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					Automotive Recyclers of Michigan

      2013 Road Show &
Business Networking Conference
 n   Indoor Booths n Outdoor Demonstration Areas n Free Wireless Internet
            n New Technology Introductions n Training & Seminars

                       APRIL 19–20, 2013

          On location at Schram Auto & Truck Parts-Lansing, Mason, MI

                    Your Invitation to Attend
                    Automotive Recyclers of Michigan
                    7550 S. Saginaw, Suite 9
                    Grand Blanc, MI 48439
                    Phone: (810) 695-6760
                    Fax: (810) 695-6762

Dear ARM Members and Guests,
We would like to personally invite you to attend the 5th Annual Automotive Recyclers of Michigan 2013 Road
Show and Business Networking Conference to be held at Schram Auto & Truck-Lansing in Mason, Michigan April
19-20, 2013.
Schram Auto & Truck-Lansing and our host hotel, the Lexington Lansing Hotel, are both conveniently located near
the Lansing Capital Region International Airport and major highways for easy access to their facilities and the
entire Greater Lansing area where you will discover the natural beauty and quality entertainment of our Capitol
City. Lansing is the ideal destination for those seeking small town comfort and big city convenience. With many
family friendly attractions and events, Lansing truly reflects the very best of Mid-Michigan. We encourage you to
come, relax and discover the unique style and hidden surprises of Greater Lansing and its surrounding communi-
ties, including East Lansing, the home of Michigan State University.
We are continuing with the same format as previous years, with the event being hosted by one of our generous
ARM member families who have offered to provide their facility so we can offer additional value and less expense
to you, your employees and our vendors. The weekend will continue to include dedicated Road Show time for you
to spend with our vendors without competing with other events. It will also include time for hands-on demonstra-
tions of equipment and products in a real working environment as well as seminars and training relevant to own-
ers, managers, and employees, the latest in technology, including all software vendors and of course there will be
fun, networking activities throughout the weekend for everyone.
We will begin the day on Friday with a tour of OmniSource’s Jackson facility, a panel of core buyers & lunch. We
return to Schram’s for an afternoon of seminars, panel discussions, the trade show and vendors highlighting the
latest the industry has to offer, our steak cookout and past presidents’ celebrity cash bar and an evening of fun &
great networking. Saturday will begin with a continental breakfast and the one and only DJ Harrington, who will
help us begin our day with his words of wisdom, followed by training sessions, seminars and trade show. During
lunch will be the best ideas contest, our award presentations, recognizing our Recycler of the Year, the President’s
award, and our outstanding vendors, sponsors, contributors. Saturday afternoon’s Round Table discussions will
give all of us the opportunity to exchange ideas and share issues that affect us and industry. For those staying over
Saturday night, there are an abundance of activities in the area for us to have a relaxing, unwinding camaraderie
get-together to celebrate the successful, fun-filled weekend we shared together.
We are looking forward to seeing you at Schram Auto & Truck-Lansing in Mason, MI on April 19-20. If you have any
questions, please call the ARM office at 800-831-2519.


ARM Road Show and Business Networking Conference Committee
     Event Highlights


Reasons for Attending the 2013 ARM Road Show & Business Networking Conference
With everyone experiencing tighter budgets and limited dollars, your association is providing you and your
employees with premier educational workshops, seminars, vendors, training and networking opportunities in a
new venue, relaxed format, for less expense and with maximum value. We are all partnering together to help you
and your business proper and stay at the forefront of our industry. You really won’t want to miss the events and
activities that will be happening April 19-20, 2013 at our 5th Annual ARM Road Show and Business Networking

n   Learn how to get the most from your sales staff.      n   Find out everything you & your employees need to know
n   See the latest in industry products and technology.       about high voltage battery safety.

n   Bid on your favorite basket in the silent auction.    n   Discover ways to improve your operation without
                                                              reinventing the wheel.
n   Discover everything you should know about cores.
                                                          n   Protect your employees with hands –on training
n   Find out if self-service could work for you.
                                                          n   Relax with your peers.
n   Educate your state legislators on our turf.
                                                          n   Meet our great vendors.
n   Make certain your business is in compliance
    with MIOSHA.                                          n   Combine work & pleasure…it’s a good thing.
    Location, Map & Accommodations

The Automotive Recyclers of Michigan would like to invite you, your employees and your family to attend our 2013 Road
Show and Business Networking Conference, April 19-20, 2013 at Schram Auto & Truck Parts-Lansing.

