reaction of Cl + CHD3 (v1=1)

Chen-Lin Liu, Hsu-Chen Hsu, Yuan-Chin Hsu, and Chi-Kung Ni P-10 Supercollisions and energy transfer between highly excited vibrational azulene and rare gas P-11 P-12 Chanchal Chaudhuri, I-Chung Lu, Yao-Chang Lee, Jim Lin, and Shih-Huang Lee Experimental and theoretical investigations of the O(3P/1D) + SiH4 reaction Chi-Wei Liang, Hua-Chieh Shao, Chih-Hsuan Chang, and Jim J. Lin Crossed molecular beam studies on the reaction dynamics of O(1D)+benzene

Yu-Ju Lu, Lance Lee, Jun-Wei Pan, Chih-Hsuan Chang, Hua-Chieh Shao, Henryk Witek, and Jim Jr-Min Lin P-13 Crossed molecular beam studies on reactions of fluorine with dimethyl sufide and dimethyl disulfide: Reactions between two closed shell molecules Hui-Fen Chen and Yuan-Pern Lee P-14 Distribution of internal states of CO and OH from O (1D) + C6H6 and C6D6 determined with time-resolved Fourier-transform spectroscopy P-15 Chih-Wei Wu, Yuan-Pern Lee, Shucheng Xu, and Ming-Chang Lin Investigations of the rate coefficients of O + C2H5OH at high temperature Bing Gao and Zhifeng Liu P-16 Size-dependent charge separation reaction for hydrated sulfate di-anion cluster, SO 2  4 (H2O)n, with n=3–7 Yi Ren and San-Yan Chu P-17 The -Effect in the gas-phase SN2 reactions at saturated nitrogen P-18 P-19 Yao-Yuan (John) Chuang Equilibrium solvation transition state theory Chaoyuan Zhu Unified semiclassical theory for general nonadiabatic transition and tunneling

Roger W. Anderson P-20 Correspondence limit consistent binning of classical trajectories using faux angular momenta and multi-polar harmonic moments to give “quantum-like” probabilities P-21 Jingsong Zhang Photodissociation dynamics of small free radicals Chien-Ming Tseng, Ming-Fu Lin, Yusuke Morisawa, Chien-Ming Hsu, Yuan T. Lee, and Chi-Kung Ni Photochemistry of aromatic biomolecules in a molecular beam: Competition between H atom elimination from (OH/NH) * state and Ca-Cb bond rupture P-23 P-24 Chien-Ming Hsu, Ming-Fu Lin, Yuri A. Dyakov, Yuan-Tseh Lee, and Chi-Kung Ni Photodissociation dynamics of N containing heterocyclic aromatics Ming-Fu Lin, Yuri A. Dyakov, Yuan-Tseh Lee, and Chi-Kung Ni Photodecomposition of S atom containing amino acid chromophores


Yuri A. Dyakov, S. H. Lin, Y. T. Lee, and Chi-Kung Ni P-25 Photodecomposition of S atom contained amino acid chromophores. Ab initio and RRKM study P-26 Suet-Yi Liu, Chao-Yu Chung, Mohammed Bahou, and Yuan-Pern Lee Mode-selected emission of fluorobenzene upon irradiation at 248 nm-probing

transition state of the 4-center elimination channel? Wan-Chun Pan, Yin-Yu Lee, Tzu-Ping Huang, and I-Chia Chen P-27 Photodissociation of ethylene sulfide and trimethylene sulfide at wavelength 193 nm: Branching ratio of product S(3P) and S(1D) Patrick O’Keeffe, Paul L. Houston, Roberto Di Santo, and Domenico Stranges P-28 Evidence for two competing micromechanisms in the C2H2 + CH3 dissociation channel from excited allyl radicals J. Robb Grover, Edward A. Walters, David L. Arneberg, Bing-Ming Cheng, Gerd Hagenow, James T. Clay, and Mary V. Willcox P-29 Kinetic energy release distributions of ionic fragments generated in the dissociative photoionization of clusters P-30 P-31 Hua-Jin Zhai, Xi Li, Li-Feng Cui, and Lai-Sheng Wang Probing the unique electronic and atomic structures of nano-clusters Changjin Hu, Shixin Pei, Yi-Li Chen, and Kopin Liu Photoelectron imaging of CH3I through the dissociative A-band

