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									Suntactics Offers Earth Day 2013 Discount

Suntactics solar chargers not only cut down the use of electricity, but
they also don't use environmentally unfriendly toxic batteries.

San Jose, CA, United States., April 25, 2013 -- Today is Earth day, the
day of giving back to the environment, by either recycling, producing
less e-waste, or planting a tree. Suntactics would like to offer an earth
day 2013 discount on sChargers, Suntactics products don't require earth-
toxic batteries to operate, making them the most eco-friendly portable
solar charging device for this season.

Batteries can't be tossed into a recycle bin because of the toxic juice
they contain, they also can't be tossed in the trash for the very same
reason. Batteries contain heavy metals like lead and mercury that can
leak into ground and contaminate the soil and water. This is why
producing less e-waste is essential in helping protect the environment,
and that's exactly what Suntactics sChargers will help to do. sChargers
don't require batteries to charge a phone or tablet, but other portable
solar chargers do require internal batteries to operate, and when those
internal batteries fail they end up in landfills.

So this Earth day, consider solar charging a phone or tablet with the
sun, preferably a solar charger that doesn't require batteries to trickle
charge into devices, like Suntactics sChargers. Other portable solar
chargers require built-in batteries that will eventually fail in a few
years, and will just pile in landfills and not be recycled.

Phones and tablets are essential in modern-day life, but why not choose
to produce less by eliminating as much battery-waste as possible.
Suntactics would like to offer this special earth day 2013 discount that
will help save 10% on any sCharger-5 or sCharger-12 purchase through
April 22-30 and May 1-14. Today might be Earth day, but for Suntactics
it's earth day everyday! So type in ILUVSUN into the coupon area during
checkout and save 10%!

About Suntactics:
Suntactics is the leader in portable solar energy, we provide the best
rated portable solar chargers on, and continue to strive to
create the most powerful and reliable products that are made in the USA.

Contact :
Dean Sala
943 Eden
San Jose, CA, 95117

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