1325 North Cedar Street
Mason, MI 48854

Schram Auto Parts has been an important and active part of the
recycling community for many generations and with another
generation now an active part of the business, they are poised
to be a power in the industry for generations to come. Harold
Schram Sr. opened Schram Auto Parts in Waterford, MI in 1923. His son Harold, Jr. took over the business in the 1950’s and upon
his retirement on 1978, his sons, Ken, Bob, and Tom have been managing the business, which now also has the Mason location.
They are ARA Gold Seal certified as well as an ARM MICAR Plus facility. The entire Schram family is looking forward to seeing you
at their Mason location while they host our 5th Annual ARM Road Show and Business Networking Conference and celebrate
their 90th year in the recycling business.

We have a block of rooms reserved at a special single or
double rate of $104 plus taxes at the Lexington Lansing Hotel.
Room reservations are to be made directly with the hotel by
March 18, 2013. Call the reservations department toll-free at
1-877-322-5544 and identify yourself as a member of the
Automotive Recyclers of Michigan.
Lexington Lansing Hotel
925 S. Creyts Road
Lansing, MI 48917
   Tentative Schedule of Events

Friday, April 19, 2013                                     Saturday, April 20, 2013
8:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon                                     8:00 a.m.
       Vendor Set-up                                              OJ with DJ
                                                                 Continental Breakfast with our own “Car-Diologist”
8:15 a.m.                                                        DJ Harrington
       Bus departs Schram Auto & Truck Parts for
                                                                 “The Sky is Not the Limit – You Are”
       OmniSource-Jackson Tour
                                                           8:45 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon
                                                                 “Maximizing Every Sale” Sales Training
       Tour OmniSource, Panel Discussion “How Well do
                                                                  Rian Garner, Counts Consulting
       you Know Your Core Buyer” & Lunch
                                                                 “Safety Made Easy”
12:45 p.m.                                                       Dave Kendziorski, Stormtech, Inc.
      Return to Schram Auto & Truck Parts                        Forklift Training

1:00 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.                                      9:45 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
      “How to Get More from Your Sales Staff”                    “Telephone Techniques that Make Money”
      Rian Garner, Counts Consulting                             DJ Harrington
                                                                 Hybrid Safety
1:45 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.                                            Daniel Cox, Tech Support Manager of Midtronics, Inc.
      “Will Self-service Work for You?”
                                                                 Haz Mat Training
      Rian Garner, Counts Consulting
                                                                 Dave Kendziorski, Stormtech, Inc.
2:45 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
                                                           10:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon
      Legislative Update: “How Well Do Our
                                                                 Road Show Hours
      Representatives Know Us?”
      David Gregory & Local Representatives
                                                           12:00 noon – 2:00 p.m.
                                                                 Working Lunch
3:15 p.m.
      Vendor Information Meeting                                 Best Ideas Contest, ARM & ARA Update, Awards
                                                                 “CATS” Raffle Drawing
3:30 p.m.
      Welcome & Opening of Road Show                       2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
                                                                 “Why Reinvent the Wheel?”
3:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.                                            Round Table Discussions for Everyone,
      Road Show Hours                                            with Topics including:
      Vendor Demonstrations                                      • Sales
                                                                 • Inventory
5:00 p.m.                                                        • Dismantling
      Past Presidents’ Celebrity Cash Bar opens                  • Shipping and Receiving
                                                                 • Marketing
6:00 p.m.
      Steak Cookout                                        4:00 p.m.
                                                                 Wrap-up with DJ
7:00 p.m.
      “Rev That Engine” Contest, Live & Silent Auctions,
      & Great Networking
   About Our Speakers