Y.-Y. Lee, W.-C. Pan, T.-P. Huang, I-C. Chen, S.-Y. Tu, A. Kung, and T. N. Chang P-32 Two-color experiment: Polarization dependent double-resonant photoionization of noble gases using laser and VUV synchrotron radiation Jun-Mei Chao, Guiqiu Zhang, Kan-Sen Chen, Shin-Shin Cheng, Anthony J. Merer, and Yen-Chu Hsu P-33 Laser spectroscopy of C3 and C3-Ne van der Waals complex: Fluorescence polarization, saturation, and wavelength resolved emission Chao-Yu Chung, Chi-Wen Cheng, and Yuan-Pern Lee

~ ~ P-34 Rovibronic bands of the A  X transition of CH3OO and CD3OO detected with cavity ringdown near 1.2 µm Hui-Ling Han and Yuan-Pern Lee P-35 Dectection of predissociated levels of HS A 2+ with degenerate four-wave mixing
Deng-Ruei Huang and Yuan-Pern Lee P-36 Infrared absorption of CH3OO detected with time-resolved Fourier-transform spectroscopy P-37 P-38 Wen-Jui Lo, Ying-Chi Lee, Yao-Chang Lee, and Yuan-Pern Lee IR-absorption spectra of OC(Cl)SCl and OCSCl in para-hydrogen Xiaolan Mu, Thounaojam S. Singh, Hok-Sum Fung, and J. B. Nee VUV absorption and fluorescence of N2O at excitation wavelengths 50-110 nm


Jung-Lee Lin, Shih-Chang Yang, Ian-Chun Cheng, and Wen-Bih Tzeng Tautomers of guanine studied by REMPI spectroscopy and theoretical calculations

K. T. Lu, J. M. Chen, J. M. Lee, C. K. Chen, and S. C. Haw P-40 Enhanced production of ionic fragments of gaseous Si(CH3)2Cl2 following core-level excitations Shun-Chi Chen and Tai-Shan Fang P-41 Direct evidence of triplet exciplex formation of 4-phenylbenzophenone with triethylamine P-42 Y. Shigemitsu, T. Kato, and T. Yamabe Orbital vibronic analysis on the electronic spectra of Cycl[3.2.2]azines

C. L. Huang, S. C. Ke, C. M. Wei, and Y. R. Lin-Liu P-43 Density functional studies of vibrational properties of Dinitrosyl Iron complex [S5Fe(NO)2]¯ P-44 P-45 P-46 C. M. Wei and H. Y. Chen Atomic structures of 13-atom clusters by density-functional theory A. H. T. Li and S. D. Chao Intermolecular potentials of the methane dimmer T. Yamada, Shinohara, Ge Maofa, S. Mashiko, and K. Kimura A spray-jet molecular-beam apparatus for studying large neutral non-volatile molecules

Chin-Pei Chen, Abhijit Ganguly, Chen-Hao Wang, Chih-Wei Hsu, Yu-Kuei Hsu, Kuei-Hsien Chen, and Li-Chyong Chen P-47 A selective electrochemical impedance sensing of DNA hybridization on GaN nanowires Ying-Ying Horng, Yu-Kuei Hsu, Li-Chyong Chen, Kuei-Hsien Chen, and Chia-Chun P-48 Chen Glucose detection using multi-walled carbon nanotube electrodes P-49 Lou-sing Kan DNA triplexes with tight-turn: A novel structure

Nien-Yeen Hsu, Wen-Bin Yang, Chi-Huey Wong, Yuan-Chuan Lee, Yi-Sheng Wang, and P-50 Chung-Hsuan Chen MALDI of polysaccharide with THAP as matrix P-51 P-52 Ling Chu Lora Huang, Chung-Hsuan Winston Chen, and Yi-Sheng Wang Investigating production reactions of positive and negative ions in MALDI Shang-Ting Tsai, Chi-Wei Liang, Chung-Hsuan Winston Chen, and Yi-Sheng Wang Post-photoexcitation of gaseous biomolecules generated by laser desorption method

