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									LIBA Insight ’09 announces Quizzeria! - The online quiz event.

Before you start the quiz, please go through the following rules and regulations:

Corporate Edition
The following Quiz is open only for corporates.

Rules and Regulations:

    Each team should consist of exactly two candidates.
    This PDF File consists of the quiz questions.
    There’s a separate Word Document uploaded on the Insight website,
      consisting of the answers template.
    Please type in your answers into the Word Doc and send it as an
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    We will record the time as the entries reach our mailbox. The first entry
      with all correct answers will be eligible for the grand prize.
    For the winning team, we will reimburse travel expenses (shortest route,
      2-way train fare, 3-Tier AC from and to your destination), and if required,
      accommodation will be provided at the LIBA Hostel.
    The decision taken by the Insight Team @ LIBA will be final.

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Q1 The following pictorial clues trace the career of the founding father of a
phrase that has excited entrepreneurs the world over. In fact, the phrase is linked
to Insight ’09. Name the person who coined this phrase.

Q2 This Company is a 50 : 50 joint venture between two of India’s biggest steel
giants. Touted as the largest company in the B2B space in India, it has
transacted more than Rs.45,000 crore in value since its inception in 2001. Apart
from its steel and coal portals, it has also launched portals in the automobile
space and fixed price branded products. In fact, it offers services across the e-
Commerce spectrum. Identify this firm.
Q3 This global communications firm can trace its roots back to the 19 th century.
Headquartered in Paris, it has slowly but surely built up its reputation for
innovation. In fact, its research lab is known for significant scientific advances
in transistor, laser, solar cell technology etc. Its researchers have won 11 Nobel
Prizes. The latest merger happened in 2006, forming an entity with two words.
Name this firm.

Q4 X’s affair began with the Indian market in 1987, with the launch of Y. In
2005, X set up India’s first real estate investment fund called Kshitij. In 2007, X
crossed the $ 1 billion turnover mark. In the same year, one of X’s enterprises
won the International Retailer of the Year Award at National Federation
Convention, USA. X’s mantra is “Rewrite rules, Retain values” and X has a
presence of over 12 million square feet in India. Identify X.

Q5 This Company has to its singular credit more than 25% of India’s hydro
power projects, and over 50% of India’s nuclear power generation capacities,
2,227 kms of Roads & Expressways and over 200 kms of complex tunneling in
addition to hundreds of Bridges, Dams and Barrages. It has been in the news
recently for a hallmark project. Name the company which has been riding the
success wave for exactly 100 years now.
Q6 X’s logo is a circle formed by individual spiraling shapes. The circle, a
symbol of completeness, represents the holistic solutions that X creates. The
entire image is skewed forward to communicate a multi-dimensional, dynamic
perspective. The name X is presented in lowercase letters to appear more
approachable, contemporary and innovative. The red color in the icon represents
the progressive, energetic part of the company while the grey of the X word
represents its dependability and trustworthiness.

Identify X, a global IT services provider, whose logo we are describing here.

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