Tech Support Manager of Midtronics, Inc.
                  We are so fortunate to have Daniel Cox share his expertise on Hybrid/EV Batteries with us. His presentation
                  will attempt to summarize the current status of the High Voltage battery service needs for Hybrids and
                  EV’s in the US Automotive Industry. There will be information about why these changes are happening, a
                  forecast for potential increase in the number and diversity of batteries and battery chemistries, pack
                  designs and the challenges each combination will present. Questions about packaging, transportation,
                  servicing, and establishing the appropriate recovery value of each unique battery module will be presented.
                  This is a session owners, managers, dismantlers, & delivery personnel will not want to miss.
  Dan, who is the technical support manager of Midtronics, Inc., is responsible for providing product training and field
support for a variety of battery testing, battery maintenance and product development issues at Midtronics. With over
18 years of experience dealing specifically with battery performance issues in multiple applications, his current focus is on
Hybrid and EV vehicle service, HD Trucking and Military vehicles. He is an active member of the SAE Battery Field Discharge
and Disconnect Committee and is a past member on the IEEE Standards committee covering industrial high voltage
battery installations. He has authored numerous presentations, battery related articles and technical papers to support
maintenance activities wherever batteries are deployed.

Counts Consulting
                 ARM is proud to have Rian Garner as a featured speaker for this year’s Road Show. Rian comes to us with
                 a wealth of experience in both full service and self service auto recycling. He started his career in the
                 pricing and procurement department of LKQ, where his responsibilities included calculating bids, pricing
                 parts, and coordinating auctions for the western region. In addition to pricing and procurement, Rian has
                 also held the position of Regional Sales Manager. After obtaining an MBA from Kent State University, Rian
                 was promoted to Plant Manager in training and within six months became Plant Manager. Rian held the
                 position of site manager with Greenleaf Auto Recyclers, and specialized in growing sales and increasing
production efficiency. Rian was then promoted to the position of Regional Director at Pick N Pull, and was responsible for
the operations of three self-service yards. Rian’s undergraduate degree in accounting gives him an insight in financial analysis,
budgeting, forecasting, and evaluating financial statements for profitability. Rian has a great passion for the recycling
business and his education and abilities have allowed him the opportunity to grow within this industry. Rian is now a
speaker with Counts Consulting and has devoted himself to helping businesses and individuals become more successful.
His unique mix of financial and business training plus actual automotive recycling experience help keep his message
relatable and relevant. Please join ARM for one of Rian Garner’s entertaining and informative sessions at the Road Show.

Consultant & Trainer, Phone Logic, Inc.
                 D.J. Harrington, is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Phone Logic, Inc. an international training
                 company based in Atlanta, Georgia. D.J. serves as a consultant and trainer to over 1,000 privately owned
                 businesses throughout the country, training personnel at all levels of the company, from the operator/
                 dispatcher to the customer service and sales staff.
                    His years as a sales trainer and motivator in a variety of industries, including many of the Top 500
                 companies in the United States, have provided D.J. with an outstanding background which he brings to
                 every clinic and seminar.
  D.J. Harrington, CSP known as the “Doctor” to some and the “Car-Diologist” to others has presented over 2,000 programs
in the United States and Internationally. He has had a blessed life and been awarded the prestigious Certified Speaking
   About Our Speakers Cont.

Professional designation by the National Speakers Association. He contributes much of his success to his experiences as
a graduate of Saint Leo University. He combines his knowledge, high energy and humor in a thought provoking, fun,
interactive learning environment. D.J. leaves his audience with practical advice and methods to succeed. D.J. can give you
a “tune-up” or a “complete overhaul”.
  He may be reached at 800-352-5252. E-mail: 52 weeks a year, we are as close as your telephone. Visit to order his bestselling books, “Your Prescription for Life” and the NEW “Mastering the Art of Success” with
Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen as well as other informative material.