Wen-Ping Peng, Huan-Chang Lin, Hsin-Hung Lin, Minglee Chu, Alice L. Yu, Huan-Cheng Chang, and Chung-Hsuan Chen P-53 Charge-monitoring laser-induced acoustic desorption mass spectrometry for microparticle mass distribution measurement P-54 Kowa Chen, Huan-Cheng Chang, Chi-Cheng Fu, Hsu-Yang Lee, and Wunshain Fann Bright fluorescent nanodiamonds: Production, characterization, and application James E. Shaw, Raquel F. Epand, Koneswaran Sinnathamby, Zaiguo Li, Robert Bittman, Richard M. Epand, and Christopher M. Yip Investigating protein-membrane interaction of NAP-22 peptide using correlated AFM/confocal imaging


C.-R. Chiu, W.-H. Huang, and W.-G. Wu, and T.-S. Yang P-56 The interaction of phospholipase A2 with lipid bilayers studied by single molecule image Tzu-Sen Yang, Yujia Cui, Chien-Ming Wu, Jem-Mau Lo, Chi-Shiun Chiang, Chung-Shan Yu, and Ian C. Hsu P-57 Measurement of the binding affinity of DNA-binding drug to target DNA by stretching single DNA molecules with optical tweezers P-58 Timm Lankau and Chin-Hui Yu The formation of heteronuclear LBHBs

James Shaw, Christopher Yip, and Jenny Hsu Insights to the mechanisms of antimicrobial peptide and membrane interaction: A P-59 molecular dynamics simulation study of antimicrobial peptide indolicidin with different model membrane systems Zhi-Qiang You and Chao-Ping Hsu Triplet-triplet energy transfer in light-harvesting complex II of purple bacteria: Ab-initio calculation for the energy transfer matrix element by fragment spin difference method Chao-Ping Hsu Electronic coupling in ground state and excited state molecules Chou-Hsun Yang and Chao-Ping Hsu The dynamical correlation in spacer-mediated electron transfer couplings Shu-Hua Chien, Ming-Chih Kuo, Wen-Yueh Yu, and Yu-Sheng Yang Adsorption and decomposition of nitric oxide on Ag/TiO2 surface


P-61 P-62 P-63

Wen-Chi Chou and Jyh-Shing Lin P-64 Vibrational dynamics of adsorbed styrene on monohydride saturated Si(100) surface: An ab initio molecular dynamics study

Chen-Hao Wang, He-Yun Du, Han-Chang Shih, Li-Chyong Chen, and Kuei-Hsien Chen P-65 Platinum nanoparticles supported on direct growth of CNTs prepared by chemical impregnation method Ju-Lan Yang, Yu-Kuei Hsu, Yan-Gu Lin, San-Yuan Chen, Kuei-Hsien Chen, and Li-Chyong Chen P-66 Pt/CFs nanocatalysts tailored by controlling the pH value, the temperature-raised rate and the surface electric charge of the support Wen-Yeng Hung, Yaw-Wen Yang, Liang-Jen Fan, Chung-Hsiang Chang, and Cheng-Tung Chen P-67 Carbon K-Edge NEXAFS study of molecular orientation of coronene on Au(111) and on octanethiolate-Au(111) M. Hayashi, S. H. Lin, and Y. R. Shen P-68 Quantum chemistry study of sum-frequency generation chiral and achiral responses from molecules in a bulk solution P-69 P-70 Ching-Ming Wei and Mei-Yin Chou Quantum size effects in metal thin films J. P. Chou and C. M. Wei Theoretical investigation of CO oxidation on AuAg(110) alloy surface

Wei-Jan Chen, Shu-Wei Huang, Zhi-Ming Hsieh, Hao-Yuh Su, and Andy Kung P-71 Progress toward sub-femtosecond pulse generation: Converting nanosecond laser pulses to attosecond pulses John C. Polanyi P-72 Molecular dynamics of formation and operation of self-assembled nano-corrals and switches P-73 Hendrik Feldmann, Hans-Eckhart Scheel, Andreas Stohl, and Thomas Trickl Some highlights of current tropospheric ozone research

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