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                                                                                                                                          March 2013

                                                                              Health Matters
     Ask the Expert:                                                                            Visiting Specialists
                                                                                                We bring your specialist here, so you don’t
     Prolapsed uterus                                                                           have to leave your community to take care
                                                                                                of your health needs!

                                  Danielle Pieri, DO, FACOG, is a board-certified OBGYN         April 3
                                  on staff at Lake Powell Medical Center and Page               Orthopedics – Dr. Cashmore, (800) 773-2553
                                  Hospital. Dr. Pieri can be reached at (928) 645-8123.         April 4
                                                                                                Ear, Nose and Throat – Dr. Tritle, (928) 773-2257
                                                                                                Audiology – Jeff Manwaring, (928) 645-0758

                                        My friend was recently diagnosed with a prolapsed       April 8
                                        uterus and I am worried it might happen to me
                                                                                                Orthopedics – Dr. Prince, (800) 239-9393
                                        someday. What are some of the symptoms and is           April 11
                                        there a treatment?                                      Urology – Dr. Badger, (800) 824-7630
                                                                                                Cardiology – Dr. Winkler, (888) 668-6478
                                                                                                April 12
               A prolapsed uterus is a very                                                     Cardiology – Dr. Winkler, (888) 668-6478
      A.       common condition that occurs                                                     April 17
               when the muscle and ligaments                                                    Gastroenterology – Dr. Harlan, (928) 645-0758
     within your pelvis that hold your uterus                                                   Cardiology – Dr. Schumacher, (928) 645-0766
     in place, weaken, causing your uterus to                                                   Endocrinology – Dr. Verso, (928) 645-0766
     collapse. Some of the causes of a                                                          April 18
     prolapsed uterus include difficult                                                         Gastroenterology – Dr. Harlan, (928) 645-0758
     childbirths, weakening pelvic muscles                                                      Cardiology – Dr. Schumacher, (928) 645-0766
     due to age, obesity, conditions that put                                                   Endocrinology – Dr. Verso, (928) 645-0766
     pressure on pelvic muscles such as a                                                       Ear, Nose and Throat – Dr. Tritle, (928) 773-2257
     chronic cough, smoking, and more.                                                          Audiology – Jeff Manwaring, (928) 645-0758
                                                                                                April 19
     Symptoms include a feeling of fullness                                                     Gastroenterology – Dr. Harlan, (928) 645-0758
     or pressure in the pelvic region, back                                                     Cardiology – Dr. Schumacher, (928) 645-0766
     pain, painful intercourse, a feeling like                                                  Endocrinology – Dr. Verso, (928) 645-0766
     something is coming out of your vagina
                                                                                                April 24
     and difficulty going to the bathroom.                                                      Podiatry – Dr. Rosales, (800) 354-3668
                                                    A minimally invasive surgery can be         April 30
     Treatment for a prolapsed uterus               done to repair the pelvic floor, with       Plastic surgery – Dr. Boettcher, (800) 962-1390
     depends on the severity of your case.          shorter hospital stays and recovery
     Some women who have this condition                                                         May 4, 5 and 6
                                                    times and reportedly less pain than with
     hardly notice any changes in their daily                                                   Winmar Sleep Wellness Center experts will be available
                                                    other types of surgery. One type of
     lives, while others experience a                                                           at Page Hospital. Patients will need to see their primary
                                                    surgery performed after a hysterectomy
     significant amount of discomfort.
                                                                                                care physician or family doctor for referrals and
                                                    to treat uterine prolapse is called a       scheduling. Information: (800) 962-8145.
                                                    sacrocolpopexy. During this procedure,
     If your doctor diagnoses you with a            a surgical mesh is used to hold the         Extra
     prolapsed uterus, he or she will then          affected pelvic organs in the correct       General surgeon – Dr. Lindholm (Available daily
     discuss what treatment options are best        anatomical position.                        by appointment)
     for you. Sometimes the solution could                                                      Ultrasound also available Saturdays
     be a device called a pessary inserted to       Ask your doctor if any of these
     help hold your uterus in place. Another        treatment options are right for your        Visit for more
     option is surgery, which can either            condition.                                  information on the visiting specialist program,
     remove the uterus or repair it. Surgeons                                                   classes and events.
     can operate through the vagina or
     through the abdomen.

                                                                                                Page Hospital’s
                                                                                                Get Baby Smart!
    EMPLOYEE Recognition

                                                        I   f you’ve ever admired the grounds
                                                            at Page Hospital, you can thank
                                                          Burton Cornaby.  Burton has been
                                                          employed at Page Hospital for
                                                          more than three years. His area of
                                                          focus is exterior groundskeeping/
                                                          landscaping. Burton is a highly
                                                          valued member of the Page
                                                          Hospital team and is a favorite
                                                          among staff. In addition to doing      6 p.m.- 8 p.m.
                                                          an outstanding job, he always          Fee: $70 (may be covered by insurance)
                                                          has a smile to share. Cornaby
     Burton Cornaby, Plant Mechanic                                                              Register: 1-800-230-CARE (2273)
                                          is a certified master gardener and has been
                                          doing landscaping/gardening for more than
                                                                                                 Registration is required and space is limited.
   “Burton is a highly valued             a decade. He has previously worked at Utah
                                          State University. Burton enjoys working at Page
                                                                                                 This class is recommended during the seventh
    member of the Page                                                                           month of pregnancy and is open to expectant
                                          Hospital and says, “the most gratifying part of my
    Hospital team and is a                                                                       mothers, expectant couples, or expectant mother
                                          job is getting to be outside working with plants
                                                                                                 and birth partner. This is a four-week series class
    favorite among staff. In              and being able to keep them green and growing.”
                                                                                                 held Wednesday evenings and is offered every
    addition to doing an                                                                         other month.
    outstanding job, he always                Gardening Tip
                                                                                                 April            June             August
    has a smile to share.”                                                                       April 3          June 5           Aug. 7
                                          Here’s a spring gardening tip from Burton: Prune
                                                                                                 April 10         June 12          Aug. 14
                                          your fruit trees anytime from January to April but
                                                                                                 April 17         June 19          Aug. 21
                                          avoid pruning after the leaf buds open. Watch
                                                                                                 April 24         June 26          Aug. 28
                                          for borer insects in your trees. These insects are
                                          prevalent in the Page area. Signs of the insects       October          December
                                          are dead branches and bark with small holes in         Oct. 2           Dec. 4
                                          the branch or tunneling grooves along branch
                                                                                                 Oct. 9           Dec. 11
                                          lines. Remove these and throw away to avoid any
                                                                                                 Oct. 16          Dec. 18
                                          further spreading.
                                                                                                 Oct. 23          TBD

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