President of Stormtech, Inc.
                 David Kendziorski, President of Stormtech, Inc., has over 20 years of experience as an environmental
                 consultant for the auto recycling industry. Dave manages innovative compliance and certification
                 programs that are sponsored by auto recycler trade associations in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota,
                 and California. Dave helped ARM develop the MICAR program 10 years ago and serves as the Program
                 Manager. He is a frequent speaker at association conventions and events, offers several training programs
                 for recyclers each year, and writes quarterly articles for several trade newsletters and magazines.


OmniSource Michigan invites you, Automotive Recyclers of Michigan Road Show attendees, to visit our Jackson facility for
a tour and luncheon on Friday April 19th. Buses will depart from Schram Auto Parts in Mason at 8:15 a.m. and we will be
hosting a tour, serving lunch and holding a panel discussion. Founded in Fort Wayne, Indiana, more than 65 years ago,
OmniSource Corporation has grown to become one of North America’s largest processors and distributors of scrap and
secondary metals. We collect, process, and resell a wide variety of scrap metal. The company in 2010 shipped 5.2 million
gross tons of recycled steel and 961 million pounds of nonferrous scrap.
  Our primary collection and processing facilities are in the Midwest, the Southeast, and the mid-Atlantic regions of the
United States. But our reach stretches across North America, utilizing a wide-ranging fleet of trucks and containers, railcars,
and barges to collect and haul metals. We expect to continue to expand OmniSource’s footprint, deploying our processing
assets to cover new geographical territories, opening new feeder yards, and making targeted acquisitions.
  Supplementing our company-operated scrap collection sites, we also acquire metals from industrial scrap generators
with which we have established strategic partnerships. We have designed and installed customized metals-recycling
programs, some of which we manage and operate, for manufacturing companies nationwide.
  Our national brokerage and trading operations serve both metals buyers and sellers, providing the market intelligence
and insights needed to optimize transaction value.
  OmniSource was acquired in 2007 by Steel Dynamics, Inc., and operates independently as a wholly owned subsidiary.
  Please join us for an informative and entertaining excursion that we hope will be a highlight of the 2013 ARM Road
Show & Business Networking Conference. Details will be in your registration packet, please make sure to pre-register.
    Events & Training

Rev Your Engine – At this year’s Road Show we will be bringing back an exciting and exploding event that we have not
had in a few years. Rev the Engine is back and this time not only will you be able to watch an engine blow up, you will
also have an opportunity to win a prize. For a small entry fee you will be able to guess how long it will take for the
engine to blow up. Guess the exact time it takes to blow up, and you win the prize. This is just one example of the many
opportunities you will have this year to be a part of the greatest event in our industry, and it is right here in the middle of
our state at Schram Auto Parts in Mason. Hope to see you all there!

Silent & Live Auctions – Back by popular demand, we are once again having the fun Donated Baskets Silent Auction as
well as a Live Auction during this year’s Friday evening Past Presidents’ celebrity cash bar and steak cookout, but we need
your help. Any member or vendor who would like to donate a basket of their favorite items and/or an item for our Live
Auction, it would be gratefully appreciated. The basket that generates the most revenue and is most unique will each
receive a “special prize”. Your donated basket could contain items from your hometown, Michigan made products, your
favorite sports team memorabilia, your business products, tools, wine, sweets…be creative and let your imagination run
wild. Please sign-up on the registration form in your member packet to participate in this great event. Donate a basket or
item everyone will want to take home with them as a reminder of the fun time they had at the 5th Annual ARM Road Show.

Best Ideas Contest – Some ideas are good and some ideas are great, put yours to the test! Enter the Best Ideas Contest
at the ARM Road Show.
  Past winners include Kim Gray, Gordon Middleton and Fred Wedding, with ideas ranging from custom made stock
number stickers affixed to incoming salvage cars, to using a mixture of dish soap and water in an outdated fire
extinguisher for wasp control.
  Be sure to jot down those ideas when they come to you so they’re ready for the Road Show. Cash prizes will be awarded
to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

1st Annual “CAT” Drive – With the overwhelming success of our first “Fall CAT Drive” we are excited to add a twist to
things at the Road Show this year, and give you the opportunity to win something in return for your generous donation of
a catalytic converter(s).
   This year at our 5th Annual Road Show and Business Networking Conference at Schram Auto Parts in Mason Michigan
April 19th and 20th, we will be giving away a “surprise” big ticket item. To get in on the contest all you have to do is bring
your catalytic converter(s) with you to the Road Show. For each “CAT” you bring in (and please do not literally bring us your
“CAT”!…meowww!) you will receive one entry into the giveaway!
   The giveaway will take place Saturday the 20th at Lunch, and with DJ Harrington as MC, I am sure it will be lots of fun for
all…big and small! (this is a hint for the type of converter to bring with you).
   What a great way to support your state association and everything it does for you, with no out of pocket cost, and then
on top of that, you get a chance at winning the “big prize”. There are no restrictions on the amount of times you may enter
– one “CAT” – one entry. Hope to see everyone at the Road Show…“CAT’s” in hand!

Time for Training – One of the benefits of attending the ARM Road Show is the ability to get FREE training to maintain
compliance with OSHA and MIOSHA regulations.
  This year ARM will be offering training seminars for Air Bag Safety, Forklift Training and Torch Use Education. This is
required training for employees who perform any of these functions and you are required to maintain current certificates
on file. So check those employee records and make sure you’re in compliance – and sign up for these FREE training
seminars to keep your certifications valid.
  ARM is proud to be offering these training seminars at NO COST to you, however seating is limited so please pre-register.
    2013 Recycler of the Year
    Nomination Form

Each year the Automotive Recyclers of Michigan recognizes one of our fellow ARM members for their outstanding service
and dedication both to our industry and to their community. This year we will be honoring our 2013 recipient at our
5th Annual Road Show & Business Networking Conference. (Present ARM Officers and Board of Directors are not eligible).
Please submit your nomination for the person you feel best exemplifies the following criteria.
1. Recipient must be a direct member of good standing of the Automotive Recyclers of Michigan.
2. Recipient must be in compliance with state and national environmental and safety regulations.
3. Recipient must display integrity and fairness in his/her dealings within our industry and their community.
The Executive Committee of ARM will review the nominations and select the winner, who will be honored at lunch on
Saturday, April 20th, during the Road Show.

Date __________________

Name of Nominee ____________________________________________________________________________________

Name of Business _____________________________________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________ City _______________________________ Zip __________

Phone ________________________________

Approximate number of years in the industry __________

Industry Accomplishments _____________________________________________________________________________


Other Accomplishments (Professional, civic group, church, family, etc.) ___________________________________________


Personal Reasons for Nomination ________________________________________________________________________


Submitted by ________________________________ Phone ________________________________

(Please use reverse side if additional space is needed.)

                                      Please return to the ARM office by April 1, 2013.
              7550 S. Saginaw, Suite 9, Grand Blanc, 48439 • Fax: 810-695-6762 •
    Sponsorship Opportunities

If you would like to be a sponsor of the 2013 Road Show and Business Networking Conference,
but not sponsor a specific event, the following opportunities are available:
       Corporate Sponsorship – $500.00 & higher                                                                $ __________
       • Special listing in ARM post conference issue of YardTalk.
       • Special listing in Road Show directory.
       • Recognition signage at the registration table.
       • Special name badge recognition.
       • Special recognition at the Saturday Cookout Luncheon.

       Gold Sponsorship – $300.00 – $499.00                                                                    $ __________
       • Special listing in ARM post conference issue of YardTalk.
       • Special listing in Road Show directory.
       • Recognition signage at the registration table.
       • Special name badge recognition.
       • Special recognition at the Saturday Cookout Luncheon.

       Silver Sponsorship – $100.00 – $299.00                                                                  $ __________
       • Special listing in ARM post conference issue of YardTalk.
       • Special listing in Road Show directory.
       • Recognition signage at the registration table.
       • Special name badge recognition.

Below are events available for sponsorship. There is no limit to the number of events
you may sponsor. Please check the event(s) you would like to sponsor.
       o Friday Lunch Box                                     $300.00*                                         $ __________
       o Saturday Continental Breakfast                       $300.00*                                         $ __________
       o Saturday Lunch Cookout                               $500.00*                                         $ __________
       o Speakers & Trainers                                  $500.00*                                         $ __________

       All Event Sponsors will be recognized as follows:
       • Special recognition in the Road Show directory.
       • Special sponsorship ribbons for all of your representatives.
       • Sponsorship plaque of appreciation presented at Saturday’s lunch.**
       • A special article about your company in YardTalk, ARM’s four-color
         quarterly newsletter following the event.**

       * Represents partial sponsorship of these events. If you would like to sponsor an
          entire event, please call the ARM office at 800-831-2519.
       ** Applies only when an entire event is sponsored.
                                                                                           SPONSORSHIP TOTAL   $ __________
    Registration Form


                                                SCHRAM AUTO & TRUCK PARTS
                                                       MASON, MI
                                                     APRIL 19–20, 2013

                       Please return this Registration Form and method of payment by April 5, 2013.

Company Name _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

City __________________________________________________ State _______ Zip ___________ Phone (   ) _______________________________

Email _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  NO. ATTENDING                                                                        COST PER FACILITY        TOTAL COST
                       ARM Member Registration Fee (per facility)                                $100.00    $
                       Non-ARM Member Registration Fee (per facility)                            $150.00    $

                       1/2 OFF SPECIAL! Members bring a non-ARM member and both facilities will receive 1/2 OFF their
                       registration fees.
                       ARM Member (1/2 OFF Special per facility)                                 $ 50.00    $
                       Non-ARM Member (1/2 OFF Special per facility)                             $ 75.00    $
                                                                                    REGISTRATION TOTAL      $

  NO. ATTENDING                                MEAL/EVENT                              COST PER PERSON          TOTAL COST
                       Bus Tour to OmniSource (includes lunch)                                   $ 13.00    $
                       Friday Night Past Presidents’ Steak Cookout                               $ 19.00    $
                       Saturday Continental Breakfast                                             $ 7.00    $
                       Saturday Lunch Cookout                                                     $ 14.00   $
                                                                                   MEALS/EVENTS TOTAL       $
I will donate a basket for the SILENT AUCTION      o Yes    o No

I will donate ____________________________________________________________________________________________ for the LIVE AUCTION

The following will be participating in the BEST IDEAS CONTEST:

Name _______________________________________________________       Name_________________________________________________________
    Registration Form

Air Bag (Haz Mat) Training (No Charge):

Name ________________________________________________ Name ________________________________________________

Name ________________________________________________ Name ________________________________________________

Forklift Training (No Charge):

Name ________________________________________________ Name ________________________________________________

Name ________________________________________________ Name ________________________________________________

Name Badges are required (ARM will provide). Please provide each attending persons name. Indicate with an “X” which meals
were purchased for each person. If meals were not purchased, leave blank.
Name Badge for EACH attending person, including children, should read:

                                                                          FRIDAY P.M.    SATURDAY          SATURDAY
 NAME (Please print)                                       BUS TOUR        COOKOUT       BREAKFAST          LUNCH

  PAYMENT                                     Please return your completed forms and full payment by April 5, 2013 to:
  Sponsorship Total       $ _________                              Automotive Recyclers of Michigan
  Registration Total      $ _________                                  7550 S. Saginaw, Suite 9
                                                                        Grand Blanc, MI 48439
  Meals/Event Total       $ _________                                   Phone: 800-831-2519
  Total Amount Due        $ _________                                     Fax: 810-695-6762

  o Check Enclosed — Please make payable to Automotive Recyclers of Michigan.
  o Credit Card
     o Visa     o MasterCard        o American Express

  Card Number _____________________________________ Exp. Date ____________ Security Code ____________
  Signature ______________________________________________________________________________________

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